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Vol. 23. Who's the Dupe ? a farce, by Mrs. Cowley. Know your own Mind, a comedy, by A. Murphy. Macbeth.

Vol. 24. Grecian Daughter, a tragedy, by A. Murphy. Tobacconist, a farce, by Ben Johnson. Midnight Hour, a comedy, by Mrs.

. Inchbald.

Vol. 25. Fortune's Frolics, a farce, by Allingham. King Henry the Fourth. Evadne. a tragedy, by R. Sheil. 289. Lalla Rookh, an oriental romance, 18mo., by

Thomas Moore. Presented by A. C. Lee. 1781. Œuvres de J. Poquelin, de Molière, 6 tomes,


Tome 1. Vie de Molière, par Voltaire, l'Etour-
di, comédie. Le Dépit Amoureux, comédie.
Les Précieuses Ridicules, comédie. Sgana-
relle, comédie. Don Garcie, comédie hé-
roïque. L'Ecole des Maris.

Tome 2. Les Fâcheux. L'Ecole des Femmes,
La Critique, de l'Ecole des Femmes. L'Im-
promptu de Versailles. La Princesse d'Elide.
Le Mariage Force.

Tome 3. L'Amour Médecin. Le Misanthrope.
Le Médecin malgré Lui. Mélincerte. Pas-
toral Comique. Le Sicilien ou L'Amour Pein^
tre. Don Juan, ou le Festin de Pierre.

Tome 4. Le Tartuffe. Amphitryon. George Dandin. Intermèdes de George Dandin. L'Avare. Tome 6. M. de Pourceaugnac. Les Amants Magnifiques. Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme. Les Fourberies de Scapin. Tome 6. Psyché. Les Femmes Savantes. La Comtesse d'Escarbagnas. Le Malade Imaginaire. La Gloire du Val-de-Grace-rpoëme. i917. The Works of Virgil, translated into English verse, by John Dryden, 24mo.

1549. The Dramatic Works of Henry Fielding, 5

vols. 12mo.

Vol. 1. An Essay on the Life and Genius of
Fielding, by Arthur Murphy. Love in seve-
ral Masques, a comedy. The Temple Beau,
a comedy. The Authors' Farce ; with a pup-
pet show, called the Pleasures of the Town.

Vol. 2. The Coffee-house Politician, or the
Justice caught in his own Trap, a comedy.
The Tragedy of Tragedies, or the Life and
Death of Tomb Thumb, the Great. The
Letter Writers, or a New Way to keep a
Wife at Home, a farce. The Grub-street
opera. The Lottery, a farce.

Vol. 3. The Modern Husband, a comedy. The
N Mock Doctor, a comedy. The Covent-Gar-
den Tragedy. The Debauchees, a comedy.
The Miser, a comedy.

Vol. 4. The Intriguing Chambermaid, a comedy. Don Quixotte in England, a comedy. The Old Man taught Wisdom, a farce. The Universal Gallant, a comedy. Pasquin, a dramatic satire on the times.

Vol. 5. The Historical Register for the year 1736. Eurydice, afarce. Eurydice Hissed, or a Word to the Wise. Tumble down, Dick. Miss Lucy in Town, a farce. The Wedding Day, a comedy. The Fathers, or the good natured man, a comedy. 386. Poems :—

Clio, by James G. Percival, No. 1, Charleston,

Poems by William Cullen Bryant, Cambridge,
Massachusetts, 1821.

Poems by John Turvill Adams, New-Haven,

Occcasional pieces of Poetry, by John G. C.
Braiuard, New-York, 1826.

2084. Poems,—

Odofriede the Outcast, a dramatic poem, by Sam.

B. H. Judah, New-York, 1822.—1 vol 12mo.
Fanny, New-York, 1821.
Pains of the Imagination, a poem, by Nathaniel

H. Carter, New-York, 1824.
The Judgment, a vision by James A. Hillhouse,

New-York, 1821.
Athens, and other poems, by the author of the

Ruins of Paestmu, Salem, 1824. 2090. Plays :—

Who wants a Guinea ? a comedy.

Mary of Scotland, or the Heir of Aven.el, a

drama. The Wounded Hussar, or Rightful Heir, a musical afterpiece. The Weathercock, a comic opera. Gustavus Vasa, a tragedy, melo drama. Conscience, or the Bridal Night. Valentine and Orson, a romantic melo drama,

1 vol. 18mo.

403. The Beauties of Dr. Isaac Watts, containing the most striking passages selected from his works, liimo. Presented by General Matthew Clarkson.

404. Ballads and Lyrical Pieces, by Walter Scott, Esq. 18 mo.

555. The Woodman's Tale, after the manner of
Spenser, with other poems, and the Royal Mes-
sage, a drama, by the Rev. Henry Boyd, AM.
8vo. Presented by Mien Robbins.
1714. Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, 7 vols.
Vol. 1. The Lay of the last Minstrel, and other

Vol. 2. Marmion.
Vol. 3. Lady of the Lake.
Vol. 4. Rokeby.

Vol. 5. Lord of the Isles.
Vol. 6. Bridal of Triermain.
Vol. 7. Harold the Dauntless.

1739. Imagination. The Maniac's Dream, and other poems, by Henry T. Farmer, MD. member of the Historical Society of New-York, 12mo. Presented by J. Knapp.

1740. Poems, by William B. Tappan, 12mo.

409. Ballads and Poems, by William Nixon, l8mo.

397. The Peasant's Death, or a Visit to the House of Mourning, and other poems, by John Stru

thers, 18mo. Presented by S. L. Mitchill,jr.

398. Leisure Hours, or Poems, moral, religious, and descriptive, by Joshua Marsden, liimo. Presented by B. L. Webb.

400. The Vision of Don Roderick, a poem, by

Walter Scott, 24mo. Presented by E. Duyckinck.

478. The 8th volume of the Plays of William Shak

speare, from the text of Johnson & Steevens.

Presented by Wm. Hahey.

1842. Roderick, the last of the Goths, a tragic

poem, by Robert Southey, 24mo. 1929. Hoole's translation of Ariosto's Orlando Furioso, 24mo.

1220. Relics of Melodino, translated by Edward Lawson, from an unpublished manuscript, dated 1645, 8vo.

1221. Marciau Colonna, an Italian tale, with dramatic scenes, and other poems, by Barry Cornwall, 8vo. Presented by Cornelius Savage.

367. The Poetical Works of Alexander Pope, 3

vols. ISmo.

Vol. 1. Juvenile Poems and Translations.

Vol. 2. Imitations of English Poets. Essay
on Man. Moral Essays. Satires and Epis-
tles of Horace imitated. Satires and Epi-

Vol. 3. The Dunciad. Imitations of Horace
Epistles. Epitaphs.

1936. The Poetical Works of Robert Burns, with the author's life, written by himself, 2 vols. 24mo. Presented by J. Morrison.

1940. The Remains of Henry Kirk White, with an account of his life, by Robert Southey, 2 vols. 24mo.

1472. Poems by Wm. Ray, with a sketch of the author's life, and of his captivity and sufferings among the Turks and barbarians of Tripoli, written by himself, 12mo.

1400. The Poetical Works of Wm. Wordsworth, 4 vols. 12mo.

Vols. 1, 2, 3. Miscellaneous.
Vol. 4. The Excursion.

1870. Poems on various subjects, by Joseph Hazard, 24mo. Presented by J. C. Dinnies,jr.

1548. The Backwoodsman, and other poems, by J. K. Paulding, 12mo. Presented by T. C. Doremus.

1429. The Poems of Ossian, translated by James MacPherson, 2 vols. 12mo. Presented by Allen Robbins.

1439. Orlando in Ronsesvalles, a poem in 5 cantos, by J. H. Merivale, 12mo. Presented by Allen Robbins.

1442. Specimens of the Russian Poets ; with preliminary remarks, and biographical notices, translated by John Bowring, FRS. 12mo.

1444. Songs by the Way, chiefly devotional; by the Rev. George W. Doane, AM. 12mo.

1448. Poems, moral and sentimental, by Mrs. Harriet Muzzy, collected and arranged by Caroline Matilda Thayer, l2mo. Presented by George Tomlinson.

1450. Airs of Palestine, a poem, by John Pierpont, Esq., 12mo. Presented by Saml. L. Mitchill,jr.

1431. Poems, by Bernard Barton, 12mo. 307. The West Indies, by James Montgomery, and other poems on the abolition of the slave trade, by James Grahame and E. Benger, 18mo.

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