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S C E N E changes to the Walls of Corioli.

Enter Marcius, Titus Lartius, with Captains and Soldiers : To them a Messenger.

Mar. Onder comes news : a wager they have met.
Lart. My horse to yours, no.
Mar. 'Tis done.
Dart. Agreed.
Mar. Say, has our General met the enemy
Mes. They lie in view ; but have not spoke as yet.
Vol. VI. R

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They sound a Parley. Enter two Senators with others on the Walls.

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So, now the gates are ope: now prove good seconds ; *Tis for the followers, fortune widens them; Not for the fliers: mark me, and do the like. [He enters the gates, and is sout in. 1 Sol. Fool-hardiness, not I. 2 Sol. Nor I. 1 Sol. See, they have shut him in. [Alarum continues. All. To th’ pot, I warrant him.

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(5) All the contagion of the south light on you,

2 ou shames of Rome; you ‘...; of o, and plagues Plaster you o'er, &c.] Thus miserably did the old editiohs give us this passage mangled, by bad pointing; and Mr. Pope would not indulge his private sense, by any alteration to make it intelligible. The meanest judges of English must be aware, that no member of any fentence can begin with a gehitive case, and a preceding nominative be wanting to govern that and the verb. Where, therefore, is the nominative to, -of-boils and plagues plaisier you o'er P or what sense or syntax is there in the passage, as it here stands I reform'd the pointing in the appendix to my Shax Esr E are restor'd, and Mr. Pope has vouchsafed to embrace my correótion in his last edition, R 2 1 Sol.

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Enter Marcius bleeding, assaulted by the Enemy. 1 Sol. Look, Sir. Lart. O, 'tis Marcius. Let’s fetch him off, or make remain alike. - [They fight, and all enter the city.

Enter certain Romans with Spoils. 1 Rom. This will I carry to Rome. 2 Rom. And I this. 3 Rom. A murrain on't, I took this for filver. [Alarum continues still afar off.

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