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1635. A Sketch of Old England, by a New England man, 2 Vols. 12mo.

686. Journal of a voyage for the discoveries of a N. W. passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, performed in the years 1819-20, under the orders of Wm. Edward Parry of H. B. M. navy, 8vo.

1680. Extracts from a journal written on the coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico, in the years 182021-22, by Capt. B. Hall, 2 vols. 12mo.

792. An Account of expeditions to the sources of the Missisippi, and throughthe western part of Louisiana, &c. performed by order of the Government of the United States, with a tour through the interior parts of New Spain, by order of the Captain General, in the year 1807, by Major Z. M. Pike,illustrated by maps and charts, 8vo.

793. Journal of the proceedings of the late Embassy to China, comprising a correct narrative of the Transactions of the Embassy, of the voyage to and from China, &c. interspersed with observations on the character, manners, &c. of the Chinese nation, by Henry Ellis, 8vo.

797. Travels through part of the Russian Empire, and the country of Poland, along the southern shores of the Baltic, by Robert Johnston, 8vo.

375. Narrative of a voyage to New Zealand, in 1814 and 1815,by John Liddiard Nicholas, 2 vols. 8vo. Presented by S. Canning, British Ambassador.

890. H Voyage to the Eastern part of Terra Firma or the Spanish Main in South America, with a plete description of Caraccas, Venezuela, Maracaibo, Varinas, Spanish Guiana, Cumana, and the island of Margaretta, embracing every thing relative to the discovery, conquest, commerce, inhabitants, &c. by F. Depons, 3 vols, 8vo. Presented by F. Olmsted.

1249. Italy, by Lady Morgan, 2 vols. 8vo.

1433. The Private Journal of Capt. G. F. Lyon, of his Majesty's Ship Hecla, during the recent voyage under Capt. Parry, lKmo. 475. A Series of Indostan Letters, by a Traveller, 18mo. Presented by J. Ellis.

1012. Narrative of the Expedition to the Orinoco and Apure" rivers, in South America, by G. Hippiley,Esq., 8vo.

1155. Journal of an expedition up the rivers Orinoco and Arauca, by J. H. Robinson, late surgeon in the Patriotic army, with plates, 8vo.

728. Narrative of a Pedestrian journey through Russia, and Siberian Tartary, from the frontiers of China to the Frozen Sea and Kamschatka, in 1820-21-22-23, by capt. John Dundas Cochrane, 8vo.

1840. The Northern Traveller—Containing the routes to Niagara, Quebec, and the Springs, with descriptions of the principal scenes, and useful hints to strangers, with maps and copper plates. Presented by Wilder &r Campbell, 12mo.

195. A voyage to the Cape of Good Hope, and round the world, with plates, by Andrew Sparrman, 2 vols 8vo. Presented by J. E. Mowatt. 1084. Humboldt's New Spain, 2 vols. 8vo. Presented by L. &r F. Lockwood. 1096. Travels in France and Italy, in 1817-18, bv Wo. Berrian, 8vo.

908, 1152. A Year in Europe—Comprising a journal of observations in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Switzerland, the north of Italy and Holland, by John Griscom, 2 vols. 8vo. Two copies." One presented by the author.

915. Travels in Switzerland, in a series of letters to W. Melmoth, Esq., from W. Coxe,-2 vols. 8vo. Presented by John E. Hyde.

937. Travels from Detroit, northwest, through the great chain of American lakes to the sources of the Missisippi river, in the year 1820, by Henry C. Schoolcraft, 8vo.

1192. Barrington and Beaufoy, on the North pole, with papers on a northwest passage, by col. Beaufoy, illustrated with a map of the North pole, 8vo. Presented by W. B. Gilley.

1193. Do. do. 8vo. Presented by Anthony Lane. 1205. Journal of a second voyage for the discovery

of a north-west passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, in the British ships Fury and Heckla, under the orders of capt. Win. Edward Parry, 8vo.

1212. Description of the character, manners, and customs of the people of India; and of their institutions, religious and civil, by the Abbe1 J. A. Dubois, 2 vols. 8vo.

1211. Narrative of an expedition to explore the river Zaire, usually called the Congo, in South Africa, in 1816, under the direction of capt. J. K. Tuckey, with the journal of professor Smith, 8vo. Presented by Win. B. Gilley.

1214. Travels in Brazil, by H. Koster, 2 vols. 8vo.

1228, 979. Remarks during a journey through North America, in the years 1819-20-21, in a series of letters, with an appendix, containing an account of several of the Indian tribes, and the principal missionary stations, &c.; also a letter to M. Jean Baptiste Say, on the comparative expense of free and slave labour, by Adam Hodgson, of Liverpool, 8vo. 2 copies. One copy presented by J. Seward.

1999. Voyages and Travels in all parts of the world, with numerous engravings, collected and digested on a new plan, by John Pinkerton, 6 vols. 4to. Presented by John L. Gardiner.

2015. An Account of the Kingdom of Nepaul, being the substance of observations made during a mission to that country, in the year 1793, by col. Kirkpartrick, illustrated with a map and numerous engravings, London copy, 4to. Presented by Allen Robbins.

2026. Burney's collection of voyages, 4 vols. 4to. Presented-iuj fcGhmiSTgABritish Ambassador. ,

1022. Chateaubriand's travels in Greece, Palestine, Egypt, and Barbary, in 1806 and 1807, 8vo. Presented by Wm. Wdtkinson. 370. A journal of travels in England, Holland, and Scotland, by professor Silliman, 3 vols. 12mo. Presented by Robert Gracie.

1351. Silliman's tour from Hartford to Quebec, 12mo.

1471. Hall's (Col. Francis) travels in Columbia, its present state, climate, soil, productions, population, &c. 12mo.

1474. Madam Knight's and Rev. Mr. Buckingham's journals, written in 1704 and 1710, from the original manuscripts, 12mo.

1459. Sass' journey to Rome and Naples, in 1817, with an account of the present stale of society in Italy, and observations on the fine arts, 12mo. Presented by Wm. R. Wood. 010. Journal of a tour in the Levant, by William Turner, 3 vols. 8vo. 87. A voyage to the East Indies, containing an account of the manners and customs of the natives, with a geographical description of the country, by "Bartolomeo," 8vo. Presented by Benjamin Bailey.

184. A narrative of voyages and travels in the northern and southern hemispheres, comprising three voyages round the world, together with a voyage of survey and discovery in the Pacific ocean and Oriental Islands, by Amasa Delano, 8vo. Presented by Benjamin Bailey.

183. Travels in the interior of Southern Africa, in the years 1797 and 1798, with sketches of the physical and moral characters of the various tribes of inhabitants surrounding the settlement of the Cape of Good Hope, with maps, by John Barrow, 8vo. Presented by Benjamin Bailey.

185. Travels in Greece and Turkey, undertaken by order of Louis ^tVI, illustrated by engravings. Z vols. 8vo. Presented by J. Goodhue.

201. A journey through Holland and the western frontier of Germany, with a return down the Rhine, and observations during a tour to the lakes, by Ann Radcliff, 8vo. Presented by Marcellus Van Giesen.

176. An authentic narrative of the loss of the American Brig Commerce, wrecked on the western coast of Africa, with an account of the sufferings of her officers and crew enslaved by the Arabs of the great African desert, or Zahahrah, with observations, plates, &c. by Capt. James Riley, with plates, 8vo.

708. The life, voyages, and travels of capt. John Myers, detailing his adventures during four voyages round the world, his various enterprises on the coast of South America, and exhibiting a most instructive description of the north-west trade, 8vo.

961. Manners and Customs of several Indian tribes located west of the Mississippi, 8vo. by John D. Hunter.

967. Schoolcraft's travels in the central pdrtions of the Missisippi valley, mineralogical observations, &.c. Gvo.

970. Letters during a tour through Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, with reflections on the manners, literature, and religion of those countries, by Robert Gray, 8vo.

690. A Journal of a tour in Italy, in the year 1821, with a description of Gibraltar, with engravings, by an American, 8vo.

699. Views of society and manners in America, by an English woman, 8vo. Presented by Samue! L. Mitchill, jr.

693. A tour in Germany and some of the southern provinces of the Austrian Empire, in the year l820->-21-22, by John Russell, Esq.

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