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Moved by the Reverend Doctor McCaul, seconded by Professor Croft, and carried, That the Report of the Directors of the Museum and all other Reports involving the expenditure of Funds be referred to the Finance Committee.

Moved by the Reverend Doctor McCaul, seconded by Mr. Loudon, and carried, That the Statute respecting the Committees on the Grounds and the Museum was read a Second time and passed, on motion of Professor Croft, seconded by Doctor Oldright.

On motion of Mr. Mulock the Statute respecting Meetings of the Senate was read a Second time and passed.

June 25th, 1873. Read a Letter from the Reverend Stuart Foster, M.A., applying for the office of Librarian of the University

Moved by the Reverend Doctor McCaul, seconded by Mr. Loudon, and carried, That the Registrar be instructed to address a Letter, on behalf of the Senate, to the Clerk of the City Council, calling the immediate attention of the Council to the long continued neglect on the part of the Council of the Stipulations of the Lease of the Public Park and Avenues, and requiring, in the interest alike of the Citizens and of the University, that the necessary work and supervision shall be commenced as soon as possible, or, at furthest before the close of next month, and that satisfactory engage ments shall be given for the duo performance of all the stipulations in the Lease before June the 30th, 1874, and that the whole matter, on the basis above stated, shall be managed, subject to the approval of the Senate, by the Committee on the Grounds, who shall report their proceedings to the first Meeting of the Senate.

Moved by the Vice Chancellor, seconded by the Reverend Doctor McCaul, and carried, That Messieurs Gzowski, McMaster, and Macdonell and Judge Boyd be appointed members of the Committee on the Grounds.

Moved by Doctor Thorburn, seconded by Professor Cherriman, and carried, That the President of University College, Doctor Wilson, Mr. Goldwin Smith, Doctor Oldright and the Mover and Seconder be a Committee to consider the relations existing between this and British Universities, and that the Mover be the Convener of the Meetings of the Committee.

Doctor Oldright moved the Second reading of the Statute respecting the subject of Composition, Anatomy, which was carried.

The Examiners for 1873-4 were appointed by the Senate.

August 11th, 1873. Mr. Bates, Secretary of the Canadian Literary Institute, Woodstock, informing the Senate of the appointment of Reverend Doctor Fyfe as the Representative of that Institution on the Senate.

Read Reports of the following Committees :-(1) On Finance, submitting a scheme of Expenditure for the University, and recommending the appointment of Mr. A. Pride as Sub-curator of the Museum, at a Salary of $40 per month, also an appropriation of $220 for the coming year for the Museum.

Read a Report of the Committee on the Grounds that no answer had been received to the Letter to the City Council from the Senate of June the 26th; that a Letter of July 11th had, however, been received, and was herewith submitted. In acknowledging that Letter, the Committee informed the City Council that it would be laid before the Senate at its first Meeting, and again drew the attention of the Council to the neglect of the Stipulations of the Lease under which the Public Park is held by the City Council.

Moved by the Vice Chancellor, seconded by the Reverend Doctor McCaul, and carried, That the attention of His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council be respectfully informed of the fact that $500, in addition to the sum already granted, are required to secure the construction of the Drain on Beverley Street, and the connection of the University Drain with it, and that the Senate consequently pray that His Excellency will be pleased to pass an Order-in-Council authorizing the Bursar to pay such additional amount.

The Statute respecting the Library was read a First time on motion of Judge Boyd.

Moved by Doctor Wilson, seconded by Professor Buckland, and carried, That the Vice Chancellor be authorized to complete the requisite arrangements with the Corporation for connecting the drainage of the University Buildings with the Drain on Bevorley Street.




Presented to the Legislative Assembly by command of His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor. TORONTO, 13th February, 1873.

T. B. PARDEE, Secretary. The Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Senate of the University of Toronto have the honour to present their Report for the Academic Year 1871-2.

During the year certain changes have been made in the Course of Study prescribed in the Faculties of Law and Arts. These changes, (which affect the Department of Metaphysics and Natural Science), are set out in the Schedules hereto annexed. They beg to submit the following tabulated Statement of the Admissions to Degrees, ad eundem statum, and Matriculation in the several Faculties and Schools.

Law.-Degree of LL.B., 5; Matriculation, 4.

Medicine.-Degree of M.D., 3; Degree of M.B., 14; Matriculation, 6; ad eundem statum, 4.

Arts.-Degree of M.A., 9; Degree of B.A., 23; Matriculation, 44; ad eundem statum, 3.

Civil Engineering.-Matriculation, 1.
Agriculture.-Diploma, 1; Matriculation, 2.

Whilst the number of degrees conferred was beyond the average, they can assure Your Excellency that the standard of scholarship has been fully maintained. The Class Lists of the year are herewith transmitted.

W. G. FALCONBRIDGE, M.A., Registrar. LARRATT W. SMITH, Vice Chancellor.


At the Examinations to be held in the University of Toronto, the following Text Books will be used in lieu of those heretofore prescribed in the subjects mentioned :

Faculty of Law (Logic, Metaphysics and Ethics).—First Year, or Senior Matriculation.-Murray, Logic, (Walker's Edition); Locke, Books II, III and IV; Stewart's Outlines of Moral Philosophy. For Honours.--Thomson, Outline of the Laws of Thought; Tennemann's History of Philosophy, to the end of the Scholastic Period.

Natural History.Junior Matriculation and First Year.-Instead of Agassiz and Gould's Comparative Physiology, Nicholson's Text Book of Zoology; instead of Gray, Lindley and Bentham, Gray's How Plants Grow. For Honours.—The Elements of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy are substituted for the Books now in use; Owen's Lectures on Comparative Anatomy, and Nicholson's Introduction to the Study of Biology, are substituted for Gray, Woodward and Ogilvie.

Faculty of Arts, (Metaphysics and Ethics).-Second Year.–Locke, Books II, III and IV; Stewart's Outlines of Moral Philosophy. For Honours.—Thomson, Outline of the Laws of Thought; Tennemann's History of Philosophy, to the end of the Scholastic Period. Third Year.–Reid, Intellectual Powers; Jouffroy's Introduction to

Ethics. For Honours.-Locke, Book I, with Cousin's Critique upon Locke; Schwegleb, History of Philosophy, Chapter XXIII to Chapter XLII; DesCartes, Method, Meditations and Principles.

Examination for B.A.–For Honours.—Mill's Logic, Book III of Induction; Hamilton's Dissertations and Notes on Reid; Note “A.” On the Philosophy of Common Sense, Sections 1, 2, 3, 4; Note "B,” Of Presentative and Representative Knowledge; Note “C,” Theories of External Perception; Note "D," Primary and Secondary Qualities of Body, Section 2; Note “D,” Perception, Section 1; Notes "D,” and “D,” Mental Association; Jouffroy, Introduction to Ethics; Kant, Critique of Pure Reason ; Schwegler, History of Philosophy, to end of Chapter XLII; Tennemann, History of Pholosophy, Scholastic Period.

Note. The above scheme does not include Political Economy, nor Natural Theology, nor Logic, (except Thomson in the Honour work of the Second Year).

Natural History.—Senior Matriculation and First and Second Years. Instead of Agassiz and Gould's Comparative Physiology, Nicholson's Text Book of Zoology; instead of Gray, Lindley and Bentham, Gray's How Plants Grow. For Honours. The elements of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy are substituted for the Books now in use; Owen’s Lectures on Comparative Anatomy, and Nicholson's Introduction to the Study of Biology, are substituted for Gray, Woodward and Ogilvie. Third Year.--Nicholson's Manual of Zoology; Rolleston's Forms of Animal Life; and Gray's Manual of Botany, are substituted for the former Books of Reference. For Honours.-The same Books of Reference as are prescribed above for Pass Work.

Examination for B.A.—The work for Honours will be Comparative Anatomy and Physiology of Vertebrate Animals. Books of Reference.-Carpenter's Principles of Comparative Physiology; Huxley's Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrated Animals.





Proceedings of the Board of Victoria College.

May 28th, 1873. The Treasurers of the College presented their Annual Report and Financial Statement, which were fully considered and discussed, and finally adopted by the Board.

The Reports of the Agents of the College were also presented and adopted. The Report of the Treasurers of the Endowment Fund was presented by the Reverend Thomas S. Keough and adopted by the Board.

Resolved, that the Graduation Fees from the Candidates of the Medical Faculty in Toronto be refunded to that Faculty for the present year.

The question of offering some compensation to the Auditors, under the Picton Memorial, was considered and referred to the Treasurers for inquiry and report.

The Board proceeded to consider the best plan of continuing the effort for completing the Endowment of the College, and it was decided to recommend the employment for next year of only one Agent, the Reverend J. C. Ash, and to retain the services of the Reverend T. S. Keough as Financial Secretary, Mr. Keough to have charge of all Accounts, Books and Records relating to the various Funds, and Financial Transactions of the University, and to aid the Treasurers in preparing their Reports for the Board and the Annual Conference Meeting. The Salary of the Reverend J. C. Ash was fixed at $800 for the ensuing year.

The President presented a Report of the work of the Theological Department for the past year. The Report was adopted.

The Secretary read a Letter from the Reverend Professor N. Burwash, tendering his resignation as Professor of Natural Sciences, with the riew of devoting his time exclusively to the work of teaching Theology, in connection with which the President of the College presented the following Resolutions, intended to give effect to the longcherished wishes of the Board as to Theological training, and to place that department of the University on a more permanent basis :

I. That a Faculty of Theology be established in the University of Victoria College to be composed of the President of the University, a Dean of the Faculty, and such a staff of Professors and Tutors as the Board shall, from time to time, appoint.

II. That it shall be the duty of the Dean to preside in the Faculty in the absence of the President of the University, and to prepare for the Board and Conference an Annual Report of the work done in that Department of the University.

III. That all Probationers, except Undergraduates, sent to the College by the Conferences shall pursue, under the direction of the Faculty of Theology, such a Course of Study as the Conference shall prescribe.

IV. That all Funds contributed for the permanent Endowment of the Theological Department shall be held in trust exclusively for the education of Candidates for the Christian Ministry, and shall be invested in safe Securities, the interest only being available for current expenses; and the Treasurers shall keep a separate account of such Endowment Funds, as well as of all special subscriptions, or collections, taken up to meet the current expenses of the Theological Faculty, and shall make an Annual Report of the same to the Board and to the Conference.

These Resolutions having been unanimously adopted, the Reverend Nathaniel Burwash, M.A., B.D., was appointed Professor of Biblical and Systematical Theology and Dean of the Faculty of Theology.

In consequence of the resignation of the Reverend Professor N. Burwash, as Professor of Natural Sciences, the best method of securing a competent Successor was carefully considered and the following Resolution unanimously adopted :-Moved by Mr. William Beatty, seconded by the Reverend Richard Jones, and,

Resolved, That, in the opinion of this Board, it is expedient and necessary for the interests of the University that a Professor to fill the vacant Chair of the Natural Sciences be selected from the Graduates of some European University, and that the Reverend President Nelles be requested to visit Europe, with the view of such selection, and that this Board pay the necessary expenses of such a visit.

The question of the amount of Salary to be paid to the new Professor was referred to a Committee, consisting of the President of the College, the Treasurers, the Chairman of the Board and Mr. J. H. Dumble.

June 4th, 1873. The Treasurers, Trustees of the Endowment Fund, and the Agents of the College presented their respective Reports, which were received and adopted. The Minutes of the Board for the year were read by the Reverend Doctor Nelles, and also a series of Resolutions, relating to the organization of the Theological Department. The item of $35.70, on motion of Treasurers, seconded by Reverend R. A. Campbell, was ordered to be struck out of the Financial Report. The Reverends R. Jones, G. R. Sanderson, S. S. Nelles, and Mr. W. H. Gibbs, M.P., were appointed Trustees of the College. The following were appointed Visitors :-The Reverends Doctor Rice, S. Rose, W. S. Griffin, E. H. Dewart, and Messieurs J. J. MacLaren, John MacDonald, B. M. Britton, W. W. Dean, Thomas Holden, Doctor Lavell, W. Beatty and Doctor Brown. The Reverend Professor Burwash read the Theological Report, which was adopted. The thanks of the Meeting were presented to the Auditors and the Treasurers. Moved by the Reverend Doctor Nelles, seconded by the Reverend Doctor Ryerson, and,

Resolved, That a Letter be written by the Secretary of the Conference Annual Meeting of the College to the Widow of late Mr. Edward Jackson, expressing the

gratitude of the Wesleyan Conference, and of the friends of Victoria College, for the noble Christian Liberality of that Gentleman's bequest to Victoria College for establishing a Theological Chair.

November 20th, 1873. The Reverend Richard Jones and Mr. William Kennedy, M.A., were appointed Trustees of Endowment Fund.

The Members of the College Board in Cobourg, with the Superintendent of the Cobourg Circuit, and the Chairman of the Cobourg District, were appointed a Committee on Finance and Repairs. The Reverends T. A. Ferguson and William Briggs were appointed Auditors. The Reverends Messieurs Jones, Rose and Nelles were instructed to agree upon proper remuneration to Auditors in the case of the. Picton Memorial, and to settle the matter without delay.

The President of the College reported upon his recent tour in Europe, and recommended the appointment of Eugene Haanel, Ph.D., of Breslau, Prussia, as Professor of Natural Sciences in Victoria College, with a Salary of $1,500 per annum. The motion, having been seconded by the Reverend Richard Jones, was carried unanimously.

The sum of $110 was appropriated to procure Apparatus for the Laboratory.

The President of the College, having stated to the Board that a very valuable collection of Apparatus was to be had in Breslau at a cost much below value, the President of the College was authorized to procure the same with the understanding that the outlay in the purchase would be abount $2,000.

In case of the retirement of Doctor Berryman from the Medical Council, it was,

Resolved, That Doctor Canniff, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, should take his place as Representative of the Victoria University.

The sum of $200 was appropriated to the Reverend T. S. Keough, as a compensation for keeping the Books of the Endowment Fund, and for other services as Financial Secretary.

The Reverend Joshua H. Johnson, M.A., being present, he was requested to make an oral report of his labours since Conference, and, from the great success of his efforts, it was,

Resolved, That, in accordance with a previous agreement, the sum of $200 be added to his Salary.

It was further agreed that a vigorous effort should be made by the other Agent, the Reverend J. C. Ash, to collect all subscriptions now due within that part of the field allotted to him by the Board.


The Instructors in the Department of Theology in the University of Victoria College beg leave to submit the following Report of the work done in the Academic year now closing.

The instruction given has been partly in separate Classes, and partly in the Classes of the Faculty of Arts, and has embraced the following subjects:

The Evidences of Christianity; the ‘Prinicples of Natural Religion and Ethics ; Homiletics; the Exegesis of the New Testament; Biblical Literature, Criticism, and Interpretation; the Language and Exegesis of the Old Testament; Systematic Theology ; Biblical Theology; Practical Theology; Biblical History, and Geography.

In the Evidences of Christianity, the Class have read the standard work of Paley, under the instruction and combined with the Lectures of the President. They have also read in connection with the Principles of Natural Religion and Ethics, Stewart's Active and Moral Powers, in the same way. The President has also delivered a course of Lectures on Homiletics, and has given special instruction to Theological Students on Applied Logic, in addition to the Arts Course in Theoretical Logic, which they have largely attended.

The Classes in New Testament Exegesis have read the whole of the Gospels of Saints Mark, Luke and John, under the instruction of Doctor J. Wilson He has also conducted a Class in Biblical Literature, who have read Parts I, II, III and IV of Angus' Bible Handbook, to page 179. The Reverend Professor N. Burwash has conducted a Class in Hebrew Grammar and translation, and a more advanced Class in the Exegesis of the Old Testament. They have read parts of the first nine Chapters of

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