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every place within the spacious building, one dissenting voice, being unanimously which could command a view of the pro- carried in the affirmative, was transmitted cession, was occupied, even the lofty to the Archbisbop of Canterbury, with a hanging gallery, and the openings abore request that bis Grace would transmit the tbe arcbes in the choir.-Benches were same to his Majesty.-Bristol Mirror, placed from nearly end to end of the nave, ON THE PROPOSED TRANSFER OF THE and these were crowded with spectators. SEE OF BRISTOL TO THE SEES OF BATH Sufficient space was left open in the centre AND WELLS AND OF GLOUCESTER.—Will for the procession, wbich began to move the large population of a city proverbial from the chapel soon after twelve o'clock, for attachment to religion, and to the esthe choir singing, “I am the resurrection tablished church in particular, tamely suband the life,” &c.—After the burial service mit to this degradation? We have much was concluded, the Rev. J. Raine, M. A., mistaken them if they do not promptly the principal surrogate, standing at the and almost unanimously petition Parlia. head of the grave, and turning towards ment, and memorialize the Government the congregation, proclaimed the style against such an outrage on their feelings and titles of the deceased prelate.—The and the character of their city. Why, procession then quitted the tomb and re- when two new bishoprics are to be created turned to the nave in reverse order, the in populous districts, is tbe see of Bristol, organ playing the “Dead March in Saul.” seated in the midst of a dense mass of

THE LATE BISHOP OF DURHAM.-Suit. inbabitants, to be extinguished ? Why is able respect and bonour are about to be our cathedral to be stripped of its estab. paid to his memory, by the erection of a lisbment, and its distinguishing ceremarble monument in the cathedral church, monies, when a popish rival, of larger and the establishment of a scholarship in extent, is rising in our immediate vicinity the University of Durbam, in perpetuation for the performance of the imposing ritual of his name and virtues. The subscrip- of the Roman catholic church? We call tions already made in aid of these truly upon our fellow-citizens to bestir them. meritorous objects are considerable, and selves, and to protest against the threatwe have no doubt they will be such as to ened degradation; if they fail to avert it, confer credit on those who were witnesses they will at least have performed a solemn of the pious bishop's zeal, munificence, duty, and placed upon record their resistand disinterestedoess, in the promotion of ance to an act which cannot be justified all good works.Durham Advertiser. by any principle of reform,--for it re.

medies no abuse, nor saves a farthing to GLOUCESTERSHIRE.

the state.-Felir Farley's Journal. THE LATE BISHOP OF Bristol. --The A public meeting of the friends of the proposed tribute of respect to the character established church was held at Bristol, on of our late exemplary prelate bas been Tuesday, March 22, at which it was unani. carried into effect. A monument has been mously resolved to address the King, and erected to his memory, in the cathedral, de- to petition both Houses of Parliament, signed and executed by our distinguished against the proposed suppression of the fellow-citizen, W. H. Bailey, R. A., and see of Bristol, and the transfer of its juris. which we have no doubt will prove highly

diction. gratifying to every admirer of sculpture.

HAMPSHIRE. Brislol Mirror.

The scholars of the collegiate school of CLERGY OF BRISTOL. — A meeting of Winchester bave subscribed for the purthe clergy of the deanery of Bristol, con- pose of presenting their head master, the vened by requisition to the rural dean, Rev. D. Williams, D.C.L., of New Coland which was very numerously attended, lege, with a magnificent piece of plate, as was held on Thursday, March 10, in the a testimony of their gratitude and esteem. committee-room of the diocesan school, at It consists of a splendid candelabrum of which it was resolved, " That an humble massive silver, containing branches for address be presented to his Majesty, on nine lights. The pedestal is triangular. the present alarming condition of the es- On one compartment is the inscription in tablished church of England and Ireland, Latin ; on the second is beautifully chased, and praying bis Majesty to be graciously in bas-relief, Telemachus presenting offerpleased to listen to the recommendation of ings to Minerva, as the patroness of learnthe spiritual Head of the Church in the ing; and on the third is emblazoned the appointment to episcopal offices, and the corporate arms of the ancient city of Winroyal professorsbips in our Universities.” chester.–Salisbury Herald. An address was accordingly proposed to A highly respectable meeting of the the meeting, and, with the exception of sub-committee of the Portsmouth District

Church of England Society, comprising land, near Dover, was called on Friday, the parishes of Warblington, Havant, Feb. 26, at the vestry-room, to make a Bedhampton. Farlington, and Hayling, church-rate, and upon other business. A (North and South,) was held at the As- few of the worst of the parishioners (i. e. sembly Room, Crown Inn, Emsworth, on Radicals) were determined to upset the Monday, February 15, G. A. Shawe, Esq., meeting, and therefore mustered wbat vice-president, in the chair. The subjects force they could, and prior to the hour apdiscussed were—the advantage to the mem- pointed, eleven o'clock, assembled in vesbers of the Church of England of asso- try, nominated a chairman, and proceedciating for the purpose of mutual confer. ed to enter into resolutions, and before the ence and assistance at periods of difficulty, churchwardens or any other person than or for resisting any uncalled-for aggres- one solitary Conservative, who protested sion, and the means of alleviating the against the proceedings, had arrived, carpresent distress of the clergy of the es. ried a vote that a church-rate was unne. tablished church in Ireland. The meeting cessary and inexpedient, (as no doubt they was severally addressed by the Rev. thought the church,) and that the making Messrs. Mountain, Norris, and Alder, thereof be deferred to that day six months. by Captains Bigland and Pierson, and hy The worthies then dispersed in high glee. Messrs. Baines, Loftin, Smart, Harrison, The meeting, however, being illegal, fresh and H. Stevens. At the conclusion, a notice was given for another meeting, and considerable addition was made to the notwithstanding the Radicals did all thev sums already collected in those parishes could to bring together their friends, the for the Irish clergy.

Conservatives carried their measure by The consecration of Sarisbury Green 29 against 14, much to the chagrin of the Chapel took place on Tuesday, March 8. former.-Kentish Paper. The day was exceedingly fine, and as the COMMUTATION OF TITHES. — The follow. parties proceeded to the spot, hereafter to ing is a copy of the petition to the House be rendered sacred by the worship of God, of Commons from the clergy of East Kent, the fine tone of the bell presented by the on the Tithes Commutation Bill :chapter was heard afar off. The arrange- “That your petitioners do not object to ments of the Rev. Mr. Snooke were ex- a commutation of tithes, founded on just cellent. The bishop entered the church at principles, and consistent with the due twenty minutes past eleven. The Rev. maintenance of the rights of property. George Morris, the new incumbent, read " That the main provisions of the bill the prayers.

The children's singing was now before your honourable house are not, admirable. Upwards of forty of the clergy as appears to your petitioners, directed to were present; among the company we the procuring of an equivalent for the net recognised the Bishops of Winchester and value of tithe property, after a deduction Montreal, Doctors Williams and Wilson, of the expenses incidental to its collection Mr. Barter, the Warden of Winchester and marketing, but to the assigning of a College, and Sir H. Thompson ; Messrs. proportion only of such value, according Abbott, Baker, Barton, Breton, Brock, to a scale arbitrarily selected. Brown, Daintry, Dewdney, Dusutoy, “That your petitioners are prepared to Dyson, Gray, Harrisons, Haynes, Hen- prove, from the information of tithe-owners ville, Hone, Horne, Hulton, Jacob, Jeans, who are now taking tithes in kind, and of Morris, Mountain, Pooke, Scard, Sbadsurveyors employed in the valuation of well, Snooke, Trenchs, Vick, Walters, and tithe property, that the average expenses Waring. Mr. Henville officiated as chan. of taking tithes in kind in East Kent would cellor, for Dr. Dealtry, who is seriously not exceed 15l. per cent., and that in many ill. The collection was—In the plate, cases it would be as little as 6l. per cent. 1341. 178. 6d. ; sent by those who could “ In conclusion, your petitioners humbly not attend, 391, 10s. ; total, 1741. 7s.6d. – pray that no bill fora commutation of tithes The largest we believe ever known in the may receive the sanction of your honour. diocese at a consecration; doubtless owing, able house, which does not provide a just in a great measure, to the bishop saying and fair compensation and equivalent to be considered it a case which justified tithes owners, for the property which they him in departing from his usual habit of will be required to commute.” silence on that point, and in making a

LANCASHIRE. special request for a large contribution, and the appeal was nobly responded to.

CHURCH BUILDING SOCIETY.-A society Portsmouth Herald.

bas been established in Manchester for

promoting the building and enlargement KENT.

of churches and chapels in the parishes of A meeting of the parishioners of Buck- Manchester and Eccles. The first meeting

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was held on Monday, Feb, 22, at which Yorkshire, who transmits them to Mr.
time, upwards of 4,0001. were subscribed. Ambrose Phillips. Mr. Phillips and his
Before the expiration of the week, the bousehold attest the miracle quito deli-
subscriptions exceeded 6,4001. The fol. berately. The whole bistory is so curious,
lowing are some of the most liberal dona. and so illustrative of the unchanging spirit
tions : Robert Gardner, 1,0001. ; Brado of popery, taking advantage of human igo
sbaw, Wanklyn, and Sons, 5001. ; Edward norance wherever it can,and then disclaiming
Lord, 5001.; The Warden and Fellows of the practice where it cannot, that it must
Christ College, _5001.; W. Atkinson, be fully brought forward next month.)
5001. ; Samuel Taylor, Moston, 8001. ;
John Brooks, 5001. ; Mrs. Byrom, 3001. ;

Edmund Wright, 2001. ; Mrs. Brooks,

A vestry meeting of St. Martin's-in-the 2001.; John Clowes, 2001.; Thomas

Fields, was held on Saturday, 5th March, Coates, 2001. Another munificent dona.

for the purpose of receiving the report of tion of 1,0001. is announced from H. H.

the committee appoioted to examine into Birly, Esq.; and of 1001. per annum from

the present state of the church, and the reLord F. Egerton, with an intimation of pairs necessary to be done thereto. The further aid. This sum also is subscribed

Rev. Mr. Duckenfield presided, and the by the noble Lord in addition to the same

clerk read the report, from wbich it apannual amount to the Chester Diocesan

peared, that Mr. Burton, the arebitect, Society. Among the new contributions,

has submitted the following estimate: are one of 2001., and ten of 1001. each. Sir First, essential repairs, 1,718l. ; secondly, Oswald Mosely, Bart., J. C. Legh, and

internal repairs, cleansing, 4401. ; thirdly, Jobo Grimes, Esqrs., in addition to 1001.

external cleansing, 1,2101. ; fourthly, deeach, bave also offered land for sites. The

corative repairs internally, exclusively, latest accounts state the subscriptions al

6601. ; fifthly, suggested improvements, ready to amount to upwards of 11,0001.

9841. ; total, 5,0121. The committee recom. Cambridge Chronicle.

mended that the funds to be raised for The Rev. J. Hutchins, curate of St.

such repairs should be collected on the Anne's Church, St. Anne's Lane, has been

voluntary principle. Mr. Fenn and Mr. presented with a set of robes, by the ladies

Alexander Smith advised that a churchof his congregation who are not parish.

rate be made for such a purpose, and seveioners, in token of their bigh approbation ral others spoke in favour of the recomof bis attention to their welfare, and as a

mendation of the committee. The chairman, testimony of his public and private worth. parish should not be thrown into a stato

for the sake of unanimity, and that the -Manchester Courier.

The consecration of the beautiful little of disturbance, advised the voluntary church which has just been erected in the principle. After a long discussion, it was village of Knotty Ash, near Liverpool, determined that a vestry should shortly be took place on Thursday, Feb. 18, by Dr.

convened, to consider the plan to be adoptSumner, the Lord Bishop of Chester. It

ed.- Observer. is built in the Gothic style, of red stone,

We extract the following intelligence and the erection has cost near 6,0001.

from the newspapers in the ministerial in

terest : Ibid.

The London Congregational

Board of Ministers have met, and unani. The clergy of Blackburn have addressed his Majesty, praying him to annul the ap

mously passed a resolution of thanks to pointment of Dr. Hampden.-Ibid.

the present Government for introducing The Manchester Operative Conservative

the Dissenters' Marriage Bill, of the prima Association have remitted, througb the

ciple and main provisions of which the Board bands of their treasurer, the sum of 141. 48.

cordially approve.-Eight dissentiog mi, 6d. (collected among the members) to the

nisters of Jersey bave sent a memorial to fund for the relief of the Irish Clergy.

Lord J. Russell, praying that that island Many of the sums subscribed did not ex

may be included in the Registration and ceed 6d. each.-Ibid.

Marriage Bills. All the presbyteries of

the church of Scotland in England intend LEICESTERSHIRE.

applying to Parliament for a clause in the (It is matter of very serious regret, that New Marriage Bill, to render legal in our no space is left for detail of the extraordi. southern division of the island the pernary proceedings at Whitwick, where a formance by their clergy of their marriage popish priest, named Woolfoy, assumes ceremony agreeably to the rites of their the title of Parish Priest, and has begun mother church. to perform miracles by means of medals The ECCLESIASTICAL COURTS Bill.blessed by the Archbishop of Paris, and The following are the chief provisions of sent over, in large quantities, to a lady in this measure :-- It is, in the first place,

proposed that there shall be one general ever, did not appear, and the case was court in London for proving all wills; the postponed until the 24tb, whenjurisdiction of all local ecclesiastical Mr. Scott (one of the magistrates) said courts (at present 386 in number) being he had received a letter from Mr. Wood, in entirely abolished. The bishops, however, which that gentleman called upon the bench are still to hold their jurisdiction over not to issue a distress wärrant, for three their clergy, excepting only in criminal reasons :- 1

:-1st. Because he denied the right proceedings, in which it is proposed to of the parish to rate the tithes to the highabolish it altogether. The jurisdiction in ways, he having compounded for the same. matters of tithe is also to be taken from end. Because, if they did so, it would be the ecclesiastical courts, and is to bo a double rating of the same property, the transferred to the court of Exchequer. occupiers being already rated. *3rd. Bes The jurisdiction of these courts in respect cause in the case of the King v. tbe Ma. to church-rates is also to be abolished, and gistrates of Buckinghamsbire, in wbich all disputes connected with those payments an application was made to the court of subjected to the same course as those con- King's Bench, in a similar case, for a writ nected with poor-rates-viz., an appeal to of mandamus, it was ruled by Lord Tenthe Quarter Sessions. The bill also abo- terden and Mr. Justice Bailey that the lisbes the authority of ecclesiastical courts court would not compel a justice to issue in the repression of immoral practices, a distress warrant in any case where he which are to be left to the ordinary opera- entertained any doubts as to the law. The tion of the common or statute law. The case was then further adjourned until bill likewise regulates the mode to be pura Monday, when, as on the previous occasued in the sequestration of livings, a sions, the rev. gentleman did not attend. matter of great importance to clergymen, Mr. James Gomme, one of the surand to all connected with them.

veyors of the highways of the parish of The Radicals have lately sustained a Hammersmith, was sworn. He stated that signal defeat in the large parish of St. the sum claimed, which was on two assessGeorge-in-the-East; the motion for a ments, made in March, 1834, and October, penny cburcb-rate, which they resisted, 1835, had been several times applied for, having, after three days' polling, during both from Mr. Wood personally and of his wbich the Radicals placarded and agitated agent, but was still unpaid. the parish by every means in their power, Mr. Florence (clerk and professional been carried by a majority of 230. The adviser to the bench) said, that since the majority would bave been much greater if previous hearing be had entered very the friends of the church had canvassed fully into the law of the case, and was the parish, which they neglected to do. clearly of opinion that the rev. defendant

CHURCH PROPERTY.-By the bill lately was liable to pay higbway rates on his brought into the House of Lords by the tithes, even although he bad compounded, Archbishop of Canterbury, (and which is it being laid down in the case of the King the first introduced to the legislature upon v. Lacy, that when tithes, under an inclothe recommendation of the Church Com- sure act, were converted into a rent, yet mission,) all ecclesiastical corporations, that rent being considered as the substiaggregate as well as sole, are restrained tute for tithes, was liable to the bighway from granting leases more frequently or rate, even although, being simply a rent, otherwise than they have hitherto usually no use of the highway could be supposed. granted or renewed thein ; i. e., they are He had also examined the case cited by no longer to be able to exchange a lease Mr. Wood in his letter, “ Rex v. the for years into one for lives, or to change Justices of Buckinghamshire," as reported the lives in existing leases ; or to renew in Dowling and Ryland, 689, and Barneleases for forty years, until fourteen years wall and Cresswell, 485; and bad found shall have expired. All such transactions, that the court bad refused to compel a from the first of this month, are to be magistrate to issue a distress warrant illegal.

“ where he bona fide entertained a doubt." HAMMERSMITH SESSIONS.—On the 10th After considerable further discussion, March, the Rev. W. Wood, rector of Ful. the bench decided on signing the distress ham, was summoned by the surveyors of the warrant against the goods of Mr. Wood, highways &c. of the parish of Hammer- on the ground, that if the payment of the smith, to appear before the bench, and rate was not enforced from him, the burshew cause why he refused to pay the then would fall more severely on the rê. sum of 101. assessed for highway rates on mainder of the rate-payers.' Mr. Wood the tithe of that parish, of which he is the might appeal against the decision, if he lay impropriator. The rev. defendant, how. pleased.

The surveyors then pledged themselves and Wolverhampton from licensing the to hold the bench barmless should actions Rev. H. S. Fletcher to the perpetual be brought against them.- Weekly Post. curacy of St. Leonard's, Bilston.' The in

junction was obtained on the ground of SOMERSETSHIRE.

the election not being conducted in the MEETING OF THE CLERGY AT BED

accustomed manner. The Lord Bishop of MINSTER.-On Monday, the 8tb of Marcb, the Diocese bas licensed the Rev. G. the Arcbdeacon met bis clergy upon the White, of Darlaston, to be stipendiary occasion of the appointment of the Rev. curate during the vacancy occasioned by Dr. Hampden to the Regius Professorship the legal proceedings. of Divinity at Oxford, to petition the King

YORKSHIRE. against the admission of persons whose doctrinal sentiments did not accord with His Grace the Archbishop of York has the church of England. It was moved by lately distributed the sum of 501. in coals, the Rev. Isaac Lewis, vicar of Long Ash

to the poor of Stanton Harcourt, Northton, and seconded by the Rev. M. R. moor, Shifford, and Coggs; and the Whish, vicar of Bedminster, that a peti. Warden and Fellows of All Souls' Coltion be presented of this character, wbichlege bave liberally given 5l., in bread, to was carried unanimously, and the petition the poor of Stanton Harcourt.Oxford was signed by twenty-four clergymen.

Paper. Salisbury Herald


tition, most respectably and numerously STAFFORDSHIRE.

signed, has been forwarded to Lord Warn. The Vice Chancellor bas granted an in- cliffe, from the inhabitants of Selby, against junction, restraining the Dean of Windsor this bill.—Leeds Intelligencer.

[blocks in formation]

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