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Fiery soul working out its way, Fontarabian echoes, 253.

Food, minds not ever craving for,
Fife, ear-piercing, 90.

Fight, I have fought a good, 24. pined and wanted, 227.
Fights and runs away,

he that, nature's daily, 231.

Fool to make me merry, 42.
Figure, the thing we like, we, -, at thirty man suspects him-

self a, 174.
Fine, by degrees, 147.

must now and then be right,
by defect, 159.

Finger, slow and moving, 90. Fools, yesterdays have lighted, 52,
Fire, while I was musing the, 5. suckle, 88.

-, great a matter kindled by a for arguments use wagers,
little, 25.

-, one, burns out another's, 72. ever since the conquest, 843.
pale his uneffectual, 79.

rush in where angels fear to
three removes as bad as a, tread, 162.

they are who roam, 199.
Fires, their wonted, 197.

who came to scoff, 203.
of ruin glow, 248.

paradise of, 221.
Firmament, the spacious, 151.

in idle wishes, 221.
Fit audience find, though few, Foot, 0, so light a, 73.

has music in't, 216.
Fits, 't was sad by, 198.

Forefathers of the hamlet sleep,
Flame, adding fuel to the, 120. 195.
Flanders, our armies swore terri- For ever fortune wilt thou prove,
bly in, 299.

Flatterers, he hates, 66.

Forgetfulness, steep my senses in,
Flea, so naturalists observe a, 152. 57.
Flesh, all, is grass, 10.

Forgive, to, is divine, 162.
is weak, 17.

Form, mold of, 82.
O that this too, too solid, 76. Fortune, gift of, to be well favored,
is heir to, 81.

and blood can't bear it, 172.

railed on lady, 40.
Flint, wear out the everlasting, 73.

looks with threatening
Flood, taken at the, 68.
Flow of soul, 165.

leads on to, 68.
Flower when offered in the bud, Fortune's power, I'am not now

in, 132.
full many a, 196.

Forty pounds a year, rich with,
Floweret, of the vale, 197.

Flowre, or herbe, no daintie, 95. Fowl tame villatic, 120.
Flutes, Dorian mood of, 112. Foxes have holes, 15.
Fly, to drown a, 174.

Fragments, gather up the, 19.
thou that, may fight again, Frailty, thy name is woman, 76.

France, they order this better in,
Foe, unrelenting to love, 186.

Foemen worthy of their steel, 254. Free, who would be, 260.
Foes, thrice he routed all his, 137. Freedom has thousand charms,
Folly as it flies, 154.

that shunn'st the noise of,

from her mountain

height, 270.
grow romantic, 159.

- shrieked when Koscius.
when woman stoops to, 206. ko fell, 248.

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eye, 53.

a, 30.

your, 55.

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Freedom's battle once begun, 264. Gentleman, where was then the,
Freeman, whom the truth makes 305.
free, 213.

Gentlemen who write with ease,
Frenchman, the brilliant, never 166.
knew, 210.

Ghost, there needs no, 79.

, foreknowledge absolute, like an ill-used, 173.

Giant dies, 31-172.
Friend, a handsome house to Giant's strength, excellent to have
lodge a, 152.

knolling a departing, 57. Gibes, where be your, 85.
Friends, call you that backing of Gifte gie us, I wad some power

the, 222.
thou hast and their adop- Gilead, is there no balm in, 11.
tion tried, 77.

Girdle round about the earth, 34.
her dear five hundred, 212. Glare, maidens are caught by, 259.

I would not on my list of, Glass darkly, through a, 22.

he was indeed the, 57.
Friendship constant, save in love Glory and vain pomp, 63.
affairs, 32.

obscured, 112.
ne'er knew joy but,

peep, into, 136.

the paths of, 196.
Frolic, a youth of, 159.

trailing clouds of, 238.
Front, his fair large, 115.

who track the steps of,
Frosty but kindly, 40.

Fruit, known by his, 15.

rush to, 250.
the ripest, first falls, 54.

set the stars of, 270.
Fuel to the fame, 120.

Glory's morning gate, 283.
Full, without o'erflowing, 107. Glove, O that I were a, 72.
Funeral baked meats, 76.

Glow-worm, her eyes the, lend
Furious, fun grew fast and, 221. thee, 104.
Furnace, sighing like, 41. Glow-worm's uneffectual fire, 79.
Fury, full of sound and, 52. Gnat, strain at a, 17.

with the abhorred shears, Go and do thou likewise, 18.

Soul, the body's guest, 94.
filled with, 198.

his halves, 294.
of a patient man, 140. God and mammon, 14.
Fustian so sublimely bad, 165. hath joined together, 16.

had I but served my, 63.
Gain, to die is, 23.

the first garden made, 107.
Gale, simplest note that swells the, just are the ways of, 120.

the noblest work of, 157.
Galileo with his woes, 262.

or devil, 140.
Gall enough in thy ink, 30.

save the king, 173.
Galligaskins have long withstood, the Father, God the Son, 180.

made the country, 211.
Garland and singing robes, 127. helps them that help them-
Gath, tell it not in, 2.

selves, 298.
Gather ye rosebuds, 104.

tempers the wind, 300.
Gay, and innocent as, 176. God's providence seeming es-
Genius, when all of, which can tranged, 274.
perish, dies, 268.

Godliness, cheerful, 231.
Gentle yet not dull, 107.

Going, stand not upon the order
Geographers, in Afric maps, 152. of your, 49.
Gentleman and scholar, 223. Gold, all that glisters is not, 37.

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my, 63.

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ry, 34.

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Gold, gild refined, 53.

Great, none think the, unhappy,
bright and yellow, 275.

Golden opinions, 46.

Greatness, some achieve, etc., 29.
Good for us to be here, 16.

a long farewell to all
all things work together for,

and goodness, not means
hold fast that which is, 23. but ends, 245.
men and true, 33.

Greece, and fulmined over, 120.
in every thing, 39.

beauties of exulting, 184.
men do, is oft interred with Grecian chisel trace, 253.
their bones, 67.

Greek, it was, to me, 66.
the more communicated, as naturally as pigs squeak,

the gods provide thee, 138. Greeks, when Greeks joined, 145.
it might do, 143.

Greeting, nor, where no kindness
by stealth, 166.

is, 233.
luxury of doing, 200. Greenland's icy mountains, 258.
some fleeting, 200.

Grew together like a double cher-
die first, 239
better made by ill, 277. Gray hairs with sorrow to the
noble to be, 281.

grave, 2.
night, to all, to each, 253. Grief, patience smiling at, 29.
Goose-pen, though thou write every one can master




that does not speak, 50,
Gorgons and hydras, 113.

--, a plague of sighing and, 55.
Gory locks, 48.

perked up in a glistering,
Grace, the melody of every, 105. 62.

sweet and attractive, 115. or gave his father, 168.
was in all her steps, 118.

of my distracting. 200.
beyond the reach of art, Griefs, some are med'cinable, 69.

that harass the distressed,
the power of, 249.

purity of, 265.

Groan, hopeless anguish poured
Grandsire frisked, 201.

his, 189.
Grapes, have eaten sour, 11. Groans, mine old, ring yet, 73.
Gruss, all flesh is, 10.

Ground, on classic, 151.
Grasshopper shall be a burden, 9.

haunted holy, 260.
Gratulations flow in streams un- Groves were God's first temples,
bounded, 173.

Grave, with sorrow to the, 2. Growth, grows with his, 155.

where is thy victory, 22. Grundy, what will Mrs., say, 226.
to gay, 158.

Gudgeons, ere they ’re catched,
hungry as the. 185.

glory leads but to the, 196. Guest, the going, 165.
Lucy is in her, 229.

speed the parting, 168.
glory or the, 250.

Guide, philosopher, and friend, 158.
botanize upon his moth- Guides, blind, 17.
er's, 237.

Guinea, the, helps the hurt of
thou art gone to the, 258. honor, 279.
Graves, find ourselves dishonora-
ble, 65.

Habit, costly thy, 77.
stood tenantless, 75. Habits, small, 217.
Great, some are born, 29. Habitation, a local, 35.
in villany, 53.

Hail, horrors, 111.

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Hail, holy light, 114.

Harps on the willows, 6.
wedded love, 116.

Hart ungalled play, 83.
Columbia, 227.

Harvest truly is plenteous, 15.
Hair to stand on end, 78.

Hat not much the worse for wear,
-, distinguish and divide a, 214.

Hated, needs but to be seen, 156.
-, beauty draws with a single, Hater, a good, 190.

Hatred, love turned to, 153.
Hairs of your head all numbered, Haughtiness of soul, 149.

Haughty spirit before a fall, 7.
Hairbreadth escapes, 87.

Haunt, exempt from public, 39.
Hal, no more of that, 56.

Havock, cry, 66.
Halter, now fitted the, 147. He that is not with

me, 18.
draw, no man e'er felt the, that would not when he might,

Hamlet, at the close of the day, may run that readeth it, 12.

who runs may read, 178.
Hand, against every man, 1.

that runs may read, 213.
cloud like a man's, 3.

prayeth well and best, 242.
findeth to do, do it, 9. Head, the hoary, 7.
thy left, know, etc., 14.

coals of tire upon his, 8.
with an unlineal, 47.

hairs of your, numbered, 15.
who can hold a fire in his, uneasy lies the, 58.

is not more native, 75.
open as day, 58.

my imperfections on my,79.
leans her cheek upon her, and front of my otlending,
which beckons me, 169.

repairs his drooping, 124.
in hand through life, 199. to be let unfurnished, 131.
Handle's but a ninny, 171.

off' with his, 129.
Handle not, taste not, 23.

plays round the, 157.
Hands, folding of, 8.

a useful lesson to the, 213.
that rounded Peter's dome, Heads, hide their diminished, 114.

Health, peace, and competence,
promiscuously applied, 269. 156.
Handsaw, know a hawk from a, Hearse, underneath this sable, 99.

Heart, man after his own, 2.
Hang out our banners, 52.

hope deferred maketh the,
Happier than I knew, 118.

sick, 6.
Happiness thro' another's eyes,42. knoweth his own bitterness,

true source of hunan, 7.

out of the abundance of, 15.
virtue alone is, 158.

be not troublel, 20.
our being's end and

merry, goes all the day, 43.
aim, 156.

untainted, 60.
if we prize, 199.

ruddy drops of my sad, 66.
that makes the heart

not more native to the, 75.
afraid, 275.

overfraugh, 50.
Hark! Hark! the lark, 69.

which others bleed for, 153.
Harmony in her bright eye, 105.

comes not to the, 157.
hidden soul of, 126.


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a naked human, 176.
Harness, him that girdeth on his,3. a transport know, 191.
on our back, 52.

untravelled turns to thee,
Harping on my daughter, 80.






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Heart distrusting asks if this be | Height of this great argument,
joy, 204.

music in my, 230.

Heir to, that flesh is, 81.
felt along the, 233.

Heir of all the ages, 279.
never melt into his, 235. Hell it is in suing long to bide, 96.
tale to many a feeling, 244. to ears polite, 150.
on her lips, 267.

I suffer seems a heaven, 115.
an arrow for the, 270.

broke loose, 116.
on and up where nature's, no


scorned, 153.
Hearts in love use their own threatens, 175.
tongues, 32.

is paved with good inten-
av, in my heart of, 83. tions, 190.

of all that human, endure, the fear o', 223.

of waters, 262.
dry as summer dust, 239. Hercules, than I to, 76.

pour a thousand melodies, Heritage of woe, 269.

Hermit, man the, 249.
Heartstrings, though her jesses, Hero perish or sparrow fall, 154.
were my dear, 89.

Herod, out-herods, 82.
Heaven, droppeth as the gentle High, to soar so, 109.
rain from, 37.

overarched, 119.
winds of, 76.

life furnishes high charac-
smells to, 84.

ters, 158.
of hell, 111.

Hill, a cot beside the, 277.
better to reign in hell Hills peep o'er hills, 161.
than serve in, 1/1.

o'er the, and far


-, hell I suffer seems a, 115. heart beats strong amid the,

is heard no more in, 117. 278.
in her eye, 118.

Hinderance and a help, 229.
lies about us in our in- Hinges, pregnant, of the knee, 83.
fancy, 238.

Hint, upon this, I spoke, 87.
to be young, was very, Hip, I have thee on the, 38.

History or by tale, 34.
, quite in the verge of, this strange, eventful, 41.

read in a nation's eyes,
-- tries our virtues by af- 196.
fliction, 191.

is pbilosophy teaching by
commences ere the world examples, 297.
be past, 202.

Hit, a very palpable, 86.
so much of, 232.

Hitherto shalt thou come, 4.
and home, kindred points Hoard of maxims preaching, 279.
of, 234.

Hobson's choice, 307.
spires point to, 240. Hole, might stop a, 86.

God alone was to be seen Hold a candle, 171.
in, 267.

Holy text she strews, 196.
, nothing true but, 256. Homage, that vice pays to virtue,

further off than when a 309.
boy, 275.

Home, man goeth to his long, 9.
Heaven's hand, argue not against, eaten me out of house and,

Heavens, hung be the, 59.

best country ever is at,
Hecuba to him, 80.

Heed, take, lest he fall, 22.

sweet home, 306.

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