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Herald reads. F any man of quality, or degree, within the lifts of

the army, will maintain upon Edmund supposed Earl of Glo'iter, that he is a manifold traitor, let him appear by the third found of the trumpet : he is bold in. his defence.

i trumpet. Her. Again.

2 trumpet. Her. Again.

3 trumpet. [Trumpet answers, within.

Enter Edgar, armed.
Alb. Ask him his purposes, why he appears
Upon this call o'th' trumpet.

Her. What are you?
Your name, your quality, and why you answer
This present summons ?

Edz. Know, my name is loft ;
By treason's tooth bare-gnawn, and canker-bit;
Yet am I noble, as the adversary
I come to cope..

Alb.;Which is that adversary ?
Edg. What's he, that speaks for Edmund Earl of Glofter?
Edm. Himself; what say'st thou to him?

Edg. Draw thy sword,
That if my speech offend a noble heart;
Thy arm may do thee justice ; here is mine :
Behold, it is the privilege of mine honours,
My oath, and my profesion. I protest,
Maugre thy strength, place, youth, and eminence, -
Spite of thy victor-sword, and fire-new fortune,
Thy valour, and thy heart, thou art a traitor;
False to thy gods, thy brother, and thy father ;
Conspirant 'gainst this high illustrious Prince,
And from th' extreamest upward of thy head,
To the descent and dust below thy foot,
A most toad-spotted traitor.. Say thou, no;
This sword, this arm, and my best spirits are bent:
To prove upon thy heart, whereto I speak,
Thou lieit.
Edm. In wifdom I should ask thy name;


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