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Days of lang syne, 223.

Deed without a name, 49.
sweet childish, 228.

and flighty purpose, 50.
one of those heavenly, 231. Deeds, ill done, 54.
race of other, 287.

necessity excused his devil.
the melancholy, 285.

ish, 117.
Daystar, so sinks the, 124.

we live in, 282.
Dead and turned to clay, 86. Deep, vasty, spirits from the, 56.

he mourns the, who lives yet clear, 107.
as they desire, 175.

in the lowest, a lower, 115.
-, not, but gone before, 277. Deer, rats, and such small, 71.
, past bury its, 287.

let the strucken, go weep,
Death, they were not divided in, 2. 83.
in the pot, 3.

Defence, immodest words admit
in the midst of life, 13. of no, 136.
wages of sin is, 20. Defer, 't is madness to, 174.
where is thy sting, 22. Degrees, fine by, 147.
be thou faithful unto, 25. Deliberation sat and public care,
most in apprehension, 31. 113.
the way to dusty, 52. Delight to pass away the time, 61.
the valiant taste but

in this fool's paradise, 221.
once, 66.

Delightful task, 183.
grinned horrible, 114. Democraty, wielded at will that
shook his dart, 119.

fierce, 120.
-, soul under the ribs of, 122. Den, beard the lion in his, 253.
to us, play to you, 129. Denied, he comes too near who

ruling passion strong in, comes to be, 171.

Denmark, something rotten in, 78.
cowards sneak to, 172. Depart, loth to, 147.

Derby dilly, 226.
naturo never made, 176. Descent, claims of long, 281.
loves a shining mark, 177. Description, beggared all, 69.
cruel as, 185.

Desert, my dwelling-place, 262.
a simple child know of, Desire, kindle soft, 138.

bloom of young, 194.
rides on every breeze, 258. Despair, love can hope where
Death's pale nag, 74.

reason would, 91.
Deathbed 's a detector of the heart,

shall I wasting in, 100.

depth of some divine, 280.
ask, 175.

Despond, slough of, 143.
Debt, a double, to pay, 204, Destruction, pride goeth before, 7
Decay, seen my fondest hopes, Devil can cite Scripture, 36.

give the, his due, 55.
Deca y's effacing fingers, 263.

urges, 175.

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tell truth and shame the,
December, seek roses in, 268.

Decencies, those thousand, 118.

resist the, 25.
-, daily flows from, 118. take the hin'most, 132.

content to dwell in, hunting for one fair female,

Decency, want of, want of sense, the bane of all that dreads

the, 229.
emblems right meet of, hath not in his quiver, 270.

was sick, 294.
Deed, so shines a good, 38.

a monk was he, 294.
the attempt not the, 47.

-, go, poor, 299.


a, 76.


my, 308.

Dew, thaw and resolve itself into | Dog, not one to throw at a, 39.

and bay the moon, 68.
-, chaste as morning, 177.

will have his day, 86.
Dewdrop from the lion's mane, 64. whose, are you, 168.
Dial to the sun, 171.

went mad, 205.
figures on a, 282.

it was that died, 205.
Die, and go we know not where, , something better than his,

stand the hazard of the, 62. hunts in dreams like a, 279.
because a woman's fair, 100. Dogs eat of the crumbs, 16.
taught us how to, 169.

throw physic to the, 51.
let us do or, 222.

of war, let slip the, 66.
heavenly days that cannot, the little and all, 71.

delight to bark and bite, 180.
who tell us love can, 247. Dome, him of the western, 140.

broke the, in moulding Sher- Domestic happiness, 212.
idan, 268.

Dominions, the sun never sets, in
Dies and makes no sign, 60.
Digestion wait on appetite, 48. Done quickly, 45.
Dignity and love in every gesture, Doom, stretch out to the crack of,.

Dine, wretches hang that jury- , regardless of their, 194.
men may, 164.

Door, sweetest thing beside, 228.
Dined, the bucks had, 208. Dorian mood of flutes, 112.
Dinner of herbs, better is, 7. Dotage, tears of, 188.
Dire was the noise of conflict, 117. Double toil and trouble, 49.
Discontent, the winter of our, 60. Doubt the stars are fire, 80.
-, waste long nights in

never stand to, 104.
pensive, 96.

Doubts are traitors, 30.
Discretest, best, 118.

Dove, that I had wings like a, 5.
Discretion the better part of valor, Doves, harmless as, 15.

moan of, 281.
Disguise thyself as thou wilt, 300. Down, he that is, can fall no lower,
Disorder, most admired, 49.

Dissensions between hearts that among the dead men, 305.
love, 255.

Dread of something after death,
Distance lends enchantment, 248. 81.
Distressed, griefs that harass the, Dream, the old men’s, 139.

forgotten, 232.
Dividends, incarnation of fat, 286. consecration and the po-
Divine, to forgive, 162.

et's, 238.
all save the spirit of man a change came o'er the
is, 265.

spirit of my, 267.
Divinity in odd numbers, 28.

which was not all a, 269.
doth hedge a king, 85.

life is but an empty, 287.
that shapes our ends, 86. Dreams, we are such stuff as, 27.
that stirs within us, 150.

so full of fearful, 61.
Doctor, dismissing the, 225.

-, pleasing, and slumbers
Doctors, disagree, who shall de- light, 253.
cide when, 160.

like a dog he hunts in,
trine, orthodox, 131.

Dog, living, better than dead lion, Drink, if he thirst, give him, 21.

to me only, 98.
no, bark, 36.

deep, or taste not, 161.

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non, 285.

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Drink, pretty creature, 228. Earth, truth crushed to, 285.
Driveller and a show, 188.

proudly wears the Parthe-
Drudgery, make, divine, 102.
Druid lies in yonder grave, 199.

to smell a turf of fresh, 297.
Drum, not a, was heard, 272. Earthy, of the earth, 22.
Drunken man, stagger like a, 6. Ease in mine inn, 56.
Dues, render unto all their, 21.

he did with so much, 138.
Dulness ever loves a joke, 166. and alternate labor, 183.
Dumb on their own merits, 226. Eat, drink, and be merry, 18.
Duncan hath borne his faculties, Eaten me out of house and home,

is in his grave, 48. Echo, applaud thee to the very,
Dust thou art, 1.

shalt thou return unto, 1. Eclipse, built in the, 123.
his enemies shall lick the, 5. Ecstacy of love, 79,
return to the earth, 9. Education forms the mind, 158.
to dust, 13.

virtuous and noble, 128.
smell sweet and blossom in Either, happy could I be with,
the, 105.

hearts dry as summer's, 239. Elegant sufficiency, 183.
the knight's bones are, 244. Elephants, place, for want of
learned, 212.

towns, 152.
Duty, perceive here a divided, 87. Elements so mixed in him, 69.
Duties primal, shine aloft, 240. Elms, immemorial, 280.
Dying man to dying men, 136. Eloquence, heavenly, 140.

Eloquent, old man, 126.
Eagle mewing her mighty youth, Elves, criticizing, 209.

Elysium, lap it in, 121.
Eagles gather where the carcass Eminence, that bad, 112.
is, 17.

Empire, the course of, 172.
Eagle's fate and mine are one, 109. the rod of, 196.
Ear, word of promise to our, 52. Employment, wishing the worst,
give every man thy, 77.

jewel in an Ethiop's, 72.

how various his, 212.
more is meant than meets Enchantment, distance lends, 248.
the, 124.

End, attempt the, 104.
wrong sow by the, 134. Ends, thy country's, 63.
Earliest at his grave, 292. Endure, then pity, then embrace,
Early to bed, 298.

Ears, let him hear that hath, 17. Endured, not to be, 33.
in my ancient, 73.

Enemies, his, shall lick the dust, 5.
Earth to earth, 13.

---, naked to mine, 63.
salt of the, 14.

Enemy, feed thine, 21.
; put a girdle round the, 34. Engineer, hoist with his own pe-

thou sure and firm-set, 46.

more things in heaven and, England, with all thy faults, I

love thee still, 211.
drinks up the rain, 107.

- ye gentlemen of, 304.
felt the wound, 119. Enterprises, impediments to great,
so much of, 232.


common growth of Envy withers at another's joy,
mother, 234.

but one beloved face on, Epitaph, believe a woman or an,


tar, 85.

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Epitome, all mankind's, 140. Eye, heaven in her, 118.
Equal to all things, 205.

-, my great task-master's, 126.
Err, to, is hum in, 152.

jaundiced, 162.
Error writhes with pain, 285.

defiance within his, 201.
Errors like straws upon the sur- harvest of a quiet, 237.
face, 141.

Eyebrow, ballad made to his mis-
female, 163.

tress', 41.
Eruption, bodes some strange, 75. Eyes to the blind, 4.
Estate, fallen from his high, 137. , no speculation in those, 48.
Eternal sunshine, 203.

look your last, 74.
Eternity to m:n, 150.

drink to me only with thine,
mourns, 282.

Ethiopian, can the, change his rapt soul sitting in thine,
skin, 11.

Etrurian shades, 111.

not a friend to close his, 137.
Eve, from noon to dewy, 112.

history in a nation's, 195.
fairest of her daughters, 115. the glow-worm lend thee, 104.
Evening, welcome peaceful, 212. rain influence, 125.
-, now came still, 116.

a man with large gray, 229.
Events, coming, 250.

soul within her, 267.
spirits of great, 246.
Ever charming, ever new, 186. Face, the mind's construction in
Every thing by starts, 140.

the, 45.
Evidence of things not seen, 24. visit her, too roughly, 76.
Evil, sufficient unto the day is human, divine, 114.
the, 14.

-, no tenth transmitter of a
be not overcome of, 21.

foolish, 181.
communications corrupt can't I another's, commend,
good manners, 22.

report and good report, 23. music breathing from her,
-, money is the root of all, 24. 265.

that men do lives after them, in many a solitary place,

be thou my good, 115.

to his eye there was but one
still educing good, 185. beloved, 267.
universal good, 155.

finer form or lovelier, 253.
Evils, chose the least of two, 147. Faces, the old familiar, 248.
Excel, 't is useless to, 191. Facts, indebted to his imagination
Excess, wasteful and ridiculous, for his, 220.

Faculties, so meek, hath borne
Expectation, better bettered, 32.

his, 45.
Experience to make me sad, 42. Faculty divine, 239.
Extremes in nature, 160.

Fade, all that's bright must, 256.
Eye for eye, 2.

Failings leaned to virtue's side,
let every, negotiate for itself, 203.

Fair, is she not passing, 27.
in a fine frenzy rolling, 35. is foul, 44.

looking on it with lack- none but the brave deserve
lustre, 40.

the, 137.
more peril in thine, 72. Faith, we walk by, 23.
white wench's black, 73.

remember your work of, 23.
in my mind's, 77.

I have kept the, 24.
sublime declared absolute substance of things hoped
rule, 115.

for, 24.

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ple, 68.

wrong, 107

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Faith, no tricks in plain and sim- , Fate, roll darkling down the tor-

rent of, 188.
-, his, perhaps might be Father, no more like my, 76.

of all, in every age, 163.
for modes of, 156.

Faults, be to her, a little blind,
and morals, Milton held, 147.

with all thy, I love thee
-, amaranthine flower of, 235. still, 211.

belief had ripened into, 240. Favorite, to be a prodigal's, 237.
a passionate intuition, 240. Fawning, thrift may follow, 83.

in woman kind, 281. Fear, perfect love casteth out, 25.
Faithful among the faithless, 117. with hope, farewell, 115.
Falcon towering in her pride, 47. Fearfully and wonderfully made,
Fall, O what a, was there, 68. 6.
Falling-off was there, 79.

Fears, saucy doubts and, 48.
Falsehood under saintly show, make us traitors, 50.

our hopes belied our, 273.
Fame is the spur, 123.

Feast, bare imagination of a, 54.
damned to everlasting, 157. of nectared sweets, 122.

hard to climb the steep of, of reason, 165.

Feather, of his own, espied a, 109.
the martyrdom of, 268.

a wit's a, 157.
Fame's proud temple, 208.

to waft a, 174.
Familiar, be, not vulgar, 77. Feature, cheated of, 61.
Famous to all ages, 128.

Feel, would make us, must feel
by my pen, 169.

themselves, 209.
awoke and found myself, Feelings, great, came to them, 278.

Feels, meanest thing that, 232.
Fancies, troubled with thick-com- Feet beneath her petticoat, 103.

like snails did creep, 104.
men's more giddy than , standing with reluctant, 288.
women's, 229.

Felicity, we make or find our
Fancy, chewing the food of sweet
and bitter, 42.

Fell, I do not like thee, Doctor,
homebound, 282.

Fancy's rays the hills adorning, Fellow that hath had losses, 33.

of infinite jest, 85.
Fantasies throng into my mem- Fellow-feeling makes us kind, 193.

Female, one, lost the devil half
Fare thee well! and if forever, 269. the kind, 142.
Farewell to all my greatness, 63.

errors fall, 163.
happy fields, 111.

Fens, bogs, dens, etc., 113.
hope, fear, remorse, 115. Fever, after life's fitful, 48.

that fatal word, 266. Few are chosen, 17.
Farmers embattled stood, 285.

know their own good, 141.
Fat, who drives fat oxen should Fibs, ask me no questions and
himself, 190.

I'll tell no, 205.
Fashion passeth away, 22. Fiction, fairy, drest, 195.
glass of, 82.

truth stranger than, 270.
Fast and furious, 221.

Field, lilies of the, 14.
Fat, let me have men that are, be lost, what though the,

Fate, take a bond of, 50.

Fields, 'a babbled of green,
, fixed, 113.

ing, 51.

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own, 188.

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ory, 121.

farewell happy, 111.


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