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Gave hope thou wast in being,-have preserv'd
Myself, to see the issue.

Paul. There's time enough for that;
Lest they desire, upon this push, to trouble
Your joys with like relation.--Go together,
You precious winners all; your exultation
* Partake to every one: I, an old turtle,
Will wing me to some wither'd bough ; and there
My mate, that's never to be found again,
Lament 'till I am lost.

Leo. O peace, Paulina;
Thou thould't a husband take by my confent,
As I by thine, a wife: this is a match,
And made between's by vows. Thou hast found mine ;
But how, is to be question'd: for I saw her,
As I thought, dead; and have, in vain, said many
A prayer upon her grave: I'll not seek far
(For him, I partly know his mind) to find thee
An honourable husband :-Come, Camillo,
And take her by the hand : whose worth, and honesty,
Is richly noted ; and here justify'd
By us, a pair of kings.-Let's from this place.--
What?-Look upon my brother :—both your pardons,
That e'er I put between your holy looks
My ill suspicion. This your son-in-law,
And son unto the king; who, heavens directing,
Is troth-plight to your daughter.--Good Paulina,
Lead us from hence; where we may leisurely
Each one demand, and answer to his part
Perform’d in this wide gap of time, since first
We were dissever'd: Hastily lead away. [Exeunt omnes.

w Left they defire, &c.]-Defift from these enquiries now, left the company should wish to interrupt you, at this juncture, with their curiosity.

* Partake to every one :) - Participate among you.


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