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examination in any of such subjects, and may also impose reaso

sonable Fees for attendance upon Classes and Lectures. 7. The said School shall be furnished with all such appliances and Nature of

instruction. Apparatus as may be necessary for practical education in the hereinbeforo mentioned arts, and the Course of Instruction therein shall be with reference to the following subjects :

(1) The construction and working of Machinery, Manufactures, and Mechanical Powers in general;

(2) The construction of Roads, Bridges, Railways, Water and Drainagu system, and other public works;

(3) Mining, and the analysis of Ores and Minerals;
(4) The Chemistry applicable to Arts and Manufactures;

(5) And such further subjects as will promote a knowledge of the Physical Sciences. 8. Besides training Students in regular Classes at such School, instruc- Who may

attend the tion shall also be given to Artisans, Mechanics, and Workmen, by evening school. Classes, in such subjects as may further their improvement in their different callings.

9. The Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council may, from time to time, appoint appointment such Lecturers, Instructors and Assistants, as the Lieutenant-Governor-in-etc. Council may think necessary, for the efficient working of said School, and the promotion of its usefulness, and may entrust the internal management and discipline of said School to a Board, or Council, composed of the Lecturers and Instructors therein.

10. The Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council may make arrangements with Arrangements University College for the attendance of Students of the said School at University and

University such Lectures in said College, as may come within the Course, or subject, College. of instruction, prescribed by the Rules and Regulations of said School; and may agree with the University of Toronto for the use of its Library and Museum for the purposes of the said School, and for the acquisition of such specimens as have relation to Geology and Mineralogy, and may also affiliate the said School with the said University, but only to the extent of enabling Students of the said School to obtain, at the examinations of the said University, such Rewards, Honours, Standing, Scholarships and Degrees in Science as the said University, under its Statutes, and the Acts of the Legislature in that behalf, may be authorized to confer. 11. Full reports of the progress of the said School shall be annually Annual

reports to be returned and submitted to the Legislative Assembly, which Report shall, snbmitted to

the Legislature amongst other things, contain:

(1) A Tabular Statement, with the name, place of birth, age, residence and occupation, or intended ocupation of each Student, attending in each Term of said year, and the number of Classes that such Student attended, and his progress, or proficiency;

(2) A similar Statement with respect to the Persons attending evening Classes, or Lectures;

(3) A return of the Lectures, Teachers and Assistants, and the Lectures delivered, or Classes instituted in each Term, and the number of Persons attending each Lecture, or Class.

12. All Fees and Moneys received on account of said School, are to be Fees. returned to the Treasurer of the Province, by whom all Accounts relating to said School are to be kept.



Received the Royal Assent on the 29th of March, 1873. Preamble.

Whereas James B. Grafton, William Binkley, George F. Burrows, Joht. S. Grafton, W. E. Sanford, Dennis Moore, Joseph Lister, Edward Gurney, John F. Wood, John McKay, James B. Meacham, T. H. A. Begue, Esquires, and the Reverend Messieurs S. D. Rice, D.D., Enoch Wood, D.D., S. S. Nelles, LL.D., Anson Green, D.D., James Preston, W. J. Hunter, John B. Keagey, Ministers of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, by their humble petition in this behalf, have represented that a number of citizens of the Town of Dundas and other residents of Canada, chiefly Members of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, have associated themselves together provi. sionally for the purpose of establishing and conducting a Seminary of a Collegiate character for the education of Boys and young Men, based upon Christian prinicples, under the name of “The Dundas Wesleyan Institute," according to a certain Prospectus and agreement, dated the Tenth day of October, 1872, and according to certain Resolutions passed at Meetings of the provisional Stockholders, held in Dundas on the Thirteenth and Twenty-fourth days of January, in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and seventy-three, by which the Capital Stock of the said Association is limited to the sum of Forty thousand dollars, divided into Eight hundred Shareg of Fifty dollars each,-Two hundred and ninety-eight Shares of which have been subscribed for and taken up, as evidenced by the Stock list; And whereas, the establishment of such Institutions of learning in connection with, and under the influence of Religious Denominations is conducive to the diffusion of sound moral and religious principles as well as intellectual acquirements, and it is desirable to encourage the same; and the said Petitioners having prayed for the incorporation of their said Association:

Therefore Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the

Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows:Incorporation.

1. James B. Grafton, William Binkley, George F. Burrows, John S. Grafton, W. E. Sanford, Dennis Moore, Joseph Lister, Edward Gurney, John F. Wood, John McKay, S. D. Rice, D.D., Enoch Wood, D.D., S. S. Nelles, LL.D., James Preston, W. J. Hunter, John B. Keagey, Anson Green. D.D., T. 5. A. Begue, James B. Meacham, and such others as are now, or shall, under the authority of this Act, be associated with them, and their several and respective Heirs, Executors, Administrators, Successors, and Assigns, and all such other Person, or Persons, as shall at any time be possessed of any Share, or Shares, in the said undertaking, hereby author

ized to be carried on, shall be and are hereby constituted and declared to Corporate names.

bo a Body Corporate and Politic, by and under the name and style of “The

Dundas Wesleyan Institute;" and by the said name they, and thels Powers of corporation.

Successors, shall and may have continued succession, and shall be capable in law of contracting and being contracted with, of suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded, in all Courts, or places whatsoever, in Law, or Equity; and they and their Successors shall and may have a Commou Seal, and may change, or alter, the same, and may also, from time to time, a: any ordinary Meeting of the Directors, by a majority of votes, as hereinafter provided, ordain, establish, and put in execution such By-laws, ordinary Rules and Regulations, (the same not being contrary to this Act, or to the Laws in force in this Province), as may appear to them necessary, or expedient, for the management of the said Corporation, its


business and affairs, and may, from time to time, alter, or repeal, the same, or any of them, and shall have power to accept, on behalf of the said Corporation, Gifts and Endowments for promoting objects of Education, Science and Literature, or otherwise, in aid of the general purposes of the said Corporation, on such terms as may be agreed upon with the Persons bestowing such Gift, or Endowment; and shall also be in law capable of acquiring by purchase, lease, mortgage, or otherwise, and of absolutely and conditionally holding any Lands, Tenements, Real, or immovable Estate, and the same to alienate, let, release, mortgage, transfer, and dispose of; Provided always, that nothing herein contained shall bo considered ay Proviso. permission to hold any Real Estate beyond what may be necessary for the said Corporation to hold for its own immediate accommodation in relation to the purposes for which the said Corporation is authorized, or such as shall have been found bona fide mortgaged to it by way of security, or veyed to it in satisfaction of debts previously contracted, or purchased at sales upon Judgments which shall have been obtained for such debts; and provided, further, that the said Corporation shall be bound to sell, or dispose of, any Real Estate so purchased, or conveyed to them, (except such as may be necessary, as aforesaid, for the conveniunt carrying on of the undertaking), within seven years after acquiring the same.

2. The Capital Stock of the said Corporation shall, until otherwisu Capital stock. determined, as hereinafter provided, consist of the sum of Forty thousand dollars, divided into Eight hundred Shares of Fifty dollars each; which Shares shall be, and the same are hereby, vested in the said several Persons herein before mentioned and others, the present Shareholders in the said Corporation, their Successors and Assigns, according to the Shares and interests which they may have subscribed, purchased, or acquired, and may now hold in the same; and such part of the said Capital Stock sub-Calls. scribed for as may not have been paid in by the Shareholders by whom the same is due, shall be paid by them by such instalments, and at such times and places, as the Directors of the said Corporation shall appoint, after notice of not less than two calendar months in that behalf, to be previously given in one, or more, of the public newspapers published in the Town of Dundas, as well as by Circular Letters addressed and mailed to every Shareholder at his last known place of residence; and, in case any such Shareholder shall refuse to pay the same, the said Corporation are hereby empowered to sue for and recover the same with interest at six per centum per annum to and from the time appointed to pay the same; and all Executors, Curators and Administrators who shall pay up the instalments due by the Estate, or Succession, which they may respectively represent, in obedience to any call made for that purpose in the manner aforesaid, shall be and they are hereby respectively indemnified.

3. If, after such demand, or notice, as is required by the next preceding Forfeiturefur Section, or as by the By-laws of the Corporation may be prescribed, any of calls. call made upon any Share, or Shares, be not paid within such time as by such By-laws may be limited in that behalf, the Directors, in their discretion, by Resolution to that effect, reciting the facts, and the same being duly recorded in their minutes, may sum mmarily forfeit any Share, or Shares, whereon such payment is not made, and the same shall, thereupon, become the property of the Corporation, and may be disposed of as by By-law, or otherwise, as they shall ordain. 4. The said Corporation shall have power and legal authority to Power to

establish and establish and maintain an Institution for learning, to be called by the said maintain the name of "The Dundas Wesleyan Institute," for the education of youth, institute. and direct and manage the same for the purposes of education in the

various branches of Literature and Science upon Christian principles, in such manner as they shall deem most conducive to that end, except in so

far as their authority shall be limited by this Act. First body of 5. The affairs of the said Corporation shall be conducted by a Board of directors.

Twenty-one Directors, consisting of the Persons named in the First Section of this Act, who shall serve as such Directors until the First day of January, One thousand eight hundred and seventy-four, or until their Successors

are appointed under the provisions of this Act. Stockholders 6. A general Meeting of the Stockholders of the said Corporation shall " ordinary meetings." be holden in the Town of Dundas, at the Office of the Corporation, on the

last Tuesday in the month of December, One thousand eight hundred and seventy-three, and thereafter in each year at such time as shall be fixed by the Directors; and such Meetings shall be called "Ordinary Meetings ;'' and at such first Meetings seven of the aforesaid Directors, whose names shall be determined alphabetically, shall vacate their seats but shall be eligible for re-election, and the Stockholders present at such Meeting,

either in person, or by proxy, nine of whom shall form a quorum, shall Lay directors. proceed to elect by ballot seven Stockholders to serve as Directors for the

ensuing two years, and in like manner at each ensuing “Ordiuary Meeting," seven Directors shall be elected for the term of two years, those having served that term then vacating their office as soon as their Successors shall have been appointed; but, in all cases, the retiring Directors shall be eligible for re-election, and each of such Directors shall be a Proprietor of at least ten Shares, and eleven of the said fourteen of said Directors

shall be Members of the said Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada. Seven of the 7. Seven of the said twenty-one Directors shall be Ministers of the directors to be ministers and Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada, and Members of the Conference members of Conference,

of that Church, and shall be appointed by the said Conference, and shall and appointed hold office for one year, or until their Successors shall have been appointed, by Conference.

but shall be eligible for re-appointment. President and 8. The said Board of Directors shall annually, at their first Meeting vice-president, appointment

after such Annual General Meeting, elect by ballot from amongst themselves, a President and Vice-President of said Corporation, and until the first General Meeting as aforesaid, the Reverend S. D. Rice, D.D., shall

be President, and the Reverend S. S. Nelles, D.D., LL.D., Vice-President. Scale of votes.

9. At all Meetings of the Shareholders, each Shareholder may cast one vote for every Share held by him, and every question shall be determined

by the majority of votes present at such Meeting. Resolutions at ordinary meet

10. No determination, or Resolution of any ordinary Meeting on any ings invalid matters, except such as are directed by this Act, shall be binding upon the unless confirmed at a Corporation, unless either the same be confirmed by a subsequent Meeting, subsequent meeting, or of which Meeting and Resolution, or determination, a reasonable notice notice of the intended reso

shall be given by the Secretary, or unless special notice of such extralution has ordinary matter be given in the Advertisement convening such first menbeen given.

tioned Ordinary Meeting Extraordinary meetings, how

11. Every Meeting of Shareholders, other than an Ordinary Meeting, called, shall be called an "Extraordinary Meeting," and such Meetings may be

convened by the Directors at such times and such places as they think fit; and an Extraordinary Meeting of the Shareholders at large shall be convened at any time by the Directors, when a Requisition of any ten Shareholders requiring them to do so, and such Requisition shall fully express the object of the Meeting, and shall be left with the Secretary; and, if the Directors shall fail to call a Meeting within fourteen days thereafter, such Shareholders may call a Meeting by giving notice as hereinafter men


tioned ; Provided that no Extraordinary Meeting shall enter upon business not set forth in such Requisition and notice.

12. Ten days' notice of all Meetings, Ordinary and Extraordinary, meetings, how shall be given by mailing Circulars addressed to the Shareholders at their to be given. last known place of residence, which shall specify the place, day and hour of such Meeting. 13. In order to constitute & Meeting, Ordinary, or Extraordinary, Quorum of

meetings. there shall be present nine, or more, Shareholders. 14. At every Meeting the President, or, in his absence, the Vice-Chairman at

meetings. President, or in the absence of both, one of the Directors, who shall be elected by a majority of the Shareholders present, shall be Chairman, and such Chairman shall have not only a deliberate vote but also a casting vote, in case of equality of votes, in all matters before the Meeting. 15. Every Meeting of the Shareholders may be adjourned from time


meetings. to time, and no business shall be done at any adjourned Meeting other than business left unfinished at the last Meeting from which such adjournment took place. 16. Every Person entitled to vote may, in writing, constitute any other Voting by

proxy. Shareholder his, or her, proxy, to vote at such Meeting, and every such appointment shall be produced to the Secretary and entered in a Book ; Provided always, that such authority shall bear date within twelve calendar months of the time of the Meeting at which it is produced.

17. If any Director resign, or become incompetent, or ineligible, to power to till act, or cease to be a Shareholder, the remaining Directors may elect in his among place any other Shareholder, who shall continue in office until the first yearly Meeting after such vacancy, when the Shareholders shall elect a Director, who shall hold office for the same period as he who caused the vacancy. 18. The Directors shall have the management of the affairs of the Power of

directors. Corporation; they shall organize and put into operation and carry on the Institution for Learning for which the Corporation is authorized; they may make and enforce Calls upon the Shareholders; they shall fix the Salaries of the Principal, Teachers and other Officers, or Servants; they sball take control of and may vary, repeal, and make all the Regulations relating to the management, government and discipline of the said Institution, its Services, Studies, Lectures, Exercises and Instructions; Provided Proviso. always, that no Religious Test shall be required of any Pupil, or Officer, except as hereinafter expressed; they may make any payments and entel into all contracts for the execution of the purposes of the Corporation; they may generally deal with, treat, sell, dispose of and acquire the Lands, Property and effects of the said Corporation for the time being, in such manner as they shall deem expedient and conducive to the benefit of the Corporation; they may appoint and displace the Principal, and all such Officers, Professors, Teachers, Agents, or Servants, as they shall deem requisite for the management and care of the property and affairs of the Corporation; they may make By-laws for the regulation of the affairs of the Corporation; but all the powers so to be exercised shall be in accordance with and subject to the provisions of this Act, and the exercise of all such powers shall be subject to the control and regulation of any General Meeting specially called for that purpose, but not so as to render invalid any act done by the Directors prior to any Resolution passed by such General Meeting; Provided always, that the Governor, as the Person having the Governors

appointment moral and religious control in the said Institution, shall be a Minister of oi. the Wesleyan Methodist Church, nominated by the said Directors, but

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