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ELEGANT GIFT-BOOKS. AMERICAN BOOK OF BEAUTY, super-royal octavo, with fine steel engravings

handsomely gilt and gilt edge. LAUREL WREATH, edited by Rev. S. D. Burchard, of New York; fine steel engrar

ings, and coloured plate. RELIGIOUS SOUVENIR, edited by Mrs. Sigourney; with fine engravings, gilt edge RELIGIOUS KEEPSAKE, edited by Mrs. Sigourney; with fine engravings, gilt edga THE TOKEN, or Affection's Gift, edited by 8. G. Goodrich; elegantly gilt. LADIES' SCRAP BOOK, with fine steel engravings, elegantly bound, with git

sides and edges. BEAUTIES OF THE ENGLISH ANNUALS-12mo: with plate: LITTLE GEM, a Christmas, New-Year, and Birth-day Present, with illuminated title

and steel plate. EASTERN ARTS AND ANTIQUITIES, mentioned in the sacred Scriptures, with

numerous illustrations ; 400 pages, 16mo. THE JEWEL, or Token of Friendship, with plates. NEW YORK GLEE BOOK; containing One Hundred Glees, Quartettes, Trios,

Songs in parts, Rounds and Catches. Composed, Selected, and Harmonized, with accompaniment for the Piano Forte, by George Loder, Principal of the New York Vocal Institute-Svo., 272 pages, handsomely bound.

POPULAR POETRY. BYRON'S WORKS, COMPLETE, in Verse and Prose , containing his Letters. Royal

octavo, 974 pages; bound in different styles, with engravings. MILTON'S POETICAL WORKS, with a Memoir of the Author, and Critical Remarks,

by James Montgomery ; 36 engravings, from drawings by Wm. Harvey. 2 vols.

12mo. on pica type, 806 pages. MILTON'S PARADISE LOST, on pica type, and 10 fine illustrations-12mo. POETICAL WORKS of Thomas Campbell ; illustrated with 34 engravings, from

designs by Harvey-octavo, on pica type, 358 pages. POETS OF AMERICA, by George B. Cheever D. D.-12mo., 406 pages containing

portraits of Bryant, Willis, Pierpont, Mrs. Sigourney, Halleck, Longsellow, and

Allston-good paper, and well bound. POEMS of John J. G. C. Brainard, from new stereotype plates; fine engravings; 221

pages. Copy.right book, and the only comPLETE edition published. COURSE OF TIME, by Robert Pollok, A. M.-With a Memoir of the Author, an

Analysis of each Book, and a Comprehensive Index. The whole prepared expressly

for this edition, by W. C. Armstrong-octavo, 322 pages, with engravings. GEMS OF POETRY, from Forty-eight American Poets, with portraits of Halleck,

Longfellow, Wm. C. Bryant, and N. P. Willis—252 pages, 12mo.
YOUNG'S NIGHT THOUGHTS, 18mo.-in various styles of binding
HUDIBRAS, by Samuel Butler ; with a Life of the Author—3'12 pages, 18mo
ESSAY ON MAN, with the Universal Prayer, by Alexander Pope-18mo

SONG BOOKS. ÆOLIAN HARP, or Songsters' Cabinet ; being a collection of Humorous, Sentimental

and Popular Songs. UNIVERSAL SONGSTER; containing a collection of National, Irish, Naval, Mili

tary, Sporting, Comic, Sentimental, and Amatory Songs—312 pages, 18mo.
New Song-Book, with 12 plates—126 pages, 18mo
The Patriotic Song-Book, 468 pages, 18mo.
The Military " " 468 do. do.
The Naval " " 468 do. do

BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL. TAYLOR AND HIS GENERALS; containing a Biography of Major General Zachary

Taylor, and Sketches of the Lives of Generals Worth, Wool, and Twiggs; with a full Account of the various Actions of their Divisions in Mexico; together with a sketch of the life of Major General Scott-Embellished with 12 portraits and engravings on tinted paper-12mo., 320 pages.

MEXICO and ler Military Chieftains, from the revolution of Hidalgo to the present

time ; comprising Sketches of the Lives of Hidalgo, Morelos, Iturbide, Santa Anna, Paredes, Almonte, Arista, Ampudia, Herrera, and De la Vega ; by Fay Robinson

Illustrated by 12 portraits and engravings on tinted paper-12mo., 344 pages. UNIVERSAL BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY; containing notices of the most

eminent individuals of every age and nation, with much other valuable information-12mo. 444 pages.

HEROIC WOMEN OF FRANCE; comprising Examples of the noble conduct of

Women during the French Revolution : translated from the French of M. du Broco; with 4 engravings and vignette title-18mo. 150 pages.

BONAPARTE'S Campaign in Russia; containing a faithful description of the distress.

ing and interesting scenes of which the author was an eye-witness; by Eugene Labaume; translated from the French-octavo, 348 pages.


LIFE of Patrick Henry, by Wm. Wirt; revised edition ; with fine steel plates : copy.

right book, 468 pages, octavo.

LIFE of General La Fayette, by an Officer of the Army-12mo. 504 pages.
LIFE of General Putnam, illustrated with plates, from original designs, by Colonel

David Humphreys-12mo. 190 pages.
LIFE of William Wallace, by Peter Donaldson-18mo. 132 pages.
LIFE AND ESSAYS of Benjamin Franklin-2 editions, 12mo. and 18mo.
LIFE AND ADVENTURES of Peter Wilkins, containing an account of his Visit to

the Flying Islanders. BIOGRAPHY of Andrew Jackson, by Goodwin—12mo. 468 pages. RILEYS NARRATIVE; containing an account of his being wrecked on the Coast

of Africa, and enslaved by the Wandering Arabs-12mo. with engravings. ROBBINS JOURNAL; comprising an account of the Loss of the brig Commerce ;

also, Slavery and Sufferings of the Author in the Deserts of Zahara-12mo. 276 pp. LIVES AND EXPLOITS of Highwaymen, Robbers, and Murderers; with numerous

engravings-12mo. 228 pages. HISTORY of the most noted Pirates ;-their Trials and Execution; with numerous

engravings-298 pages. HISTORY of Remarkablc Characters and Events-12mo. 389 pages. REMARKABLE SHIPWRECKS;-embellished with plates, from original designs

360 pages. ROLLIN'S ANCIENT HISTORY, complete in 8 vols. 12mo:-an excellent and

cheap edition. HISTORY of Charles the Twelfth, by M. de Voltaire, with portrait-12mo. 276 pages. SCOTTISH GAEL; being a History of the Inhabitants, Antiquities, and National Pe

culiarities of Scotland: by James Logan; numerous engravings-octavo. 520 pp. NEW ENGLAND and her Institutions, by One of her Sons—12mo. 240 pages. Scenes in America, for the Amusement of Children, by Rev: Isaac Taylor: 78 plts-16m.


SCIENTIFIC AND PHILOSOPHICAL. History, Diseases, and Treatment of the HORSE; embracing every varicty of information

relative to this noble animal ; illustrated with more than 100 engravings-The above has just been reprinted in one large octavo volume, comprising nearly 500 pages, and containing much valuable matter in regard to Breeding, Breaking. Training, Shoeing, Bad Habits, and the general management of Horses. Price $2 50.

COMBE on the Constitution of Man : Essays on Decision of Character, &c., b.. ohn

Foster, Esq.; Philosophy of Sleep and Anatomy of Drunkenness, by Robert Macnish, Esq.; Influence of Literature upon Society, Sc., by Madame de Stael; and A Treatise on Self-Knowledge, by John Mason, A. M.-5 works in one vol. royal octavo.

SURGEON AND PHYSICIAN, designed to assist heads of Families, Travellers and

Seafaring people, in discerning and curing Diseases, by W.M. Hand : with an Intro. duction, by J. L. Comstock, M. D.-12mo.

WALKER ON BEAUTY, or Beauty Illustrated, chiefly by an Analysis and Classifica

tion of Beauty in Woman; by Alexander Walker, author of Intermarriage, Women, &c. &c.-edited by an American Physician.

WALKER ON WOMAN, or Woman Physiologically considered, as to Mind, Morals,

Marriage, Matrimonial Slavery, Infidelity, and Divorce ; by Alexander Walker, . With an Appendix, edited by an American Physician.

MESMERISM IN INDIA, and its practical application in Surgery and Medicine: by

James Esdaile, M.D.-reprinted from the London edition-12mo. 260 pages. PALEYS PHILOSOPHY, or the Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy, by

Wm. Paley, D. D.-2 vols.
CHAPTALLS CHEMISTRY-12mo., 365 pages.

STANDARD AND MISCELLANEOUS. SHAKSPEARE'S WORKS, complete in one volume. Diamond edition, 364 pages. ADVENTURES OF GIL BLAS OF SANTILLAINE, by T. Smollett, M. D.: with

a Memoir of the Author-12mo. 929 pages. SCOTTISH CHIEFS, a Romance, by Miss Jane Porter: 3 vols. 18mo. 724 pages. WINTER EVENING TALES, by James Hogg, justly celebrated as the Ettrick

Shepberd-2 vols. 12mo. TALES OF WOMEN'S TRIALS, by Mrs. S. C. Hall—12mo. TYLNEY HALL, by Thomas Hood, author of the Comic Annual, &c.-12mo. THADDEUS OF WARSAW, by Miss Jane Porter-2 vols. 24mo. WILD IRISH GIRL, a National tale, by Miss Owenson, author of St. Clair, the No.

ice of St. Domingo, &c., &c. 2 vols. DEVIL ON TWO STICKS, Asmodeus's Crutches, and Dialogue between Two Chim

neys-1 vol. 18mo. 337 pages. RASSELAS, by Dr. Johnson-18mo. MARRIED STATE-its Obligations and Duties ; with Hints on the Education of a

Family: by James Foster, V. D.-12mo. 138 pages. LETTER-WRITER; or, the Art of Polite Correspondence ; containing Letters on

Business, Love, Courtship, Marriage, Friendship, &c.-18mo: CHESTERFIELD'S LETTERS; or, a Guide to Men and Manners--18mo. MRS. CHAPONE'S LETTERS on the Improvement of the Mind; with a Biographi

cal Sketch of the Author-18mo. COTTAGE ECONOMY, by William Cobbett; containing much valuable intormation

To which is added, the “ Poor Man's Friend.”—18mo. 216 pages.
LAST DAYS OF POMPEII, by Sir Edward Lytton Bulwer-266 pages, 12mo.

MISCELLANEOUS. Book of Knowledge, for all classes, with familiar illustrations on Chemistry, Mechanics,

Arts, Manufactures, Science, Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, Worms, Insects, &c. Tales of the Drama, founded on the Tragedies of Shakspeare, Massinger, Lilly,

Moore, &c.; by Miss Macauley-12mo. 426 pages, and 122 engravings. Tales of the Devils, by John P. Brace, Esq., late principal of Hartford Female Seminary

18mo. Copy-right book. Locke on the Understanding, and Moral, Economical and Political Essays, by Francis

Bacon-1 vol. 18mo. 360 pp. Boccaccio's Decameron, or Ten Days' Entertainment of Boccaccio; including the Sup.

pressed Novels. Translated from the Italian, To which are prefixed Remarks on

the Life and Writings of Boccaccio-2 vols. Parley's Fables, illustrated with numerous engravings. edited by S. G. Goodrich. Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures, with an engraving of Mr. and Mrs. Caudle—18mo. Sir Roland Ashton, a Tale of the Times, by Lady Catharine Long-12mo. 540 pages Alonzo and Mellissa; or, the Unseeling Father: by Daniel Jackson, Jr.—254 pages Wcems' Old Bachelor, by Rev. W. L. Weems—18mo cloth Japhet in Search of a Father, by Captain Maryatt. Midshipman Easy, 550 pages, 12mo by“ Newton Forster, Naval Officer, Pacha of Many Tales, King's Own, Fainer's Legacy to his Daughter, and Mother's Advice, by Gregory & Pennington— smo Enoch Crosby; or, Whig against Tory, a Tale of the Revolution-104 pages. Hieroglyphic Bible, illustrated with nearly 500 cuts-132 pages. My Friend's Family, by Mrs. Marshall. Book of Murders, with numerous engravings. 12mo Blue Laws of Connecticut, with engravings—12mo. Cobb's Walker's Dictionary. Walker's Pocket Dictionary, 18mo. Noyes' Penmanship.

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