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And sleep in spight of thunder. [Thunders. Apparition of a child crowned, with a tree in his hand, rises.

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friend Mr. Warburton, and he gave me the following solution. “Did “our author only use it for show, we should not, I think, quarrel “ with him for it. But on examination you will find, that the In“signia of these three ghosts exačtly answer to their speeches. The “ first bids Macbeth beware of Macduff; this is therefore an armed head, the emblem of caution, and circumspection. The second “ghost encourages him to perfist in his bloody courses; for none of “ woman born shall harm him. This ghost has therefore the figure “ of a bloody child: infinuating, that the height of barbarity is the “ murder of children. The third ghost tells him, He should never be vanquish'd till Bir nam-wood remov’d from its situation : and “ conformably to the subjećt of its speech, It has a branch in its hand and is crown'd; insinuating, that he should wear the crown

* till Birnam-wood remov’d.” All.


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(35) Eight Kings appear, and pass over in order, and Banquo las, with a glass in bis band...] The editors could not help blundering even in this stage-direction. For 'tis not Banquo, who brings the glass; tas is evident frem the following speech : And yet the eighth appears, who bears a glass Which shews me many more:--—and some I see, That twofold balls, and treble scepters carry. I have quoted the last line, because it will not be amiss to observe, that this fine play, 'tis probabie, was not writ till after Q. Elizabeth's death. These apparitions, tho’ very properly shewn with regard to Macbeth, yet are more artfully so, when we confider the address of the poet in complimenting K. james I. here upon his uniting ScotLand to England; and when we consider too, that the family of the Stuarts are said to be the direét descendants of Banquo.

1 Witch.

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