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“ for your wife and children, it shall be

my care to provide; let no feers about them disturb you.” :“ I have nothing more, sir, to desire on earth; and now God bless you!"

Gauntlet moved slowly on, walking by his confessor, tò whose pious exhortations, withdrawing his thoughts from every human object, he attentively listened; while Plunket, in a tumult of grief, pity, and regret, rushed precipitately out, mounted his horse, and galloped direct to the castle, from tender and sympathetic hearts to seek consolation.

Such was the melancholy fate of a man to whom nature, in the gift of a genius expansive, lucid, and penetrating, had been kind in the extreme; but which the defect of right principles rendered a misfortune, not a blessing.

With regard to another of our Fatalists, lady Courteney, recovered from her indisposition, felt, as returning health came, and the images produced by fear disap


peared, all the evil propensities of her malignant nature revive. Regret therefore for the disclosure she had made, not remorse for the deeds she had committed, took possession of her mind; and in utter despair of ever recovering her once-unbounded influence over sir Richard, she withdrew from the castle; and establishing, on the ample settlement allowed her by her husband, a dwelling in the vicinage of Dublin, she lives the edification of the sect to which she belongs, and a willing light to others.


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