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Marmion. Canto vi. St. 17.

O what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive.


Paradise and the Peri.

But the trail of the serpent is over them all.
Come, ye disconsolate.

Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.

[blocks in formation]

An Atheist's laugh's a poor exchange

For Deity offended!

And may you better reck the rede,

Than ever did th' adviser!


Cymon and Iphigenia.

And raw in fields the rude militia swarms.

Stout once a month they march, a blustering band, And ever, but in times of need, at hand.

Of seeming arms to make a short essay,

Then hasten to be drunk, the business of the day.


Upon a Giant's angling.

And sat upon a rock, and bobb'd for whale.


As you


like it. Act ii. Sc. 7.

Which is as dry as the remainder biscuit

After a voyage.

Cymbeline. Act iii. Sc. 3.

Prouder than rustling in unpaid-for silk.

Taming of the Shrew. Act i. Sc. 1. No profit grows, where is no pleasure ta’en; In brief, sir, study what you most affect.

All's Well that ends Well. Act v. Sc. 3.

All impediments in fancy's course
Are motives of more fancy.

First Part of Henry IV. Act iv. Sc. 1. And witch the world with noble horsemanship.

Antony and Cleopatra. Act iv. Sc. 4.
The spirit of youth

That means to be of note, begins betimes.

Much Ado about Nothing. Act ii. Sc. i. As merry as the day is long.

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Age shakes Athena's tower, 260. mirror to a gaping, 286.

Ages, famous to all, 128.


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three poets in three distant,

alike all, 201.

one increasing purpose runs through the, 279.

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heir of all the, 279.

wakens the slumbering, 282. Agree, where they do, 219. Air, melted into thin, 26.

a chartered libertine, 58. of delightful studies, 127. is full of farewells, 289. Airy nothing a local habitation,


tongues, 121.

Aisle and fretted vault, 196.
Aisles of Christian Rome, 285.
Alabaster, like his grandsire cut
in, 36.

Alexandrine, a needless, 161.
All things work together for good,


things, prove, 23.

things to all men, 22.

things that are, are chased, 37.
that glisters is not gold, 37.
is not lost, 110.

Europe rings, 127.

that's bright must fade, 256. Allegory, headstrong as an, 219. Allured to brighter worlds, 203. Almanacs like actions of the last age, 108. Almighty Father! these as they change, 185.

[blocks in formation]
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to reign is worth, 111. Amend your ways, 11. Among them, but not of them, 261. Amorous, fond, and billing, 135. Angel, she drew down an, 138. -, ministering, 253. recording, 299.

Angels unawares, 24.

make the, weep, 30. trumpet-tongued, 46. are bright still, 50. and ministers of grace, 78. face shyned bright, 95. till our passion dies, 106. a thousand liveried, 122. are painted fair to look like

you, 144.

holy, guard thy bed, 181. wake thee, 189. Angels' visits, short and bright,

[blocks in formation]

colors and forms an, 233. Applaud thee to the very echo, 51. Apple of his eye, 2.

Appliances and means to boot, 57. Apollo's lute, musical as, 122. Apollos watered, 21.

Apprehension, death is most in, 31. of the good, 54.

April, June, and November, 303. Arch of London bridge, 302. Argue not against heaven, 127. though vanquished, he could, 203.

Argues yourselves unknown, 116.
Argument, staple of his, 35.
Ark, rolls of Noah's, 139.
Armor, his honest thought, 97.
Arms, take your last embrace, 74.
Army with banners, 10.
Arrows, Cupid kills with, 32.
Art, adorning thee with so much,

[blocks in formation]

Ask, and it shall be given you, 15. | Battles, fought his, o'er again, 137.

Asleep, the houses seem, 236.
Astronomer, undevout, 178.
Ass, write me down an, 33.
Assurance double sure, 50.
Atheism, the owlet, 243.
Athens, the eye of Greece, 120.
Atlantean shoulders, 113.
Attempt, and not the deed, con-
founds, 47.

the end, 104.

Attendance, to dance, 64.

Audience, and attention drew, 113. fit, though few, 118.

Auld acquaintance, 223. Authority, a little brief, 30. Awake, arise, for ever fallen, 111. Awe, in, of such a thing as I, 65. Axe, laid to the root, 18.

Babe, bent o'er her, 216.

Babel, stir of the great, 212. Bachelor, when I said I would die a, 32.

Back, thumps upon your, 215.
and side go bare, 304.
Backing, a plague upon such, 55.
Bacon shined, think how, 157.
Badge of our tribe, 36.
Balance, dust of the, 10.
Balances, thou art weighed in the,


Ballad to his mistress' eyebrow,


Ballad-mongers, one of these same
metre, 56.
Ballads sung from a cart, 142.
of a nation, make the, 297.

Balloon, huge, 234.
Bane and antidote, 150.
Bank, I know a, 34.
Banner, star-spangled, 291.
Banners, an army with, 10.
hang out our, 52.
Banquet 's o'er, when the, 170.
Bark attendant sail, 158.
Barren, 't is all, 300.
Battalions, not single, but in, 85.
Battle, mighty fallen in, 2.


not to the strong, 9. and the breeze, 250. perilous edge of, 111. freedom's, once begun,

Battle's magnificently-stern array,


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