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Arts and Sciences, Natural Philosophy,

and Mathematics.


*1972. Encyclopædia Britannica, or a Dictionary of

Arts and Sciences, &c. enlarged and improved, illustrated with nearly 600 engravings. 5th Edinburgh edition, in 20 vols. 4to. Pre

sented by J. R. Hurd. *1992. Dictionary of Arts and Sciences. By G. Gre.

gory, DD. in 3 vols. Presented by Charles


*1995. Elements and Practice of Rigging and Seaman.

ship, with engravings. 4to. Presented by Jones

Io Clinch. 1996. Transactions of the American Philosophical So.

ciety, for promoting Useful Knowledge, held at

Philadelphia, in 1818. 4to. 1997. Transactions of the Literary and Philosophical

Society of New-York. 4to. Presented by John

Pintard. 53. A portable Cyclopædia, or Compendious Dic

tionary of Arts and Sciences, including the latest

discoveries. By C. T. Watkins, AM. 8vo. 134. Stone's Euclid, 2 vols. 8vo. Presented by J.

Verplanck, jr. 255. Epitome of Book-keeping by double entry,

by Thomas Turner, 18mo. 193. Modern Book-keeping, by Charles Gerisher,

. 8vo. Presented by the Author..

139, Bennett's Practical Book-keeping, 8vo. Pre

sented by the Author. 147. Simpson's Euclid, sro. Presented by Jona

than Goodhue. 174. The Complete Navigator, or an easy and fa

miliar guide to the theory and practice of Navigation, with tables and plates, by Andrew Mackay, LL. D. 8vo. Presented by E. Wil

liams. 228. Endless Amusements, a collection of nearly 305. 400 entertaining experiments in various bran

ches of science, 18mo. 2 copies. 233. Scientific Dialogues, intended for the instruc

tion and entertainment of young people, in which the first principles of nautical and experimental

philosophy are fully explained, 2 vols. 24mo. T05. The Philosophy of Natural History, by Wm.

Smellie, with an introduction, &c. by John Ware. 962. Cooper on Gas Lights, 8vo... 963. Treatise on Bridge Architecture, by Thomas

Pope, 8vo. 695. Buffon's Natural History, abridged by the

Rev. W. Hutton, MA. with 100 engravings, 2

vols. 8vo... 702. Lectures on Geology, delivered in the New

York Athenæum, in the year 1825, by J. Van

Rensselaer, MD. 8vo. : 980. Machiavel's Art of War, 8vo. Presented by

C. Dubois. 1048. Essay on the Theory of the Earth, by M. Cu

vier, with mineralogical notes and an account of Cuvier's geological discoveries, by Professor Jameson ; and observations on the geology of North America, illustrated by the description of various organic remains found in that part of

the world, by S. L. Mitchill, 8vo. 1053. Elements of Chymistry, translated from the

French of M. I. A. Chaptal, 3 vols. in 1. 8vo.
Presented by N. Paulding.

1054, lingerie Bookkeeping

138. Mair's Book-keeping, 8vo. 137. Shey's Book-keeping, 8vo. Presented by Col.

lins l. Co. 1054. Elements of Chymistry, translated from the

French of M. Lavoisier, by Robert Kerr, 2 vols.

8vo. Presented by N. Paulding. 1514. Henry's Chymistry, 8vo. 136. Elements of Mineralogy, by Richard Kirwan,

8vo. Presented by Lucius Bull. 936. A General History of Birds and Quadrupeds,

with 128 engravings, by Thomas Bewick, 8vo. 1207. Thompson's Chymistry, with notes by Profes

sor Cooper, of the University of Pennsylvania,

4 vols. 8vo. *1998. Origin and Progress of Writing, Hieroglyphic

and Elementary, with engravings, 2nd London

edition, with additions, by Thomas Adle, 4to. *2112. The American Penman, comprising the art of

writing, by Eleazer Huntington. Presented by

E. Bliss & E. White. *2021. Natural Philosophy, Theoretical and Practi.

cal, by William Enfield, 4to. Presented by J.

Goodhue. *2031. Jones's English System of Book-keeping, 4to.

Presented by Thomas Bloodgood. 1016. Elements of Natural History and of Chymistry,

by M. de Fourcroy, translated from the French,

5 vols. 8vo. Presented by John E. Hyde. 1288. Hammond's Algebra, 12mo. Presented by J.

Verplanck. 1038. Vince's Elements of Astronomy, 8vo. Pre

sented by Prior & Dunning. 1934. Dialogues on Chymistry, intended for the in

struction and entertainment of young people, by

the Rev. J. Joyce, 18mo. 477. Art's Masterpiece, or Cabinet of useful and in

genious Secrets, 18mo. 733. Botanist, being the Botanical part of a course

of lectures on Natural History, with a discourse


on the principles of vitality, by Benjamin Wa

terhouse, MD. 8vo. Presented by I. A. Storm. 1765. Circle of the Sciences, 6 vols. 18mo. Pre

sented by S. S. Steele, 1572. Keith on the Globe, or a Philosophical View

of the Earth and Heavens, 8vo.. . 1120. The Elements of Natural or Experimental

Philosophy, by Tiberius Cavallo, 2 vols. 8vo.

Presented by I. C. Dinnies, jr. 1145. Daboll's Practical Navigator, being a system

of navigation for the daily use of seamen, 8vo.

Presented by Stephen Peck. 1135. Finlay's Arithmetical Magazine, or Mercan

tile Accountant, adapted to the commerce of the United States of America, 8vo. Presented by

Prior fo Dunning. 334. The Catechism of Health, selected from the

German of Dr. Faust, 18mo 171. Universal Accountant and complete Merchant,

by William Gordon, 2 vols. 8vo. Presented by

Saml. Stevens. 1253. Outlines of Natural Philosophy, being the

heads of a course of lectures delivered in Co. lumbia college, New-York, by James Renwick, AM. Professor of natural and experimental Philosophy and Chymistry, in Columbia college, 2

vols. 8vo. 381. Elementary Introduction to the knowledge of

Mineralogy, by William Phillips, member of the
Geological Society, with notes and additions on

American articles, by Saml. L. Mitchill, LL. D. 571. Essays on Physiognomy, with numerous en

gravings, translated from the German of John hond Caspar Lavater, by Thomas Holcroft, 4 vols.

8vo.. 660. A History of the Earth and Animated Nature,

by Oliver Goldsmith, MB. 5 vols. 8vo. 178. Lectures on. Natural and Experimental Philo

sophy, by George Adams, 5.vols. 8vo.

2168. A practical Treatise on Rail Roads and Car

riages, showing the principles of estimating their strength, proportions, expense, and annual produce, and the conditions which render them effective, economical, and durable ; with the theory, effect, and expense of steam carriages, stationary engines and gas machines illustrated by engravings, &c. by Thomas Tredgold, Civil

Engineer. 1485. Mayo's complete Natural History of the most

remarkable Quadrupeds, birds, fishes, reptiles, and insects, in the known world, illustrated by 57 copper-plate engravings, 1 vol. 8vo. Pre

sented by B. J. Seward. 1382. The Naval Pocket Gunner, compiled from the

most correct documents, by Messrs. Atkinson

and Clarke, of the office of Ordnance, 12mo. 1969. Compendium of Physiological and Systematic

Botany, with plates, by George Sumner, MD.


1498. Conversations on Chyrnistry, by which the

science is explained and illustrated by experiments and plates, with the late discoveries on the fixed alkalies, and an account of the artificial

mineral waters of the United States, 12mo. 1496. Accum's Chymical Amusements, with addi

tions by T. Cooper; comprising a series of exe periments easily performed, and without danger,

illustrated by plates, 12mo. 1182. The American Journal of Arts and Sciences,

- conducted by Benj. Silliman, 8vo. Presented

by Lucius Bull. 2112. The Emporium of Arts and Sciences--a pe

riodical, conducted by John Redman Coxe, Professor of Chymistry in the University of Pennsylvania, with engravings, 2 vols. 8vo.—with a continuation, by Thomas Cooper, Professor of chymistry, mineralogy, &c. in Dickinson col. lege, Carlisle, Pa. with engravings, 3 vols. 8vo.

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