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Before the cave. Enter, from the cave, Belarius, Guiderius, Arviragus,

and Imogen. Bel. You are not well : [To Imogen.] remain

here in the cave; We'll come to you after hunting. Arv.

Brother, stay here :

[To Imogen. Are we not brothers ? Imo.

So man and man should be ; But clay and clay differs in dignity, Whose dust is both alike. I am very sick. Gui. Go you to hunting, I'll abide with him.

Imo. So sick I am not yet I am not well: . But not so citizen a wanton, as To seem to die, ere sick : So please you leave me ; Stick to your journal* course : the breach of custom Is breach of all. I am ill; but your being by me Cannot annend me : Society is no comfort To one not sociable : I'm not very sick, Since I can reason of it. Pray you, trust me here: I'll rob none but myself; and let me die, Stealing so poorly. Gui.

I love thee; I have spoke it : How much the quantity, the weight as much, As I do love my father. Bel.

What? how? how? Arv. If it be sin to say so, sir, I yoke me In my good bruther's fault : I know not why I love this youth; and I have heard you say, Love's reason's without reason; the bier at door, And a demand who is't shall die, I'd say, My father, not this youth. Bel.

O noble strain! [Aside. * Keep your daily course.

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O worthiness of nature ! breed of greatness !
Cowards father cowards, and base things sire base :
Nature hath meal, and bran; contempt and grace.
I am not their father; yet who this should be,
Doth miracle itself, lov'd before me.
'Tis the ninth hour o'the morn.

Brother, farewell.
Imo. I wish ye sport.

You health.-So please you, sir. Imo. [Aside.] These are kind creatures. Gods,

what lies I have heard ! Our courtiers say, all's savage, but at court : Experience, O, thou disprov'st report ! The imperious* seas breed monsters; for the dish, Poor tributary rivers as sweet fish. I am sick still; heart-sick :-Pisanio, I'll now taste of thy drug. Gui.

I could not stir him : He said, he was gentle t, but unfortunate; Dishonestly afflicted, but yet honest.

Arv. Thus did he answer me : yet said, hereafter I might know more. Bel.

To the field, to the field :We'll leave you for this time; go in, and rest.

Arv. We'll not be long away.

Pray, be not sick,
For you must be our housewife.

Well, or ill,
I am bound to you.

And so shalt be ever.'

[Exit Imogen. This youth, howe'er distress'd, appears, he hath had Good ancestors. Arv.

How angel-like he sings!
Gui. But his neat cookery! He cut our roots in

And sauc'd our broths, as Juno had been sick,
And he her dieter.

Nobly he yokes
* Imperial.


A smiling with a sigh: as if the sigh -
Was that it was, for not being such a smile;
The smile mocking the sigh, that it would fly
From so divine a temple, to commix
With winds that sailors rail at.

I do note,
That grief and patience, rooted in him both,
Mingle their spurs* together.

Grow, patience!
And let the stinking elder, grief, untwine
His perishing root, with the increasing vine!
Bel. It is great morning. Come; away.—Who's

Enter Cloten. Clo. I cannot find those runagates; that villain Hath mock'd me:-I am faint. Bel.

Those runagates ! Means he not us? I partly know him ; 'tis Cloten, the son o’the queen. I fear some ambush. I saw him not these many years, and yet I know'tis he:-We are held as outlaws:-Hence.

Gui. He is but one: You and my brother search What companies are near: pray you, away; Let me alone with him.

[Exeunt Belarius and Arviragus.

Soft! What are you That fiy me thus ? some villain mountaineers ? I have heard of such.-What slave art thou ? Gui.

A thing More slavish did I ne'er, than answering A slave, without a knock Clo.

Thou art a robber,
A law-breaker, a villain : Yield thee, thief.
Gui. To who? to thee? What art thou? Have

not I. .
An arm as big as thine ? a heart as big?
Thy words, I grant, are bigger; for I wear not
My dagger in my mouth. Say, what thou art;

* Spurs are the roots of trees.

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Why. I should yield to thee?

Thou villain base,
Know'st me not by my clothes ?

No, nor thy tailor, rascal,
Who is thy grandfather: he made those clothes,
Which, as it seems, make thee.
| Co.

Thou precious varlet, My tailor made them not. Gui.

Hence then, and thank
The man that gave them thee. Thou art some fool;
I am loath to beat thee.
Clo. .

Thou injurious thief,
Hear but my name, and trenible.

What's thy name? Clo. Cloten, thou villain.

Gui. Cloten, thou double villain, be thy name,
I cannot tremble at it; were't toad, or adder, spider,
'Twould move me sooner.

To thy further fear,
Nay, to thy mere confusion, thou shalt know
I'm son to the queen.

I'm sorry for't; not seeming
So worthy as thy birth.

Art not afeard ? Gui. Those that I reverence, those I fear; the

wise : At fools I laugh, not fear them. Clo.

Die the death : When I have slain thee with my proper hand, I'll follow those that even now fled hence, And on the gates of Lud's town set your heads; Yield, rustick mountaineer. (Exeunt, fighting.

Enter Belarius and Arviragus. Bel. No company's abroad. Aro. None in the world : You did mistake him,

sure. Bel. I cannot tell : Long is it since I saw him,. But time hath nothing blurr'd those lines of favour*

* Countenance,

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