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a feeling which was the very spirit of the Christian Church, the element of its vigous and its motion. He pointed out in eloquent terms the benefit which we ourselves reaped, and which we conferred on our neighbours, by warmth of heart and liberality of sentiment, and said that if there was anything worthy above every other virtue that a man should possess, it was the true ele nt of ve. He hoped his Institution might prosper still more and more; and although his voice might not be raised in the future as in the past in the advocacy of its interests, while memory held a place he should feel a deep interest in its progress, its maintenance, and its ultimate triumphs.

The Chairman intimated that the late Mr. Edward Jackson, of Hamilton, had bequeathed in his will the sum of $10,000 for the benefit of this Institution, from which they expected to create a Salary for a Theological Chair in connection with the University. This was the largest bequest that had been made to the University since its establishment, and he expressed himself deeply grateful for the benefaction. Mr. H. W. Brethour, of Brantford, had within the last few days established a Scholarship of $100 a year. Mr. Brethour seemed to have been immediately prompted to this benefaction, in addition to former kindnesses, by his acquaintance with Mr. Mills, now Head Master of Brantford High School, and who was formerly a Master in connection with this University. Mr. Mills had been authorized to say that the gentleman referred to would give the sum of $100 yearly to be given to the best of the Matriculants. Another had been established by the Reverend Edward Wilson, Wesleyan Minister, of Now Jersey, out of appreciation for the kindness received by his deceased Son, who was a Student at the College. It amounted to $30 annually, to be given to the highest Student of the Graduate Class in the department of Mathematics, that being the department in which his Son had studied with the greatest success. He was certain they all appreciated very much this mark of generosity and high regard on the part of a gentleman almost an entire stranger to them, and only connected to them by the link to which he had already alluded. Mr. T. McNaughton, of Cobourg, had also founded for a period of five years an annual prize of $20, for proficiency in Elocution.



June 10th, 1873. Mr. Kenneth Maclellan, in the absence of the Reverend Principal Snodgrass, presented and read the Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the University of Queen's College, and also Report from the Executive Committee appointed to provide a Supplementary Endowment for that Institution. Whereupon it was moved by Mr. McGillivray, seconded by Mr. Mann, and passed unanimously, That the Reports be received and adopted; that the Synod record their satisfaction at the improved condition of the College financially, and at the increase in the number of Students attending the Institution; declare their confidence in the careful management of its affairs; approve of the efforts to extend its equipment; commend the College anew to the regard and liberality of the Membership of the Church; and express their gratification at the supplementary statement made to the effect that the Trustees have been able to secure the services for next Session of two able Lecturers on Pastoral Theology and the relations of Natural Science to Revelation.

Doctor Williamson, Governor, read the Annual Report of the Committee on the Scholarship and Bursary Scheme. It was moved by the Reverend D. J. Macdonnell, seconded by the Reverend A. Currie, and passed unanimously, That the Synod receive the Report, and thank the Committee for their diligence; record their gratification at the increasing number of Candidates for the Ministry; enjoin Presbyteries to see that the Congregations within their bounds do their duty in making collections for this important Scheme, more especially in view of the growing demand upon its men attending Morrin College with a view to enter the Ministry shall, so as to be at liberty to do so; and re-appoint the Committee.

Report of the Trustees of Queen's College, 1872, 1873. In their Report to the last Meeting of Synod, the Trustees expressed their appre. hension that the ordinary Expenditure this year would be in excess of the Revenue. This would certainly have been the case but for a donation of £200 Sterling, ($968.89), the second of the same amount, within two years, most generously placed at our disposal by the Colonial Committee of the Church of Scotland. It appears from the Treasurer's Financial Statements, herewith submitted, that the Revenue has been, by $531.44, more than equal to the demands made upon it, although a sense of duty constrained the Board to increase the current Expenditure, by raising the Salary of Professor Dupuis from $1,000 to $1,400. It will be seen from Statement Number 1 that the general expenses, exclusive of Salaries, amounted to only $711.82.

The total amount collected under the Endowment Scheme is $100,409.46. This includes $6,669.84 received for Revenue, and $827.05, disbursed for expenses in prose cuting the Scheme. The whole sum realized for Capital is, therefore, $92,912.57, which is subject, as noticed in the two last preceding Reports, to a debt of $7,807.90, incurred by meeting deficits in the Revenue for the years 1869-71.

Although the College is not now labouring under the pressure of pecuniary embarrassment, its financial position cannot, by any means, be said to be easy. The curtailment of ordinary expenses, for some time unavoidable, cannot, without detriment, be any longer continued. It is impossible, without borrowing, to which the Trustees are averse, to introduce any of the numerous improvements which appear to them to be desirable. Apart from the augmentation of Salaries, a subject which claims serious attention, Funds are required for Apparatus of various kinds, for the fixing up of the Library and adding to its contents, for improvements in the Convocation Hall and on the Grounds around the College, while a separate Building for a Gymnasium and place of resort, to be used by the Students during vacant hours, or intervals between Classes, would be a very great convenience and advantage. The formation of a Prize Fund is also an object to be aimed at, because it might both afford relief to the General Expenditure and be the means of procuring Prizes of greater value than can be given at present. The Trustees have pleasure in stating that several special Donations for Class Prizes were made by Graduates of the University during the past Session. To the Alumni of former years, now in a position to encourage their successors, this should commend itself as an excellent way of showing their interest in the prosperity and usefulness of their Alma Mater, and it is hoped that the spirited beginning, which has been made, will be largely extended in future years. Having barely mentioned a number of purposes for which money is urgently needed, the Trustees invite assistance and willingly give their assurance that contributions shall be faithfully expended according to the wishes of the Donors.

The Trustees have much satisfaction in reporting that, through the exertions mainly of one of their number, the Reverend D. J. Macdonnell, of Toronto, the valuable services of Mr. Melville Bell, formerly Professor of Elocution in University College, London, were secured for several weeks before the Christmas Holidays. All the Students eagerly availed themselves of Professor Bell's instructions in the Art of Reading and derived_much benefit from them. The arrangement cost $500, but the money was raised in Toronto and Kingston, so that there was no charge to the College on any account of it. The Trustees solicit the attention of the friends of the College to the importance of providing for such services in future Sessions. It was proposed to have one, or two, special Courses of Lectures in the Theological department, similar to those which the General Assembly of the Parent Church, through the liberality of one, or two, gentlemen, was enabled at its last Meeting to institute at the Scottish Univer: sities: but various causes operated adversely to the success of this proposal. The subject has engaged the attention of the Board, and it is hoped that something effectual will be done next Session in reference to it.

Mr. John Watson, Master of Arts of Glasgow University, at the beginning of the Session entered upon his duties as Professor of Logic, Metaphysics and Ethics, and his manner of discharging them, the Trustees rejoice to say, has corresponded satisfactorily with his unusually high reputation as a qualified Teacher of Philosophy.

Mr. James Russell, of Hamilton, Ontario, has contributed $150 to begin the foundation of a Scholarship of the annual value of $50, to be competed for by Matriculants of the Fourth Year in Arts, at a Special Examination in writing on the subject of Bible History; and the unknown, generous friend, in one of the Maritime Provinces, who two years ago sent $400, and last year $200, has this year contributed $200 for the Dominion Scholarship; which, by his request, is open to Students in Theology belonging to any Presbyterian Church.

Last year the number of registered Students was thirty-nine, of whom twenty-three had the Ministry in view. This year the corresponding numbers are fifty and twentynine, of whom there were ten in the Theological Hall. It deserves to be noticed, as being a most unusual occurrence, that of the Undergraduates of 1871-72 none failed to return this Session. In the affiliated Institutions, namely, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, and the Kingston Collegiate Institutes, the numbers in attendance are respectively fifty and eighty-two. KINGSTON, 24th April, 1873.





$ cts. Grant from Colonial Committee of Church of Scotland 1,460 00 Temporalities Board

2,000 00 Dividends on Bank Stock

2,392 00 Kingston Observatory

500 00 Fees, Graduation

121 50
Interest on Mortgages, Government Securities, Deben-
tures and Bank Deposite

5,280 56
Subscriptions, Donations, etcetera, videlicet :...
Colonial Committee of the Church of
Scotland, £200 Sterling

$968 89

200 00
Interest on Subscriptions to Endowment

50 01
1,218 90

$12,972 96 Expenditure. Salaries

$11,730 00 Insurance, Repairs, Taxes on City Lots, etcetera

711 82 Balance, (surplus)

531 14

$12,972 96 KINGSTON, 21st April, 1873.

W. IRELAND, Secretary-Treasurer. Certified as correct.

JOHN KERR, KINGSTON, 22nd April, 1873.







Royal Charter, cost of
Class Apparatus ......
Library, Expenditure on
Furniture account
College Premises
Bank Stock
Dominion Stock
Montreal Public Property Stock

$ cts. 3,107 37 3,633 92 3,399 68 1,429 09 41,740 61 37,100 00 12,900 00 10,010 00 27,500 00

[blocks in formation]


The total sum of receipts at this date is $100,632.46. This includes contributions to the ordinary Revenue of the College, amounting to $669.84, and expenses incurred by the prosecution of the Scheme to $827.05. Deducting these two amounts from the aggregate of receipts, the whole sum realized for Capital is shown to be $7,807.90, caused by shortcomings in the Revenue for the years 1869-71.

The whole, decrease of Income since the suspension of the Commercial Bank, given in detail in the last Report of the Committee is $7,030.00. To take its place the College is now in receipt of an Annual Revenue of $6,106 from Securities purchased by Funds collected under the Endowment Scheme. While this result is exceedingly gratifying, it is yet inadequate. It is, therefore, earnestly hoped that the interest hitherto taken in the Scheme will not stop short of a complete restoration of the former financial position. Friends responsible for subscriptions not yet paid are particularly urged to discharge their obligations without delay. By so doing they will add from $500 to $600 to the Revenue.

The last Report of the Committee contained such full information respecting the progress of the Scheme that it is deemed unnecessary to enter into details on the present occasion. KINGSTON, 31st May, 1873.

W. SNODGRASS, Convener.


THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE COUNCIL OF TRINITY COLLEGE. January 15th, 1873. The Bursar read a Statement of the Receipts and Expenditure for the year 1872, and an Estimate of the Receipts and Expenditure for the year 1873.

The Committee appointed on the matter of increase in the number of Professors, and of the Salaries of Professors, reported as follows:

The Committee appointed to consider the question of appointing additional Professors for the College, and whether the permanent Income will admit of such additions being made to the Staff, and an increase to the Salaries of the present Professors, have pleasure in reporting, in the affirmative on both questions. The system of rigid economy adopted on the recommendation of former Committees, also with the realization of an amount of hitherto dormant Capital, having happily converted the deficit that existed for some years into a surplus that may be safely estimated at $1,200,-of this sum the Committee recommend that one-half, $600 be set apart for the Salary of an additional Professor, or Lecturer, and the remaining $600 be applied to an increase of existing Salaries as follows:--The Provost, Salary of $2,400, increase of $300; Professor Ambery, $1,600, increase, $200; Professor Jones, $1,200, increase, $100; said increase to date from the 14th of October, 1872.

The Report was adopted.

Resolved, That, in accordance with the notice given in May last by the Committee on Statutes, the Statutes of Trinity College, Chapter III, Section 5, be amended by substituting for the words “one year,” in the second line of the Section the words "two years."

The Committee appointed in November, 1872, to consider the Memorial of the Reverend J. W. R. Beck, to the Synod of the Diocese of Toronto with respect to Trinity College, and to report on same, brought up their Report as follows :

Note. This elaborate Report deals entirely with controversial matters, based upon the following extract from the Memorial, (which is omitted).

That Trinity College, which was founded A.D. 1851, does not command the confidence and the support of the Members of the Church in the Province of Ontario, and has, therefore, failed to accomplish the object for which it was established.

The Report was adopted, and a copy was directed to be sent to Mr. Clarke Gamble, Chairman of the Committee appointed by the Synod to consider and Report on said Memorial

January 16th, 1873. Resolved, That Doctor Ellis and Doctor Kennedy be appointed to the Professorships of Chemistry and Medical Jurisprudence in the Medical Faculty, respectively.

May 14th, 1873. Mr. James Henderson took his seat as a Member of the Council.

The Bursar laid on the Table the two Books of Accounts relating to the Capital and General Account of the University.

Mr. Carman from the Land and Finance Committee read the Certificate of Audit of the College Account, to the 1st of April, 1873.

Resolved, That Doctor Ellis be appointed Lecturer in Physical Science in the University, his appointment dating from the 1st of January last, and his Salary for the year 1873 being $400.

The Committee appointed to examine what repairs were necessary in and about the College Grounds and Buildings made a report on the details of repairs needed, when it was,

Resolved, That the Report now presented be received, and that the Committee be requested to continue their services by ascertaining the best terms upon which the Repairs can be executed; and that such as are deemed indispensable be at once proceeded with.

June 11th, 1873. The Bursar reported that he had recommended through the Archdeacon of Niagara, the Legacy left to the College by the Will of the late Mr. T. C.

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