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2085. Orations, &c. by—

J. J. Pringle,

David Ramsay,

David Ramsay,

J. J. Pringle,

R. Elfe,

David Ramsay,

William Sullivan,

Charles Sprague,

Edward Everett,

De Witt Clinton,

Daniel Webster,—1 vol. 8vo. 2174. Discourses by—

Clement C. Moore,

B. B. Wisner,

S. N. Rowan,

Samuel Austin,

Warren Fay,

Amzi Armstrong,

Gardiner Spring,

Joshua Bates,

Gardiner Spring,—1 vol. 8vo. 940. Pamphlets, viz:

Missisippi Question: Report of a Debate in the
Senate of the United States, by Wm. Duane.

The Pleader's Guide, a didactic poem, in two
books, containing the conduct of a suit at law.
with the arguments of Counsellor Botherum,
and Counsellor Bore'um, &c.

Letter from Alexander Hamilton, concerning the public conduct and character of John Adams, Esq.-—An answer to Alexander Hamilton's letter, concerning the public conduct, &c. of John Adams, Esq. by a citizen of NewYork.

A Letter from general Washington to several of his friends, in 1776, with an interesting view of American politics at that all-important period, 1 vol. 8vo. Presented by E. Bliss 4r E.


No. 1961. The Works of (he Right Honourable Lord

Byron, 8 vols. 18mo.

Vol. 1. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage.

Vol. 2. The Corsair.—-Lara.—The Bride of
Abydos.—Parisina.—Beppo.—English Bards,
and Manfred.

Vol. 3. Maruco Faliero.—Mazeppa.—The
Prisoner of Chillon.—The Prophecy of Dante.
Ode to Napoleon.—Vision of Judgment, and
Morgante Maggiore.

Vol. 4. Cain.—Sardanapalus.—The Deform-
ed transformed.—Hebrew Melodies, and Age
of Bronze.

Vol. 5. The Two Foscari.—Werner and the

Vol. 6. The Siege of Corinth.—The Island.—
Heaven and Earth, and other poems.

Vols. 7, 8. Don Juan. 698. Poems by James G. Percival, 8vo. 223. The Works of Thomas Moore, 5 vols. 18mo

Vol. 1. LallaRookh.

Vol. 2. Epistles, Odes, and other poems.

Vol. 3. Irish Melodies.—Sacred Songs.—National Airs.—Ballads, Songs, &c.

Vol. 4 Odes of Anacreon.

Vol. 5. Fudge Family in Paris.—The Blue Stocking, and other poems. 712. Hadad, a dramatic poem, by James A. Hillhouse, 8vo. 245, 476. The Dublin Mail, or Intercepted Correspondence, to which is added a Packet of Poems,

by Thomas Moore, 24mo. 2 copies. One copy

presented by J. C. Dinnies, jr. 252. The Year, a poem, by Wm. Leigh Pierce,

24mo. Presented by Burr Wakeman. 314. Bell's Edition of Shakespeare's Plays, as they are performed at the Theatre Royal in London, regulated from the prompt-book of each house, by permission; with notes, critical and illustrative, by the authors of the Dramatic Censor: with plates, 9 vols. 12mo. 949. The Works of William Shakespeare, with notes by Johnson, Steevens, and others, illustrated with plates, 10 vols. 8vo. Vol. 1. Life of the Author.—Dr. Johnsons preface.—Some account of the learning of Shakespeare.—Tempest.—Two Gentlemen of Verona, and Merry Wives of Windsor. Vol. 2. Measure for Measure.—Comedy of Errors.—Merchant of Venice.—As You Like

Vol. 3. Midsummer's Night-Dream. Much

Ado about Nothing. Love's Labour Lost.

Taming of the Shrew.
Vol. 4. All's well that ends well. Twelfth

Night. Winter's Tale. Macbeth.
Vol. 5. King John. Richard the Second.

Henry the Fourth, first part. Henry the

Fourth, second part.
Vol. 6. King Henry the Fifth. King Henry

the Sixth, first part. King Henry the Sixth,

second part. King Henry Sixth, third part. Vol. 7. Richard the Third. Henry the

Eighth. Coriolanus.
Vol- 8. Julius Caesar. Antony and Cleopatra.

Timon of Athens. Titus Andronicus.
Vol. 9. Troilus and Cressida. Cymbeline.

King Lear. Romeo and Juliet. Vol. 10. Hamlet. Othello. Pericles. 964. Ossian, 8vo. Presented by W. Whitlock. 920. The Poetical Works of John Trumbull, 8vo. Presented by Seth Hunt.

1848. The Poetical Works of Richard Savage, with

the life of the author, by Dr. Johnson. '373. Living Plays, 1 vol., containing—Beaux'Stratagem. Bold Stroke for a Wife. The Devil to pay. The Recruiting Sergeant. Presented by J. C. Dinnies,jr. 1797. Oxberry's Plays, 25 vols. 18mo.

Vol. 1. A new Way to pay old Debts, a comedy, by Philip Massenger. The Rivals, by R. B. Sheridan. The West Indian, by R. Cumberland. Vol. 2. The Hypocrite, a comedy by J. Bickerstaff. The Jealous Wife, a comedy, by George Colman. She Stoops to Conquer, a comedy. Vol. 3. Richard the Third. The Beggar'? Opera, by John Gay. The Wonder, a comedy. Vol. 4. The Duenna, an opera, by R. B. Sheridan. Lionel and Clarissa, an opera, by J. Bickerstaff. Alexander the Great, a tragedy, by N. Lee. Vol. 5. Hamlet. Venice Preserved, by Otway. Is He Jealous? an operetta, by S. Beasley. Vol. 6. The Woodman's Hut, a melo drama. Love in a Village, a comic opera, by J. Bickerstaff. The Way to keep Him, by A. Murphy. Vol. 7. Castle Spectre, a dramatic romance, by M. G. Lewis. Maid of the Mill, an opera, by J. Bickerstaff. Clandestine Marriage, a comedy, by Colman D. Garrick. Vol. 8. Soldier's Daughter, a comedy by A. Cherry. Distrest Mother, a tragedy, by A. Phillips. Othello. Vol. 9. Provoked Husband, a comedy, by Van Brugh and Cibber. Deaf and Dumb, an historical drama, by T. Holcraft. Busy Bodyy a comedy, by Mrs. Centlivre.

Vol. 10. Belle's Stratagem, a comedy, by MrsCowley. Romeo and Juliet. Recruiting Officer, a comedy, by C. Farquhar.

Vol. 11. Bold Stroke for a Wife, a comedy, by Mrs. Centlivre. Road to Ruin, a comedy, by T. Holcraft. Beaux' Stratagem, a comedy, by George Farquhar.

Vol. 12. As You Like it. King John. Country Girl, a comedy, by Garrick.

Vol. 13. Jane Shore, a tragedy, by N. Rowe. The Critic, a comedy, by R. B. Sheridan. Coriolanus.

Vol. 14. Rosina, an opera, by Mrs. Brookes. Suspicious Husband, a comedy, by Dr. Hoadly. Honest Thieves, a farce, by C. Knight.

Vol. 15. King Lear. The Inconstant, a comedy, by G. Farquhar. Mayor of Garratt, a farce, by Samuel Foote.

Vol. 16. Merry Wives of Windsor. Stranger, by B. Thompson. Three Weeks after Marriage, a comedy, by A. Murphy.

Vol. 17. Shipwreck, a comic opera, by S. J. Arnold. Rugantino, a melo drama, by M. G. Lewis. Wild Oats, a comedy, by J. O. Keefe.

Vol. 18. Merchant of Venice. Deserter, a musical drama, by C. Dibdin. Miser, a comedy, by H. Fielding.

Vol. 19. Rule a Wife, and have a Wife, a comedy, by Garrick. Magpie, a melo drama. Quaker, a comic opera, by C. Dibdin.

Vol. 20. Citizen, a farce, by A. Murphy. Wheel of Fortune, a comedy, by R. Cumberland. Rob Roy, an opera, by J. Pocack.

Vol. 21. Guy Mannering, a musical play, by Daniel Ferry. Cymbeline. Lying Valet, a farce, by Garrick.

Vol. 22. Twelfth Night. Confederacy, a comedy, by Sir J. Van Briigh. Douglas, a tragedy, by I. Home.

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