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explained verbally to your Predecessor in office, (the Honourable A. Mackenzie), that the principle I proposed for the action of Parliament, was to grant dollar for dollar; that is, that the Parliament should grant one dollar for every dollar that should be paid by Teachers for their support when superannuated; but for the current year 1 proposed the sum of $12,000, although the Teachers' subscriptions will amount at least to $10,000. Instead of raising the allowance of Superannuated Teachers at once to the full sum of $6 per annum for each year they had taught, I proposed to increase it gradually, and let the balance of the Parliament Grant be funded, or invested, and ehe interest added to the annual allowances to Superannuated Teachers. Mr. Mackenzie approved of this plan; and were it now carried out, there would not be over $10,000 to be invested for that purpose; for the subscriptions of Teachers, under the Law of 1870, have amounted this year up to November, $10,756.71. Out of the Grant of $12,000 voted by Parliament last Session, within $1,243.29 of the whole amount has been covered by the Teachers' subscriptions, (which have been paid into the Provincial Treasury). This $1,243.29 has been the only sum paid out of the Public Revenue this year, (instead of $6,000 as in former years), while the allowance to Superannuated Teachers has been increased one hundred per cent. But I do not dwell upon the trifling sum of $1,243.29, actually paid this year to the Superannuated Teachers' Fund by the Legislature; nor do I propose the investment of any part of the Grant, as I suggested to Mr. Mackenzie last Winter. On further consideration and observation, I think another plan will be more beneficial to Superannuated Teachers, to the profession of teaching, and more economical for Parliament. I propose that the number of Super. annuated Teachers, and their aggregate years of service, shall be the basis on which the Parliamentary Grant each year shall be made, allowing at the rate of $6 per year to each Teacher for each year of past service. This arrangement will cheer the heart of every old worn-out Teacher; it will increase his allowance fifty per cent. over that of the current year; it will enable him to know what to depend upon in future, and each Teacher in the work will know what to depend upon by teaching until he become superannuated, and the Parliament will only have to supply the sum necessary each year to meet the demand over and above the amount of the Teachers' subscriptions.

As the aggregate sum proposed for 1873, is $19,608; and the Teachers' subscriptions will be at least $19,000; it follows that the Legislature will have actually to pay out of the Public Revenue less than $10,000. I believe when this arrangement comes to be explained and understood, it will not only be acceptable to the Legislature, but the little opposition which has been attempted to be got up by such Teachers as only teach as a stepping-stone to some other pursuit or profession, will entirely disappear, and the permanence and efficiency of the Teachers' profession will be immensely promoted.”

For the Journal of Education the sum submitted was $2,940, "including $250 for engraving Plans of new School Houses in Ontario,” and $150 for Prizes for Designs for Rural School Houses and Grounds.

The amount proposed for the Educational Depository was $50,000, as against $42,000 in 1872. This item elicited the following discussion in the House of Assembly:

"Mr. Gibson, of Huron, objected to the item.”

"Mr. Deroche thought that the keeping up of this Book and Map establishment, from which publications can be obtained at half price, was an injustice to the general Book and Stationery Trade. He contended, moreover, that some sections of the Province were benefited by it, while others did not receive those benefits."

"Mr. Ferguson said that this establishment was doing good, and should not be abolished."

“Honourable Mr. Mowat was aware that many of the friends of the Government were opposed to this Establishment, but he did not like to abolish it at present. He believed that many of the cogent reasons which were once to be brought in favour of it had ceased to exist. There were powerful considerations on both sides of the question.”

“Mr. Oliver presented several Petitions against the continuance of this establishment, and when a Reform Government came into power he fully expected that it would be abolished.”

"Mr. Farewell would regret to see this Establishment abolished, because he regarded it as a valuable auxiliary to our invaluable School System. He regarded its existence as necessary to the perfecting of our Common School System, a System of which any Canadian may well be proud. One of the clearest evidences, he said, of a high state of civilization in this country, is its admirable Educational System, considered in all its parts, from the Common School up to our national University. Perhaps the machinery of this System is as perfect as any on earth. The Officers engaged in the several departments make it a specialty to attend, each to certain duties, and in this way become as nearly perfect as possible. One of the necessities of a perfect system of Education is the means ever at hand to supply as cheaply as possible, such Books, Maps, and Apparatus as experience has shown to be desirable, as aids to the Teacher, and indispensable to the proper alvancement of the Student. The selection of the items which make upthe Depository is made a specialty by those in charge of the business, and Members can readily see that instead of its being a huge monopoly, as some Members suppose, it simply supplies the wants of the Schools, without, in any manner, interfering with the general trade of the Province. If any money be saved by the operations of the Deposi. tory it is saved for the Country, and if anything be made it is made in the interests of the People. If we would keep our School machinery perfect, we must retain our Depository, and for so desirable, yes, so necessary an object, he, (Mr. Farewell), would give his vote most heartily for the Grant."

“Mr. Deroche thought that if the Premier was sincere in his promise of abolishing this Establishment next Session, the Government should not be asking for such largely increased votes in connection therewith.

“Honourable Mr. Mowat said that until the Establishment was abolished it should be carried on as usual. It was the usual business procedure to send agents to England to purchase, and while the Depository was continued it was but common prudence to operate it according to ordinary business principles." STATEMENT OF THE PROVINCIAL TREASURER'S RECEIPTS FROM THE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT,

Normal and Model Schools :
Fees, Pupils

$8,422 00
Interest on $1,000 Dominion Stock to 30th September,

66 00
Interest on Debentures

13 41

$8,501 41 From Depository: -

Sales of Maps, Apparatus, Prizes and Libraries during the year 33,824 28
Superannuated Teachers :
Subscriptions during the year

$10,963 71
Interest on $2,000 Dominion stock to the 30th of
September, 1872

120 00

11,083 72 Journal of Education:Subscriptions and Advertisements

264 93 Museum : Sales of Photographs

3 97 Contingencies, Education Office :: Postage stamps received in Letters to Depository

119 28


W. R. HARRIS, Accountant.

$53,797 58 ADAM CROOKS, Treasurer.


March 17th, 1873. The Committee on Public Accounts met this day, and on motion of Mr. S. C. Wood, (Victoria), the Committee requested that Mr. Hodgins, Deputy Superintendent of Education, be notified to appear before the Committee, to-morrow morning, to make some explanation as to the increase of Salaries asked for in the Department of Education.

March 18th, 1873. Mr. Hodgins, Deputy Superintendent of Education, appeared, at the request of the Committee and made an explanation as to the different services performed by the different Officers and Clerks in the Education Department, with a view to having the Committee recommend an increase of Salaries in certain cases.

The Committee adjourned until to-morrow, Wednesday, to meet at 10 a.m., foi the purpose of visiting the Education Department, which it did, when full informatiou was given to the Members on the proceedings, and work of the Department.



TORONTO, 1873.

April 28th, 1873. That the applications received from the Students, Messieurs Straith, Ross, Hillary and Carmichael (to Third year), be assented to.

April 29th, 1873. The Vice Chancellor presented the Report of the recent Examinations in Medicino.

The following are the recommendations for Medals and Scholarships :

University Gold Medal, Mr. Close; University Silver Medal, to Messieurs Beunan, J. A. Wright and Hogh; Star Gold Medal, to Mr. Mildum, and the Star Silver Medal, to Messieurs Close and Hogh.

On motion of the Vice Chancellor, seconded by Doctor W. T. Aikins, the Report was adopted, and that the Council for the supervision of Upper Canada College for the ensuing year shall consist of Mr. J. H. Morris, the Reverend Doctor Jennings, and Mr. John Helliwell.

Moved by the Vice Chancellor, seconded by Doctor Wilson, and carried, That Professor Calderwood's “Hand-book of Morals" be substituted for Stewart's “Outlines," now out of print, for the examination of 1874.

April 30th, 1873. The Vice Chancellor introduced the Statute respecting the Election of Members of the Senate, which was read the First time.

Read a Letter from Mr. Richard Snelling, LL.B., enclosing a Thesis which he had prepared for the Degree of LL.D., and asking that it should be accepted in lieu of the Thesis required to be written in the Hall, under the Regu tions in that behalf. It was,

Ordered, That the Registrar communicate to Mr. Snelling the decision of the Senate that the Rules cannot be set aside in his case.

May 1st, 1873. The Statute respecting the Election of Members of Senate was read a Second time and passed, on notion of the Vice Chancellor, seconded by Doctor Daniel Wilson.

May 21st, 1873. The following Communications were read:-1. From the Provincial Secretary, informing the Senate of the appointment to it of the Honourable William McMaster, the Honourable John W. Gwynne, the Honourable George Brown, Daniel Wilson, LL.D., Reverend D. J. McDonell, B.D., Goldwin Smith, Esquire, M.A., John McKeown, Esquire, M.A., C. S. Gzowski, Esquire, C.E., and John Macdonald, Esquire, such appointments bearing date the 26th of April, 1873.

2. From the Vice Chancellor of the University, reporting the following gentlemen duly elected by Convocation in the order following, videlicet :- Thomas Moss, M.A., J. Loudon, M.A., J. W. Gibson, M.A., LL.D., J. H. Richardson, M.D., D. E. Blake, M.A., the Reverend J. Campbell, M.A., J. A. McLellan, M.A., LL.D., Thomas Kirkland, M.A., William Mulock, M.A., John Boyd, M.A., W. R. Meredith, LL.B., J. Thornburn, M.D., L. McFarlan, M.B., T. W. Taylor, M.A., and William Oldright, M.A., M.D.; also A. MacMurchy, M.A., as Representative of the High School Masters of Ontario.

The Ballot to determine the term of office of the Members of the Senate elected by Convocation was taken, and was reported to the Senate by the Scrutineers.

On motion of the Vice Chancellor, seconded by the Reverend Doctor McCaul, Messieurs Goldwin Smith, Moss and Boyd were appointed on the Upper Canada College Committee, in addition to ex-officio Members.

The Reverend Doctor McCaul presented the Report of the Directors of the Museum, As follows:

The Directors of the University Museum beg leave to recommend that the sum of $250 be appropriated for additional accommodation, and $500 for additions in the department of Natural History. They further recommend that Mr. Archibald Prior shall be appointed Sub-Curator of the Museum at the Salary of $40 per month.

The Report was adopted, on motion of the Vice Chancellor, seconded by the Rererend Doctor McCaul.

June 3rd, 1873. The following Letters and Communications were read:

From the Reverend Professor Young, recommending the substitution of Austin's Lectures on Jurisprudence, (I-XXVII), for Lieber's Political Ethics in the Fourth Year. From Mr. H. MacDougall, C.E., reporting on the proposed arrangements for lighting the Building with Gas. From Mr. A. Brown to the same effect. From Doctor Wright, Secretary of the Toronto School of Medicine, certifying to the Senate the appointment of Doctor W. T. Aikins as Representative of the first mentioned Body in the Senate.

Moved by the Reverend Doctor McCaul, seconded by the Chairman, and carried, That the Statuto, relating to Degrees in the Faculty of Arts be read a First time.

Moved by Professor Cherriman, seconded by Mr. W. Mulock, and carried, That the Statute, re-enacting and amending the Statute on Finance Committee be read a First time.

Moved by Professor Croft, seconded by Doctor W. Oldright, and carried, That the Statute to amend the Statutes respecting the superintendence of the Grounds and Museum be read a First time.

June 9th, 1873. Read a Communication from Mr. Goldwin Smith, M.A., of the University of Oxford, and from the Reverend George P. Young, M.A., of the University of Edinburgh, asking to be admitted ad eundem gradum.

Moved by the Vice Chancellor, seconded by the Reverend Doctor McCaul, and carried, That the assent of the Senate be given to the applications of Messieurs Goldwin Smith and the Reverend G. P. Young.

The Vice Chancellor presented his Report of the Examinations in Law, Arts, Civil Engineering and Agriculture, as follows:

In the Faculty of Law three Candidates presented themselves in the Second Year. All passed. The Scholarship is awarded to Mr. H. J. Scott. In the Third Year there were three Candidates. They all passed. W. T. Walker is recommended for the Scholarship. There were six Candidates in the ordinary examination, for the Final Examination for LL.B., all of whom passed. In the Faculty of Arts all the Candidates for the Degree of B.A., passed, except two. The following recommendations are made for Medals and Prizes :

Law, Gold Medal, Mr. J. McIntosh ; Law, Silver Medal, Mr. J. Minn: Classics, Gold Medal, Mr. F. H. Wallace; Classics, Silver Medal, Mr. J. T. Small and Mr. J. Craig; Mathematics, Gold Medal, Mr. H. P. Milligan; Mathematics, Silver Medal, Mr. W. J. Robertson; Modern Languages, Gold Medal, Mr. J. H. Lang: Modern Languages, Silver Medal, Mr. L. A. McPherson; Natural Science, Gold Medal, Mr. Ji Nichols; Natural Science, Silver Medal, Mr. J. B. Hamilton and Mr. J. H. Madden · Metanhreins and Ethics, Gold Medal, Mr. W. J. Robertson ; Metaphysics and Ethics, Silver Medal,

ва —xxv

Mr. C. J. Linden, Mr. A. Stewart, Mr. C. Fletcher, Mr. J. Fonance, Mr. P. Straith.

Prizes were also awarded to thirty Students and Scholarships to thirteen Students.

In Agriculture Mr. F. Madill passed the Second Year. In Civil Engineering Mr. J. F. McNab passed in the First Year. The following Candidates for Higher Degrees are recommended :—For M.A., Messieurs Doer, White, Hicks, Kingston, Robinson, Biggar and Bumfield; for M.D., Gross; LL.D., McLellan and Snelling.

On motion of the Vice Chancellor, seconded by the Reverend Doctor McCaul, the Report was received and adopted.

Moved by Professor Cherriman, seconded by the Reverend Doctor McCaul, and carried, That the Statute relating to the Finance Committee be read a second time and passed.

June 7th, 1873. Doctor Daniel Wilson moved, seconded by Doctor Croft, and carried, A Resolution fixing the subjects of examination in Honour English in the Fourth and Fifth Years.

Moved by the Vice Chancellor, seconded by Doctor Wilson, and carried, That Austin's Lectures on Jurisprudence, (Section I-XXVII), be substituted for Lieber's Political Ethics in the Fourth Year.

Moved by the President of University College, seconded by Mr. MacDonald, That the following be a Committee to meet the Deputation from the City Council, videlicet:The Vice Chancellor, the Honourable Adam Crooks, Professor Croft, Judge Boyd, Messieurs McMaster, Gzowski, Loudon and the Mover and Seconder, and that they be instructed to represent in the interests alike of the City and of the University to the Deputation the non-fulfilment, on the part of the City Council, of the Stipulations of the Lease, although extended into the year 1859, and to require the commencement of the work in accordance with the Stipulations before the close of the present year, accompanied by satisfactory engagements that such work shall be completed within one year from June 30th, 1873.

Moved by Professor Loudon, seconded by Professor Croft, and carried, That the Vice Chancellor, the President of the University College, Mr. Gzowski and the Mover and Seconded, be a Committee to select a competent Person to report on the Heating and Ventilation of the Building.

Moved by Doctor Oldright, seconded by Doctor Thorburn, and carried, That the Vice Chancellor, Doctors Richardson, Aikins and McFarlane, Professor Croft, Mr. Moss and the Mover and Seconder, be a Committee to take into consideration the establishment of a Department in Dental Science.

The Statute respecting the subject of Comparative Anatomy in the Faculty of Medicine was read a first time.

Moved by the President of University College, seconded by Mr. Gzowski, and carried, That the Statute relative to Degrees in the Faculty of Arts, including Applied Science be referred to a Committee consisting of the following gentlemen, videlicet :The Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor, Mr. Goldwin Smith, Professor Croft, Professor Cherriman, Doctor Wilson, Tutor Loudon, Messieurs Moss, McLellan, MacMurchy, and the Mover and Seconder.

June 10th, 1873. The Senate proceeded to the Convocation Hall, when Degrees were conferred and other proceedings had, as appears in the Book of Convocation.

June 16th, 1873. A Letter was received from the Law Society of Ontario certifying the election of Honourable J. Hillyard Cameron, as a Member of the Senate.

The President of University College presented the Report of the Committee to whom the condition of the Heating Apparatus of the Building was referred.

On motion of Doctor Wilson, seconded by Mr. Thomas Moss, the Statute amending the Statute relating to Medals was read a First time.

Moved by the Reverend Doctor McCaul, seconded by Mr. S. S. Macdonell. (Carried).

Moved by the Reverend Doctor McCaul, seconded by Mr. Gzowski, and carried, That the Report of the Committee on Heating be received and adopted, and referred to the Finance Committee.

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