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Merrill, G. P., on determination of
pore space in rocks, 215
Mesothorium, 509
Metamorphic rocks, Korea, 8
Metals, minor, literature on, 73, 235
Methods of magnetic surveys, 36
Mexican oil field temperatures, The
significance of certain (DeGolyer),

Mica as a war mineral, 508
Microphotographs (see Photomicro-

Microstructure of certain titanic iron
ores, On the (Warren), 419
Migration of oil, 335; classification

of causes, 337; of oil and gas, 220
Milch, L., on plasticity of crystals,

Military water supplies, 314
Mills, R. V. A., and Wells, R. C., on
the origin of salt domes, 456
Milne, John, on earth pulsations, 217
Mineral Administrator bill, 537
Mineral data, collection of, 525
Mineral information, distribution of,

Mineral resources, literature on, 79,

Mineralization, definition, 21; Gold
Hill district, Utah, 266; Suan Min-
ing Concession, 16, 20; Telkwa
district, 352

Minor metals, literature on, 73, 235
Mixter, on hydroxide of gold, 165
Moesta, Fr. A., on the occurrence of
haloid salts of silver, 225
Molecular causes of oil migration,

Molybdenite, 5, 257

Molybdenite deposits, types of, 305
Molybdenite ores, A pegmatitic ori-
gin for (Thomson), 302
Monazite as a war mineral, 509
Moore, R. B., and Kithil, K. L., on

origin of carnotite deposits, 54
Morey, G. W., on apparatus for heat
experimentation, 167

Morris, W. W., with Lenher, V., Be-
havior of gold hydroxide when
heated above 200° under pressure,

Mortar tests of sand, 588, 593
Mount St. Patrick molybdenite mine,
Movements of oil and gas through
rocks (Ziegler), 335

Mrazec, L., and Teisseyre, W., on
Roumanian salt deposits, 466

[blocks in formation]

Negative lines of polarity, 41

Niagara limestone at Chicago, heay-
ing of, 601

Nicholas, W., on gold quartz reefs
of Australia, 100

Nickel Commission of Ontario, Re-
port of, review of, 227

Nippen Oil Company, Ltd., 514, 521
Nishiyama oil field, 514
Nitrates, 509

Non-bituminous road materials (Rei-
neke), 557

Non-metals, literature on, 76, 241
Norton, E. G., on the origin of salt
domes, 455, 608

Notes on Gold Hill and vicinity,
Tooele County, western Utah
(Kemp and Billingsley), 247
Notes on the possible origin of the
magnesite near Valley, Washing-
ton (Jenkins), 381

Notestein, F. B., Some chemical ex-
periments bearing on the origin of
certain uranium-vanadium ores, 50-

Oil, of Japanese fields, character,
518; movement through pores, 147;
through rocks, 550

Oil, refineries in Japan, 519
Oil accumulation, cause, 336; bear-
ing of origin of salt domes on,
621; in salt domes, 621
Oil and gas, the movements of,
through rocks (Ziegler), 335

Oil and gas migration, 220
Oil migration, factors conditioning,
346; list of papers on, 347

Oil field temperatures, Mexican, 274
Oil sands, crevices and cavities in,


Oil shales, literature on, 76, 240
Oil temperatures, 283

Olcott, E. E., specimens collected by,

On the microstructure of certain
titanic iron ores (Warren), 419
Onslow molybdenite deposits, 305

Openings in sedimentary rocks, 221
Ore deposits, Suan mine, 10
Ores of Engels, California, Further
remarks on the (Graton and Mc-
Laughlin), 81

Organic impurities in sand, testing
of, 589

Origin of Bendigo quartz veins, 538;
cap rock of Gulf coast salt domes,
616; 483; carnotite deposits, 54;
Cobalt, Ont., ore deposits, 390;
copper deposits, Gold Hill district,
Utah, 270; Gulf coast salt domes,
447, 454; halogen salts of silver at
Wonder, Nevada, 546; lattice
structure, 96; magnesite near Val-
ley, Wash., 381; magnetites of
Duluth gabbro, 35; molybdenite
ores, 302; oil, 336; quartz reefs,
103; Rand gold deposits, 150; sil-
ver ore at Wonder, Nev., 224, 225;
Sudbury magmatic ore deposits,
138; Sudbury nickel deposits, 230;
tungsten deposit, Alaska, 115 (see
also Genesis)

Origin of certain uranium-vanadium
ores, Some chemical experiments
bearing on the (Notestein), 50
Orthotectic, definition of term, 85
Oscillating water table, 144

Owen, R., on the origin of salt domes,

Pabst, V., on the Bendigo gold field,


Pack, R. W.; on character of oil-
bearing rocks, 213

Page, L. W., on road materials, 564,

Page, Sidney, on faulting in Texas
Paleozoic, 479

Paragenesis, Suan ores, 13, 22;
Telkwa district, B. C., 354, 360, 367
Pascoe, E. H., on temperatures of
oils in Burma, 295
Payette lake beds, 487
"Peace minerals," 499
Pebbles, flint-grinding, 505

Pegmatite separation, mechanics of,

Pegmatites, differentiation, 196
Pegmatites of the Duluth gabbro
(Grout), 185

Pegmatitic origin for molybdenite
ores (Thomson), 302
Pelletier, J., on the preparation of
auric hydroxide, 163

Peneplain, Eocene, in Idaho, Mon-
tana, and Washington, 121

Permian deposits of Texas, 476
Petroleum, literature on, 74, 238;
production in Japan, 522; reservoir
rocks, 65 (see also Oil)

Petroleum in Japan (Clements), 512
Petrography, molybdenite deposits,

Petrology of reservoir rocks, 65
Phlogopite, 17

Phosphate, literature on, 76, 240
Photomicrographs-copper ores, 358;
gold on Iceland spar, 176; hema-
tite in ilmenite, 446; magnetite-
ilmenite, 446; slate altering to an-
dalusite hornfels, 255; Squaw Lake
titaniferous rock, 310; titanic-iron
ore, 443, 445; washingtonite, 442
Physiographic history of the north-
ern Rocky Mountain region, 121
Picro-ilmenite, analysis of, 428
Pig Tin Committee, 531
Placers, Korea, 4
Plasticity of salt, 473
Platinum, 510

Plevna molybdenite deposit, 312
Pneumatolytic, use of term, 85
Pneumatolytic action, 82

Pneumotectic, definition of term, 85
Polarity of magnetic bodies, 46
Polymerization of oil, 342

Pond, W. F., study of titanium min-
erals, 419

Popular oil geology, review of, 493
Pore space of rocks, estimating, 215
Porosity of rocks, 317; of sand-

stones, induced, 66; relation to oil
movement, 147

Potrero de Llano well, 299
Pre-Cambrian rocks, Korea, 9
Principles of economic geology, re-
view of, 325

Prindle, L. M., and Katz, F. J., on
the Birch Creek schists, 113
Priority in rail transportation, 534
Production of war minerals, 525
Proterozoic, Korea, 9

Purdue, A. H., on the origin of sink
holes, 602
Pyrite, 510

Quaquaversal structure at Barrie-
field, Ont., 202

Quartz reefs, Bendigo, 102
Quicksilver as a war mineral, 508
Quyon molybdenite mine, 306

Racewinite, a peculiar mineral from
ore deposits in Utah (Winchell),

[blocks in formation]

Reid, J. A., discussion by, 385
Reinecke, L., Non-bituminous road
materials, 557-597

Relief map-Idaho, 488

Replacement, selective, 12; in Ben-
digo gold field, 103

Replacement in the Bendigo quartz
veins and its relation to gold depo-
sition (Stillwell), 100; cited, 222
Replacement of wood by calcite
(Greenland), 116

Replacement deposits, 266, 268; Telk-
wa district, B. C., 356

Report of the Royal Ontario Nickel
Commission, review of, 227
Research Committee of the Na-
tional Research Council, 536
Reserves of minerals, 526
Reservoir rocks, petrology of, 65
Resorption in Suan Mining Conces-
sion, 16

Reusch, E., on the plasticity of salt,

Building stones and clays (Rich-
ardson), Pirsson, 70

The geology and ore deposits of
Ely, Nevada (Spencer), Clapp,


The gold deposits of the Rand
(Horwood), Kemp, 150
Popular oil geology (Ziegler),
Tomlinson, 493

The principles of economic geol-
ogy (Emmons), Singewald, 325

[blocks in formation]

Salifère, 466

Salmon River, 129

Salt, character in Louisiana domes,
469; occurrence in Permian rocks,
476; plasticity, 473; use in drawing
wire, 475

Salt deposits, Roumania, 466
Salt domes, distribution and rela-
tions, 450; Europe, 464; oil accu-
mulation in, 621; origin of cap
rock, 616; source of heat, 299
Salt plugs, forms of, 448
Salt-water temperatures, 284
Sampling road materials, 566

Sand, mortar tests, 588; testing or-
ganic impurities, 589

Sandstone, value for road making,


San Felipe beds, 281

San Fernando formation, 281
San Pedro formation, 281
Scheelite, 114

Schottländer, on hydroxide of gold,

Schünemans, F., on salt domes, 465


Scientific notes and news, 80, 158, 244,
333, 410, 494, 552, 625
Searles, Fred, Jr., letter concerning
J. D. Irving, 555

Secondary concentration, Suan Con-
cession, Korea, 10
Sections-calcified gymnosperm, 118;
Tul Mi Chung mine, 4
Seoul Mining Company, 2

Service Bureau of the Committee on
Public Information, 536
Service tests of roads, 561, 564
Settling of strata, uneven, 607
Seubert, K., and Rohrer, R., on ha-
lide salts, 622

Shaler, N. S., on dry sands, 216
Shaw, E. W., Anomalous dips, 598-
610; discussion by, 207; on quan-
tity of oil in Carlyle fields, 214; on
static friction in rocks, 217; on the
gravity of Gulf coast sediments,

Shaw, E. W., and Mather, K. F., on

the geology of Allen Co., Ky., 204
Shedd, Solon, on magnesite of Wash-
ington, 381

Shipping Board, 530

Shooting of wells, effects, 218
Shore deposits, character and dura-
tion, 604

Shortening of strata, Suan Conces-
sion, Korea, 14

Sieves, Tyler system, 586
Significance of certain Mexican oil

field temperatures (DeGolyer), 275
Silication, 27

Silicification, Suan mine, 24
Sillimanite, 256

Silver, haloid salts at Wonder, Nev.,

224, 225; literature on, 72, 234;
Telkwa district, B. C., 355
Silver deposition at Cobalt, Ont., 385
Silver haloids, origin, 546
Silver hydroxide, 166

Singewald, J. T., Jr., review by, 325;
on ilmenite, 430; on intergrowths
of minerals, 421

Sink holes, relation to dip, 602
Siroo Pong San gneiss, 4, 9

Slate altering to andalusite hornfels,

Slumping of strata, 199

Smith, P. S., discussion by, 392
Smyth, H. L., on disturbances of the
earth's field by iron ore bodies, 40
Snarum, Norway, ilmenite from, 425
Sodium nitrate, 510

Solubility of gypsum in salt solu-
tions, 618

[blocks in formation]

Suan granite, 5, 7

Suan Mining Concession, Korea,
Geology and ore deposits of the
Collbran contact of (Higgins), I
Suan slates, 4

Subcapillary interstices, 208
Subsidence, uneven, 607

Sudburite, 142; analysis of, 143
Sudbury magmatic ore deposits, 137:
nickel deposits, 227

Supercapillary interstices, 208; space
in oil-bearing rocks, 213
Superficial dip of marine limestone
strata: a factor in petroleum geol-
ogy (Mather), 198

Superficial folding, 200; slumping of
strata, 199

Superior mine, ore deposits, 92
Surface tension phenomena, 340
Surveys, magnetic, methods, 36

Taber, Stephen, discussion by, 538
Tables-experiments on carnotite,
57; experiments on the effect of

heat and pressure on gold hydrox-
ide, 174; on gold chloride, 181; oil
temperatures, 283; paragenesis of
minerals, Suan mines, 22; solubil-
ity of calcium sulphate in aqueous
solutions of sodium chloride, 619;
specifications for sand and gravel
for roads, 592; temperatures in
bore holes, 283

Tamasopo limestone, 280

Telkwa district, British Columbia,
The copper silver veins of (Dol-
mage), 349

Telluride of gold, 260
Temepache formation, 281

Temperature of Mexican oil, rela-
tion to production, 274

Temperature measurements in bore
holes, methods of, 277
Tertiary of Japan, 516

Test of cementing value of stone,

Testing road surfaces, 564

Texture of gravels, determination
of, 585

Thermometers, used in oil tempera-
ture measurements, 278
Thomassy, R., on the origin of salt
domes, 455

Thompson, A. B., on fissuring in oil-
bearing rocks, 212; on oil and
water temperatures, 295
Thomson, E., A pegmatitia origin
for molybdenite ores, 302-313
Thorium, 509

Thornton, W. M., chemical analysis
by, 422

Thorpe, Edward, on iodine in sea
water, 225

Tin as a war mineral, 510

Titanic iron ores, On the microstruc-
ture of certain (Warren), 419
Tolman and Rogers, on magmatic
sulphide ores, 84

Tomlinson, C. W., review by, 493
Tonalite-porphyry, 7

Tong Am limestone, 5; quartz-
diorite dike, 5

Topography, Telkwa district, B. C.,


Toughness test of stone, 565, 569
Tracy, Evarts, letter concerning J.
D. Irving, 556
Traffic, effect on roads, 562
Tul Mi Chung limestone, 5
Tungsten as a war mineral, 511

Tungsten deposit near Fairbanks,
Alaska (Bateman), 112

Turrentine, J. W., on potassium salts
in salines, 456

Tyler system of sieves, 586
Tyuyamunite, 51

Udden, J. A., on salt in Permian
rocks, 476

Umpleby, J. B., on an old erosion
surface in Idaho, 120
Unconformities, 199

Underground solution, irregular, 609
Underground temperatures, 285
United States Geological Survey's
war work, 392
Unjinsan batholith, 7
Uplift, uneven, 607

Uranium, experiments on, 56
Uranium-vanadium ores, Some chem-
ical experiments bearing on the
origin of certain (Notestein), 50

Valley Camp swamp, 600
Vanadium, as a war mineral, 511;
experiments on, 56

Van der Gracht, W. A. J. M. von
Waterschoot, on salt domes, 454
Vaughan, T. W., on crossbedding,

Vaughan, T. W., and Shaw, E. W.,
on induration of sediments, 604
Veatch, A. C., on salt domes, 449,

Vein formation, 540
Vesuvianite, 257

Viscosity of oil, relation to heat, 300
Voids test, 586, 592

War Finance Corporation, 534
War Industries Board, 528, 529
War Minerals (Spurr), 500
"War minerals" as a science
(Leith), 497


War minerals, requirements, 527
War Minerals Committee, 536
War time mineral activities
Washington (Bastin), 524
War Trade Board, 526
Warner, C. A., calcified wood col-
lected by, 116

Warren, Charles H., On the micro-
structure of certain titanic iron
ores, 419-446

Warren district, Arizona, minerali-
zation, 266

Warwick, N. Y., ilmenite from, 427
Washburne, C. W., discussion by,
550; on capillary concentration of
oil and gas, 149, 349; on the origin
of salt domes, 456, 460

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