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it artfully opens to Albany the concealment of Kent at home, durin? his banishment; and gives a beautiful pićture of the emotions tha good old man felt for the death of his friend Gloser, and the piety of Edgar towards his distrest father. Edmund had taken notice, that Edgar seem'd to have something more to say 3 but Albany was already so touch'd with compassion, that he was for hearing of no more sorrow. From the different behaviour of these two different charašters, with how exquisite a refle&tion, drawn from the very fountain of nature, has our poet furnish’d his introdućtion to Edgar's second narrative As the passage first was left out by the players, in their edition; we are not to doubt, but it was one of their judicious retrenchments. However that be, some readers, I am persuaded, will owe me their thanks for retrieving it to the author.

Edw. I was contracted to them both; all three
Now marry in an instant.
Eag. Here comes Kent.

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