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grip, feel


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Homebound fancy, 282.

Hostages to fortune, 296.
Homer, read, once, 144.

Hour, pensioner of an, 174.
Homeric hexameter, 243.

-, some wee short, 224.
Homes, homeless near a thousand, the wonder of

an, 259.

Hours, wise to talk with our past,
Honest man's the noblest work, 175.

unheeded flew the, 241.
Honesty, armed so strong in, 68. House and home, 57.
Honor, prophet not without, 16.

of feasting, 8.
, jealous in, 41.

set thine, in order, 10.
to pluck bright, 55.

ill spirit have so fair a, 26.
razed from the books of,91. to be let for life, 101.
loved I not, more, 105.

Household words, 59.
but an empty bubble, 137. Houses, a plague o' both the, 73.

the post of, is a private seem asleep, 236.
station, 150.

Housewife that's thrifty, 220.
and shame from no condi- How happy is he born and taught,
tion rise, 157.


Howards, not all the blood of all
Honor 's lodged, place where, 134. the, 157.
Honors thick upon him, 63. Hue, mountain in its azure, 248.
Hoop's bewitching round, 192. Human face divine, 114.
Hope deferred, 6.

to err is, 162.
, no other medicine but, 30.

to step aside is, 222.
true, is swift, 62.

Humanity imitated so abomina-
tender leaves of, 63.

bly, 83.
never comes that come to

wearisome condition
all, 110.
farewell, 115.

sad music of, 233.
springs eternal, 154.

suffering sad, 288.
while there 's' life there's, Humility and modest stillness, 59.

pride that apes, 243.
none without, e'er loved, Hurt of a deadlier sort, 132.

that honor feels, 279.
brightest when it dawns, 254. Hush, my dear, lie still and slum-
heavenly, is all serene, 258.

ber, 181.
fleeing as 't is fair, 258. Hyacinthine locks, 115.
withering fled, 266.

Hyperion to a satyr, 76.
for a season bade farewell,

curls, 84.

Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays
Hopes like towering falcons, 148. to virtue, 309.

-, my fondest, decay, 255.

belied our fears, 273. “I dare not" wait upon “I
Horatio, more things in heaven would,” 46.
and earth, 79.

I owe you one, 225.
Horn, voice of that wild, 253. I remember, I remember, 275.
Horse, my kingdom for a, 62. I would do what I pleased, 294.

the gray mare the better, Içe, to smooth the, 53.

of, 93.

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be thou chaste as, 82.
flying, 234.

in June, 268.
dearer than his, 279. Idea, teach the young, 183.
Horsemanship, witch' the world Ides of March, 64.
with, 310.

Idiot, tale told by an, 52.
Hospitable thought intent. 117. Idler is a watch, 210.


Idler, busy world an, 212. Infirmity of noble minds, 123.
If is the only peacemaker, 42. Infirmities, a friend should bear
If all the world and love were his friend's, 68.
young, 93.

Ingratitude, unkind as man's, 41.
Ignorance, let me not burst in, 78. Inn, take mine ease in mine, 56.
is bliss, 194.

--, warmest welcome at an, 193.
of wealth, 202.

Innocence, and mirth, 267.
Ill wind turns none to good, 92. Insides, carrying three, 226.
Ills, bear those, we have. 81. Insubstantial pageant, 27.

the scholar's life assail, 187. Instincts unawares, 278.

a prey to hastening, 202. Insults unavenged, 239.
Image of God in ebony, 296. Intentions, hell is paved with

of good. Queen Bess, 276. good, 190.
Imagination bodies forth, 35. Intercourse, speed the soft, 166.

sweetens my, 71. Iron entered into his soul, 13.

boast hues like na- rule thee with a rod of, 25.
ture, 183.

the man that meddles with.
for his facts, 220.

cold, 132.
Imaginings, present fears less than Isles, ships that sailed for sunny,
horrible, 44.

Immemorial elms, 281.

Iteration damnable, 54.
Immodest words admit of no de- Ithuriel with his spear, 116.

fence, 136.
Immortal, grow, as they quote, Jade, let the galled, wince, 83.

Jail, the patron and the, 187.
though no more, 260. Jealousy, it is the green-eyed
Immortality, quaff, 117.

monster, 89.
this longing after, Jerusalem, if I forget thee, 6.

Jest, put his whole wit in a, 100.
Immortals never appear alone, the most bitter is a scorn-

ful, 188.
Imparadised in another's and youthful jollity, 125.
arms, 115.

Jests prosperity, 35:
Impeachment, I own the soft, indebted to his memory for

his, 220.
Impediment, marched on without, Jew, hath not a, eyes, 37.

I thank thee, 38.
Impediments to great enterprises, Jewel, a precious, in his head, 39.

in an Ethiop's ear, 72.
motives of more Jews might kiss and infidels adore,
fancy, 310.

Imperfections on my head, 79. John, print it, some said, 143.
Importune, too proud to, 197. Joint, the time is out of, 79.
Impossible, what is, can't be, Joke, gentle dulness ever loves a,

Inactivity, masterly, 301.

Jonson's learned sock, 126.
Incarnation of fat dividends, 286. Jot, nor bate a,

Increase of appetite, 76.

Jove laughs at lover's perjuries,
Independence let me share, 206. 73.
Indian, lo the
poor, 154.

Joy, the oil of, 11.
Indus in the pole, 166.

heartfelt, 157.
Infancy, hea en lies about us in, glides the smooth current of

domestic, 188.
Infirm of purpose, 47.

snatch a fearful, 194.


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Joy, for ever, a thing of beauty | Kiss, my whole soul through a,
is a, 271.

the luminous cloud, 245.

snatched hasty, 185.
rises in thee like a summer's Kisses after death remembered,
morn, 245.

Joys, fading, we dote upon, 144. Kith nor kin, 208.

- must flow from ourselves, Kitten, and cry mew, 56.

Knave, how absolute the, is, 85.
that faded like the dew, Knaves, untaught, unmannerly,

Judean, like the base, 91.

Knee, crook the hinges of the, 83.
Judge not by appearance, 19.

Knell that summons thee, 47.
Judges soon the sentence sign, the shroud, etc., 176.

rung by fairy hands, 198.
Judgments as our watches, 161. Knew, carry all he, 204.
Julius, ere the mightiest, fell, 75. Knife, war to the, 302.
June, leafy month of, 242. Knight, a prince can mak'a belt-
seek ice in, 268.

ed, 224.
Juno's eyes, sweeter than the lids Knock and it shall be opened, 15.
of, 43.

Know then thyself, 155.
Jurymen may dine, 164.

to, her was to love her, 277.
Just knows, and knows no more, Known, to be for ever, 107.

Kosciusko fell, 248.
Justice, this even-handed, 45.
unwhipped of, 70. Labor of love, 23.

we delight in, 47.
Keeper, am I my brother's, 1.

and intent study, 127.
Kew, his highness' dog at, 168.

youth of, 202.
Kick' where honor's lodged, 134. ease and alternate, 183.

may kill a sound divine, 210. Laborer worthy of his reward, 24.
Kid, the leopard lie down with Laborers are few, 15.
the, 10.

Ladies be but young and fair, 40.
Kin, makes the whole world, 64.

intellectual, 269.
-, a little more than, 75. Lady doth protest too much, 83.

prohibited degree of, 135. Lady's in the case, 170.
Kind, fellow-feeling makes one Lamb to the slaughter, 10.
wondrous, 193.

of God, behold the, 19.
Kindness, too full of the milk of Una with her milk-white, .
human, 45.

King, every inch a, 71,

Land, far into the bowels of the,
catch the conscience of the, 62.

light that never was on,

here lies our sovereign lord, -, my own, my native, 252.
the, 143.

of brown heathi, 2.2.
of dav. 184.

know ve the, 264.
himself has followed her, of the free, 291

what heaven hath done for
Kingdom, my mind to me a, 207. this, 259.
Kings it makes gods, 62.

of the cypress, and myrtle,
the right divine of, 167. 264.
King's name a tower of strength, Landscape tire the view, 186.

Language spoke under the trop-
Kiss, one kind, before we part,

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nature's end of, 179.

ics, 168.

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woe, 187.

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Language, that those lips had, 214. | Liberty's unclouded blaze, 287.
Lapland night, lovely as a, 234. Lie, nothing can need a, 102.
Large streams from little foun- Lief not be, as live to be, 65.
tains flow, 227.

Life, death in the midst of, 13.
Lark at heaven's gate sings, 69. the crown of, 25.
Lass, drink to the, 220.

care's an enemy to, 28.
Lasses, then she made the, 224. nothing became him like the
Last, not least, in love, 66.

leaving of his, 45.
at his cross, 292.

the wine of, 47.
-link is broken, 292.

, I bear a charmed, 52.
Late, choosing and beginning, 119. at a pin's fee, 78.
known too, 72.

in short measures, may per-
Latin no more difficile, 130.

fect be, 98.
Laugh, the world and its dread, stits the thin-spun, 123.

while there is, hope, 170.
that spoke the vacant blandishments of, 172.
mind, 202.

protracted, is protracted
Laughter holding both his sides,

-, love of, increased with years,
Law, love is the fulfilling of the, 209.

variety's the spice of, 211.
rich nen rule the, 202.

how pleasant is thy morning,
seven hours to, 218.

sovereign, sits empress, 218. thou art a galling load, 223.
which moulds a tear, 277.

best portion of a good man's,
Laws grind the poor, 202.

or kings can cause or cure, sunset of, 250.

one crowded hour of glori-
Lay, go forth my simple, 217.
Leaf, fade as a, 11.

like a thing of, 266.
sear, the yellow, 51.

the wave of, 273.
Leap, look before you ere you, Life's fitful fever, 48.

a poor player, 52.
Learning, enflamed with the study poor play is o'er, 156.
of, 128.

dull round, 193.
whence is thy, 170.

common way, 231.
-, a little, is a dangerous a jest, 171.
thing, 161.

but an empty dream, 287.
Leather or prunella, 157.

Light, walk while ye have, 20.
Leaven leaveneth the whole lump, a burning and a shining,

Leer, assent with civil, 165.

casting a dim, religious,
Legion, my name is, 17.

Leopard change his spots, 11.

-, swift-winged arrows of, 215.
Less than archangel, 112.

that never was on sea or
beautifully, 147.

land, 238.
of two evils, choose the, 293. of a dark eye, 261.
Let dearly or let alone, 101. Lights, burning, 19.
others hail, 193.

that mislead the morn, 31.
the toast pass, 220.

of mild philosophy, 149.
us do or die, 222.

Like, we shall not look upon his,
Liar of the first magnitude, 153. 77.
Libertine, the air a chartered, 58. but oh! how different, 234.
Liberty, I must have withal, 40. Lilies of the field, consider the, 14.

ous, 255.

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away, 31.


Lily, to paint the, 53.

Looks commercing with the skies,
Line upon line, 10.

we carved not a, 272.

the cottage might adorn,
Linen not, wearing out, 274.

Lines fallen in pleasant places, 4. Lord hath taken away, 3.
Lion in the way, 8.

of thy presence, 53.
living dog better than a bosom's, sits lightly, 74.
dead, 9.

of himself, though not of
the devil as a roaring, 25.

lands, 97.
beard the, 253.

Fanny spins a thousand such
Lion-heart, lord of the, 206.

a day, 165.
Lion's hide, thou wear a, 53. Lords, wish to be who love their,

- mane, dewdrop from the, 200.

of human kind, 201.
Lip, coral, admires, 101.

stories of great, 225.
I ne'er saw nectar on a, 220. of ladies intellectual, 269.
Lips, when I ope my, 36.

Lore, skilled in gestic, 201.
take, o take those lips Loss, promise to his, 13.

Losses, fellow that hath had, 33.
were red, 103.

Lost, who neither won nor, 208.
vermeil tinctured, 122. Lothario, is this that gallant, gay,
smile on her, 253.

heart on her, 267.

Lot's wife, remember, 19.
O that those, had language, Love to me was wonderful, 3.

, greater, hath no man, 20.
Liquors, hot and rebellious, 40. is the fulfilling of the law, 21.
Lisped in numbers, 164.

labor of, 23.
Live, taught us how to, 169.

casteth out fear, 25.
while you live, 186.

she never told her, 29.
to please, must please to live, sought is good, 29.

looks not with the eyes, 34.
Lively to severe, 158.

never did run smooth, 34.
Livery of heaven, 273.

last not least in, 66.
in her sober, 116.

beggary in, 69.
Lives, ' lovely and pleasant in prove variable, 73.
their, 2.

ecstasy of, 79.
Loan, loses itself and friend, 77. live with me, and be my, 93.
Lobster, boiled, like a, 133.

at first sight, 93.
Local habitation and a name, 35.

-’s proper hue, 118.
Locks, never shake thy gory, 48. in every gesture, 118.
--, hyacinthine, 115.

pity's akin to, 146.
Lodge in some vast wilderness, 'if there's delight in, 153.

and hate in like extreme, 168.
Loins be girded, 18.

let those, who never loved
Long choosing, 119.

before, 169.
Looming bastion, 280.

an unrelenting foe to, 186.
Look, a lean and hungry, 65.

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purple light of, 194.
upon this picture, 84.

of Life increased with years,
drew audience, 113.

ere you leap, 92, 134.

wroth with one we, 242.
, longing, lingering, 196.

all ministers of, 243.
Looker-on here in Vienna, 231. must needs be blind, 246.
Looking before and after, 85.

seeth with the heart, 247.
Look, with despatchful, 117.

cannot die, 247.


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