Walker's Hand-book of Ireland

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Page 170 - It was in this parish, during our stay, that I had that wonderful escape in falling through a mill.race whilst the mill was going, and of being taken up unhurt : the story is incredible, but known for truth in all that part of Ireland, where hundreds of the common people flocked to see me.
Page 187 - THERE is not in the wide world a valley so sweet, As that vale in whose bosom the bright waters meet ; Oh ! the last rays of feeling and life must depart, Ere the bloom of that valley shall fade from my heart.
Page 384 - N. latitude, and 53 50' and 58 20' E. longitude, and bounded on the north by the Atlantic Ocean, on the east by the...
Page 398 - On Lough Neagh's bank as the fisherman strays, When the clear, cold eve's declining, He sees the round towers of other days, In the wave beneath him shining! Thus shall memory often, in dreams sublime, Catch a glimpse of the days that are over, Thus, sighing, look through the waves of time For the long-faded glories they cover!
Page 48 - Science supplies, as far as practicable, a complete course of instruction in science applicable to the industrial arts...
Page 338 - OH ! haste and leave this sacred isle, " Unholy bark, ere morning smile ; " For on thy deck, though dark it be, " A female form I see ; " And I have sworn this sainted sod " Shall ne'er by woman's feet be trod.
Page 418 - ... monument was well deserved ; yet it was scarcely needed ; for, in truth, the whole city is to this day a monument of the great deliverance. The wall is carefully preserved, nor would any plea of health or convenience be held by the inhabitants sufficient to justify the demolition of that sacred inclosure which, in the evil time, gave shelter to their race and their religion.
Page 153 - I have the happiness of seeing you again. Whenever an opportunity offers wherein I can serve Ireland, I shall seize on it with eagerness. I am a man of few words. Short adieux are best. God bless you, my friends God bless you all.
Page 89 - In Christ's Church, the principal church in Ireland, whither the Lord Deputy and Council repair every Sunday, the vaults, from one end of the minster to the other, are made into tippling-rooms for beer, wine and tobacco, demised all to Popish recusants, and by them and others so much frequented in time of divine service...
Page 3 - ... interior, of a mile or more in length, besides hundreds smaller : the sea coast and all these lakes abound with fish. The district, with its islands, possesses no less than hundred miles of sea shore.

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