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and despoil that Lord of all his pomp and ornaments, &c. which sense is compleated by this slight alteration, ——and denude that Lord. Mr. Warburton. I will beg leave to add, in confirmation of my friend's fine conjecture, that our author has contrasted the same thought, only varying the terms, in his Venus and Adonis, Stanz. 192. Pluck down the rich, enrich the poor with treasures. {23) It is the pasture lards the beggar's sides.] This, as the editors have ordered it, is an idle repetition at the best ; supposing it did, indeed, contain the same sentiment as the foregoing lines. But Shakespeare meant a quite different thing; and having, like a sensible writer, made a smart observation, he illustrates it by a fimilitude thus: It is the pasture lards the weather's sides, The want that makes him lean. And the fimilitude is extremely beautiful, as conveying this satirical refle&ion; there is no more difference between man and man in the esteem of superficial or corrupt judgments, than between a fat sheep and a lean one. Mr. Warburton. I cannot better praise the sagacity of my friend's emendation, than by producing the reading of the first folio edition, (which, I know, he had not seen,) where we find it thus exhibited; . It is the pasture lards the brother's sides, &c. Every knowing reader will agree, that this corruption might much more naturally be derived from weather's, than from beggar's, as far as the traces of the letters are concern'd ; especially, in the old secretary hand-writing, the universal chara&ter in our author's time. I will only add, that our poet, in his As you like it, makes a clown say the very same thing in a more ludicrous manner. That the property of rain is to wet, and fire to burn; that goad fasure makes for sheep; &c. Wol. VI. H Who

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Enter Alcibiades with drum and fse in warlike manner, and Phrynia and Timandra.

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