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WE rejoice that during the last few years there has been quite an increased spirit of inquiry on the great subject of the second coming of Christ. Many Christians in the different sects of Christendom have been led to see the importance of prophetic study, and to avail themselves of various helps in the understanding of the word.

Deeply interested in the second advent ourselves, and desiring to awaken the attention of others to this subject, and aid them in forming a correct judgment, we send forth this work with the prayer that God may bless it and use it for the spread of the truth.

It is to be regretted that so many different views are advocated by different writers, as perplexity and doubt and discouragement are the result on some minds. This should, however, stimulate to greater diligence and earnestness in seeking the truth.

We cannot presume that in our treatment of the subject we have not fallen into any error; but this much we can confidently say, that with no little prayer and study and labour we have honestly endeavoured to arrive at the truth, and we have endeavoured to do this irrespective of pre-conceived opinions of our own, or the opinions of other men. We want the truth with

out any mixture of error; the light without any shade of darkness.

The work, as will be seen, is very comprehensive, the subject of it is one of absorbing interest, as it is so closely related to the future destiny of the race; and, therefore, we have striven hard and long to produce such a book as is needed by the state of the church, and is demanded by the times in which we live ; and we could wish that every christian would read it. We trust it will be found amply to repay a diligent and prayerful perusal. We trust it will be a help to those who search the prophetic word, and think for themselves, and desire, above all, to know the truth. It gives what is believed to be the true meaning of many difficult passages. By its exposition of numerous prophecies great light is thrown upon the significance of passing events. We pray that it may prove a beacon light to travellers in the darkness of this world's night.

One word more. The subject, in its various phases, as set forth in holy Scripture, is so complicated, and many of the events not being given in chronological order, but being mixed up somewhat by the sacred writers, it has been necessary, in order to understand the subject as fully as possible, to repeat here and there some of the thoughts, and refer several times to the same events. This could not be avoided, especially as it was sometimes necessary to refer to the same event, or to the same passage of Scripture, in different parts of the work, for different purposes.

July, 1882.

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