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“ Whatever farce the boastful hero play . I
Virtue alone has majesty in death;
And greater still, the more the tyrant frowns."

YOUNG, Ar the close of a desperate struggle between king Edmund, surnamed Ironside, from his extraordinary strength, and Ca. nute, sovereign of Denmark, which caused a division of this kingdom between them, Ethelbald, after encountering the toils and fatigues of battle by the side of the former, returned to his castle with a view of passing


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the remainder of his days in peace and tranquillity.

It was called Ravenswold; situated in a most romantic vale in New Forest, Hampshire, supported by all that rudeness of scenery which 'rouses contemplation, and obliges us to confess nature in her element; it commanded from the turrets in the front, over groves of oak, a view of that part of the channel, washing its own and the picturesque shores of the Isle of Wight.

Its 'dark and awful towers frowned upon the wilds beneath, and seemed to bid a stern defiance to the grandeur of the scene where Neptune calls on Triton to proclaim his sway. It was erected on a square; at each angle were lofty turrets commanding a view over the vast groves of ancient elm, pak, fir, and yew, in the back ground, with other smaller ones branching above the interior. A stupend,

ous wall surrounded the castle, : It was encompassed by a very wide deep ditch, over which was thrown a portcullis of stupendous dimensions. In short, a distant view of this romantic pile was calculated to inspire an awe at its magnificence, and a reverence for its lofty owner. (69797 of - The Earl had passed the meridian of life, and was fast descending into the vale of years. His person was notwithstanding still commanding ; he had a most penetrating eye, though grey hairs flowed upon his temples; a colour was yet apparent in his cheeks, though the lines of deep experience were interspersed around; he was courageous, but withial austere, and inclined to jealousy. He had fought nobly, from the time the Mercians deposed Edwy, in favour of Edgar, who was grandfather of the present king, Edmund Ironside, and from Edmund's banners he had just returned. Fa mest 29tq "13dvd


His approach was hailed by the applauding shouts of such of his vassals as did not attend him to the field, and his foaming charger, as he arrived at the gates, (which were thrown open at the sounding of the horn, as the drawbridge lowered) tore, up the earth with pride, seemingly conscious of having safely restored to the bosom of the family his warlike máster.

The virtuous consort of the veteran met him in transport on the bridge; their joy was mutual. Her name was Gunilda ; she was highly descended, possessed many accomplishments, and her face portrayed beauty in an advanced stage; she was in point of temper and manners a superior companion to her Lord.

Gunilda was followed in her congratulations by Adeliza, a young female consigned to the guardianship of Ethelbald, by her parents, then sleeping in the dust:


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