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Bird that shunn'st the noise of | Bond, 't is not in the, 38.

folly, 124.

Birth is but a sleep, 238.
Biscuit, the remainder, 310.
Bitterness of things, 238.
Black spirits and white, 49.

to red began to turn, 133. Blackberries, if reasons were as plenty as, 55. Blackbird to whistle, 130. Bladder, blows a man up like a, 55. Blessed, more, to give, 20. Blessings wait on virtuous deeds, 153.

and eternal praise, 237. brighten as they take

their flight, 176.

on him who invented

sleep, 295. Blest, man never is, but always to be, 154.

Blind, eyes to the, 4.

if the blind lead the, 16. Bliss gained by every woe, 191. virtue makes the, 199. domestic happiness, thou

only, 212.

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Bondman, who would be a, 67.
Bondsmen hereditary, 260.
Bone and Skin, two millers thin,

Bones, full of dead men's, 17.
Bononcini, compared to, 171.
Booby, who 'd give her for an-
other, 170.

Book, that mine adversary had written a, 4.

-, your face is as a, 45.

-, as good kill a man as a, 128. is the precious life blood, 129. -, sighed to think I read a, 238. of nature, short of leaves, 274.

-'s a book, 268. Books, making of, no end, 10.


in the running brooks, 89. wiser grow without his,

cannot always please, 220. -, quit your, 236. which are no, 248.

-, some to be tasted, 296. Bores and bored, 270. Born, better to be lowly, 62. Borrower nor lender be, 71. Bosom, cleanse the stuffed, 51. 's lord sits lightly, 74. of his Father and his God,

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Brave, how sleep the, 198.

-, on, ye, 250.

home of the, 291. Breach, once more to the, 59. more honored in the, 78. imminent deadly, 87. Bread upon the waters, 9. Breakfast with what appetite, 63. Breast, light within his own clear, 122.

eternal in the human, 154. Breastplate, what stronger, 60. Breath can make them, 202. -, weary of, 274. Breathes there the man with soul so dead, 252. Brethren, pleasant to dwell together, 6.

Brevity is the soul of wit, 79.
Bribe, too poor for a, 197.
Bridge of Sighs, 261.

Briers, this working-day world is full of, 39.

Brightest and best of the sons of
the morning, 257.
Bringer of unwelcome news, 57.
Britannia rules the waves, 185.

needs no bulwarks, 250.
Britons never will be slaves, 185.
Brook, noise like a hidden, 242.
Brooks, books in the running, 39.
Brotherhood, monastic, 239.
Brow, when pain and anguish
wring the, 253.
Bruised reed, 10.

Brutus is an honorable man, 67. Bubbles, the earth hath, 44. Bucket, as a drop of a, 10.

the old oaken, 259.

Buckets into empty wells, 212.
Bucks had dined, 208.

Bug, snug as a, 298.
Build, he lives to, 181.

Burden, the grasshopper a, 9.
bear his own, 23.

Burning, one fire burns out another's, 72. Bush, good wine needs no, 42. the thief doth fear each, 60. Butterfly upon a wheel, 165.

Cabined, cribbed, confined, 48. Cæsar, not that I loved, less, 67. hath wept, 67.

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through the eye of a needle,

Can such things be, 49. Candle throws his beam, 38. out, brief, 52.

fit to hold a, 171. hold, to the sun, 179. Canon against self-slaughter, 76. Canopied by the blue sky, 267. Captain ill, 91. Captive good, 91.

Carcass is, there will the eagles be, 17.

Card, we must speak by the, 85. Cards, old age of, 159. Care adds a nail to our coffin, 216. knits up the ravelled sleave of, 47.

is an enemy to life, 28. Cares fret thy soul with, 96. beguiled by sports, 201. nobler loves and nobler,


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Home, Sweet Home.

Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble there's no place like home.

[From Debrett's Asylum for Fugitive Pieces, 1795.]
An Expostulation.

Perhaps it was right to dissemble your love

But why did you kick me down stairs?

From the Resolutions presented to the House of Representatives, December, 1799. Prepared by General Henry Lee.

(On the death of General Washington).

To the memory of the Man, first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his fellow-citizens.


(When Ambassador to the French Republic, 1796.) Millions for defence, but not one cent for tribute.

"The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." "Plures efficimur, quoties metimur a vobis; semen est sanguis Christianorum." Tertullian. Apologet., c. 50.

"Corporations have no souls."

"They (Corporations) cannot commit trespass nor be outlawed nor excommunicate, for they have no souls.” – Lord Coke's Reports, Part x. p. 32.

"A Rowland for an Oliver."

"These were two of the most famous in the list of Charlemagne's twelve peers; and their exploits are rendered so ridicuously and equally extravagant by the old romancers, that from thence arose that saying amongst our plain and sensible ancestors of giving one a 'Rowland for his Oliver,' to signify the matching one incredible lie with another." Warburton.

"It is unseasonable and unwholesome in all months that have not an R in their name to eat an oyster.". Butler's Dyet's Dry Dinner. 1599.

"Hobson's Choice."

"Tobias Hobson was the first man in England that let out hackney horses. - When a man came for a horse, he was led into the stable, where there was a great choice, but he obliged him to take the horse which stood next to the stable door; so that every customer was alike well served according to his chance, from whence it became a proverb, when what ought to be your election was forced upon you, to say 'Hobson's Choice."-Spectator, No. 509.


The Creole Village.

The Almighty Dollar.



Maxim ccxvii.

Hypocrisy is a sort of homage that vice pays to virtue.



It was worse than a crime, it was a blunder.


When in Parliament attending the Discussion of Lord

As good as a play.

Ross's Divorce Bill.

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