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Manent Sicinius and Brutus.

Ryu. You see, how he intends to use the people.

Sic. May they perceive's intent! he will require them, As if he did contemn what he requested Should be in them to give.

Bru. (19) Come, we’ll inform them Of our proceedings here: on th’ market place, I knows they do attend us. [Exeunt.

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1 Cit. (20) O. if he do require our voices, we ought not to deny him. 2 Cit. We may, Sir, if we will. 3 Cit. We have power in ourselves to do it, but it is a power that we have no power to do ; for if he shew us his wounds, and tell us his deeds, we are to put our tongues into those wounds, and speak for them :

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