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46. AGAIN to the battle, Achaians. 466. I that denied thee GOLD, will give my HEART. 467. You wronged YOURSELF to write in such a


468, The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our STARS; but in OURSELVES, that we are underlings.

469. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the BEAM that is in thy

OWN eye?

470. And Nathan said unto David, THOU art the man.

471. A day, an HOUR of virtuous liberty, is worth a whole eternity of bondage.

472. I'm tortured even to madness when I THINK of the proud victor. 473. 'Tis all a libel, PAXTON, Sir, will say :Not yet, my friend ! TO-MORROW, faith, it

may ; And for that very cause I print TO-DAY. 474. The men whom nature's works can charm, with GOD HIMSELF hold converse ; grow familiar day by day with his conceptions, ACT upon his plan, and form to HIS the relish of their souls.

475. It is equally unjust in thee to put DAMON or ME to death : but PYTHIAS were unjust, did he let Damon suffer a death that the tyrant prepared only for PYTHIAS. 476. What! does life DISPLEASE thee?

Yes ; it displeases me when I see a TYRANT. 477. BETRAYEST thou the Son of man with a kiss ? 478. Betrayest THOU the Son of Man with a kiss ? 479. Betrayest thou the SON of man with a kiss ? 480. Betrayest thou the Son of MAN with a kiss ? 481. Betrayest thou the Son of man with a KISS ?

482. The firmest works of MAN, too, are gradually giving way

483. And THOU must sail upon this sea, a long eventful voyage. The wise MAY suffer wreck—the foolish MUST.

484. My ear is PAINED, my soul is SICK, with every day's report of wrong and outrage, with which earth is FILLED. There is no FLESH in man's obdurate heart, -it does not FEEL for man.

485. Slaves cannot BREATHE in England ; if their lungs receive our air, that moment they are FREE.



In sentences where several words are to be emphasized, some words receive a stronger emphasis than others. This leads to a distinction, called primary and secondary emphasis. The primary emphasis is the strongest emphasis. The secondary emphasis is the weaker emphasis ; of which, there are several degrees.

[In the following sentences, the words in LARGE CAPITALS are to receive the primary emphasis. Those in SMALL CAPITALS, or Italic, are to receive the secondary emphasis.]

486. What STRONGER breastplate than a heart untainted! THRICE is he armed that hath his quarrel Just: and he but naked though locked up in STEEL, whose conscience with injustice is corrupted.

487. But winter has yet BRIGHTER scenes ;-he boasts splendors BEYOND what gorgeous SUMMER knows, - or AUTUMN with her many fruits and woods, all flushed with many hues. 488. Boisterous in speech, in action prompt and bold,

He buys, he SELLS,-he STEALS, he KILLS for gold. 488. The combat deepens. ON, ye brave, who rush to glory or the GRAVE! WAVE, Munich, all thy banners WAVE, and CHARGE with all thy chivalry.

489. Oh fear not thou to DIE! But rather fear to LIVE; for life has thousand SNARES thy feet to try, by peril, pain, and strife.

490. Yea! long as Nature's humblest child hath kept her temple undefiled by sinful sacrifice, Earth’s fairest scenes are all his own; he is a MONARCH, and his throne is built amid the skies.

491. Misses! the tale that I relate this LESSON seems to carry-Choose not alone a proper mate, but proper TIME to marry.

492. Son of night, RETIRE ; call thy winds and fly: Why dost thou come to my presence with thy shadowy arms? Do I FEAR thy GLOOMY FORM, dismal spirit of


Loda? WEAK is thy shield of clouds; FEEBLE is that meteor thy sword.

493. My dwelling is calm, above the clouds ; the fields of my rest are pleasant.

DWELL then in thy calm field, and let Comhals son be forgot. Do my steps ascend, from my hills into THY peaceful plains ? Do I meet thee, with a spear, in thy cloud, spirit of dismal Loda? Why then dost thou frown on Fingal ? — or shake thine airy spear ? But thou frownest in VAIN; I never fled from mighty MEN. And shall the sons of the WIND frighten the KING OF MORVEN ? NO; he knows the weakness of their arms.

494. Yonder schoolboy, who plays the truant, says, the proclamation of peace was NOTHING to the show; and even the chairing of the members at ELECTION, would not have been a finer sight than this; only that red and green are prettier colours than all this mourning.

495. The text is gospel wisdom. I would RIDE the camel,-yea LEAP him FLYING, through the needle's eye, as easily as such a pampered soul could

pass the narrow gate.

496. Why judge you then so HARDLY of the dead? For what he left UNDONE:-for sins, not one of which is mentioned in the ten commandments.

497. Though you may THINK of a million strokes in a minute, you are required to EXECUTE but one.

498. Not thirty TYRANTS now enforce the chain, but every CARLE can lord it o'er thy land.

499. HEREDITARY BONDMEN! Know ye not, --who would be free THEMSELVES must strike the blow ? By THEIR right arm the conquest must be wrought :- Will Gaul or MUSCOVITE redress ye?—No! True they may lay your proud despoilers low; but not for YOU will freedom's altars flame.

500. A THOUSAND YEARS scarce serve to FORM a state ; an HOUR may lay it in the dust.

501. He prayed but for LIFE-for Life he would give all he had in the world ;-it was but LIFE he askedLIFE, if it were to be prolonged under tortures and privations;-he asked only BREATH, though it should be drawn in the damps of the lowest caverns of their hills.

502. I could have bid you LIVE, had life been to you the same weary and wasting burden that it is to ME.

503. Be the combat our OWN! and we'll perish or conquer MORE PROUDLY ALONE; for we have sworn by our country's assaulters, that living we WILL be vicTORIOUS, or that dying our deaths shall be GLORIOUS.

504. Earth may hide-WAVES ingulph-FIRE consume us, but they SHALL not to SLAVERY doom us.

505. If they rule, it shall be o'er our ASHES and GRAVES: but we have smitten them ALREADY with fire on the WAVES, and new triumphs on 'LAND are before us. To the CHARGE!-HEAVEN's banner is o'er us.

506. FALSE WIZARD AVAUNT! I have marshalled my clan : their swORDS are a THOUSAND, their BOSOMs are one.

507. What means this SHOUTING? I do fear, the people choose Cæsar for their KING.

Ay, do you FEAR it? Then must I think you would not HAVE it so.

508. I speak not to DISPROVE what Brutus spoke; but here I am to speak what I do KNOW.

509. But YESTERDAY, the word of Cæsar might have stood against the WORLD. Now lies he there, and none so poor to do him reverence.

510. He was my FRIEND; faithful and just to me: but BRUTUS says he was AMBITIOUS; and Brutus is an HONOURABLE man. He hath brought many captives home to Rome, whose ransoms did the GENERAL coffers fill : Did This in Cæsar seem AMBITIOUS ? When that the poor have CRIED, Cæsar hath WEPT. AMBITION should be made of STERNER stuff. Yet Brutus says he WAS ambitious ; and Brutus is an honourable man. You all did see, that, on the Lupercal, I THRICE presented him a kingly CROWN; which he did thrice REFUSE. Was THIS AMBITION? Yet Brutus SAYS he was ambitious; and sure he is an honourable man. .



In order to exercise the voice, and acquire distinctness of articulation, the pupil is required in this lesson to pronounce (as well as he can) certain letters, which do not constitute a word, and then the words in which the same letters occur. It is not designed that he should call the letters by name, but endeavour to pronounce the sound which they represent when united.

Sound the following letters and then the words which follow, in which the same letters occur. Be particularly careful to give a clear and distinct sound to every letter.

Aw. Law, saw, draw.
Or. For, nor.
Bd. Orb’d, prob’d.
Bdst. Robb’dst, prob'dst.
BI. Able, table, cable, abominable.
Bld. Troubl’d, humbl’d, tumbl’d.
Bldst. Troubl’dst, crumbl’dst, tumbl’dst.
Blz. Troubles, crumbles, tumbles.
Blst. Troubl'st, crumbl’st, tumbl'st.
Br. Brand, brine, brown.
Bz. Ribs, cribs, fibs, nibs.
Dl. Candle, handle, bridle, saddle.
Dld. Handl'd, bridl'd, saddl'd.
Dlz. Candles, handles, bridles, saddles.
Dist. Fondl'st, handl’st, bridl'st.

Drove, draw, drink, drive.
Dz. Deeds, reeds, feeds, seeds.
Dth. Breadth, width.
Dths. Breadths, widths.
FI. Flame, fling, flounce, fly, flew.
Fld. Trifl’d, stif’d, rifl’d.
Flst. Trif'st, stif'st, rifl'st.
Flz. Trifles, rifles, stifles, ruffles.

Frame, France, frown, front.
Fs. Laughs, quaffs, staffs, raffs, muffs.
Fst. Laugh'st, quaff'st.
Ft. Waft, raft, graft.
Fts. Wafts, grafts, rafts.
Ftst. Waft'st, graft'st.
Gd. Bragg'd, begg'd, pegg'd.
Gdst. Bragg’dst, begg’dst, pegg’dst.
GI. Glow, glance, glide, gluck, glad.
Gld. Haggl'd, struggl'd, mangl’d, strangl'd.
Gldst. Haggl’dst, struggl’dst, mangl’dst, strangl’dst.
Glz. Mangles, strangles, struggles.
Glst. Mangl'st, strangl'st, struggl'st.

Grave, grand, grow, grind, ground.
Gg. Pigs, figs, begs, pegs, cags, nags.,

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