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1106. Haye'a Negotiators' Magazine, 11th London edition, 8vo. Presented by Saml. Wood fySons.

1107. Mortimer's Dictionary of Commerce, Trade, and Manufactures, 2 vols. 8vo.

1105. European Commerce, by C. W. Rordansz, 8vo. Presented by Lucius Bull.

151. Almanach du Commerce de Paris des departemens de la France & des principales villes du Monde par I. de la Tynna, 8vo.

*152. The Merchant-Ship Owner, and Ship-Master's Custom and Excise Guide, for the year 1823-4, by Chas. Pope, 9th London edition, with maps, 8vo. Presented by J. E. Smith.

*2016. Dictionnaire Universel de la Géographie Commeçante, contenant tout ce qui a raport à la situation et à l'étendue de chaque état commerçant; aux productions de l'agriculture, et au commerce qui s'en fait; aux manufactures, Pêches Mines, et au commerce qui se fait de leur produits; anx Lois, Usages, Tribunaux, et Administrations du Commerce; au Roulage, à la navigation; aux Banques, Compagnies de Commerce, Poids, Mesures et Monnaies; au Commerce d'exportation et d'importation, au Change à la Balance du Commerce, aux Colonies, etc. Par J. Penchet, 5 vola. 4to. Presented by Francis Huguet. x'006. Anderson's History of Commerce, and of the great commercial interests of the British empire in 4 vols. 4to. London edition. Presented by J. Verplanck. .

2011/ M'Pherson's Annals of Commerce, Manufactures, Fisheries, and Navigation, with brief notices of the arts and sciences connected with them; commencing 2200 years before Christ, and continued up to 1801, 4 vols. 4to. London edition. Presented by James Heard.

*2067. Oddy's European Commerce, detailing the produce, manufactures, and commerce of Rus


sia, Prussia, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany, as we'll as the trade of the rivers Elbe, Weser, and Ems, with a general view of the trade, produce and Manufactures of Great Britain and Ireland, London edition 1 vol. 4to. Presented by Alexander Mair. 161. Anderson's Origin of Commerce, from the earliest accounts, containing an history of the great commercial interests of the British empire, 6 vols. 8vo.

199. Commercial Regulations of the different for

200. eign nations with which the United States have intercourse, transmitted by the President of the United States, 2 copies, 8vo. Presented by C. C. Cambreling, Esq. and by Hector Craig, Esq.

149. The London Commercial Dictionary and Seaport Gazetteer, exhibiting a clear view of the commerce and manufactures of all nations, and their several products, with the name of each in every European language, &c. &c. by William Anderson, London edition, 1819, 8vo. Presented by C. C. Cambreling, Esq.

150. Commercial Code of France, with the motives or discourses of the Counsellors of State; delivered before the legislative body, by John Rodman, counsellor at law. Presented by Anson Kimberly.

262. System of Exchange, with most parts of the world; with the India Directory for drugs and spices of the East Indies, 18mo. Presented by S. Wood fy Sons.

173. Mercantile Tables, upon a new and improved method, adapted to the use of the public offices, bankers, merchants, &c. by S. Newman, of Lloyds' Coffee House, Cvo.

194. Universal Merchant, in theory and practice, by W. J. Aldridge, 8vo. Presented by S. Wood <$. Sons.

2030. Commercial Directory, containing a topographical description, extent and productions of different sections of the Union ; statistical information relative to manufactures, commercial and port regulations ; a list of the principal commercial houses; tables of imports and exports, foreign and domestic; tables of foreign coins, weights and measures, tariff of duties, 4to.

1102. Oddy's European Commerce, 8vo. Presented by Saml. Wood $, Sons.

-2075. Seybert's Statistical Annals, embracing views of population, commerce, &c. &c. of the United States, 4to. 473. Duties, payable on goods, wares, and merchandise, in the United States, 1816. 989. Memoir on the commerce and navigation of the Black Sea, and the trade and maritime geography of Turkey and Egypt, in 2 vols. illustrated with charts, by Henry A. S. Dearborn. 8v.o.

2110. Universal Dictionary of Trade and Commerce, with large additions and improvements, 4to. London edition, 2 vols. folio, by Malachy Tostlethwayt. Presented by John Pintard.


No. 465. Moral Amusements, 12mo. Presented by Mr.

Targee. 1776. Tales of my Landlord, 1st series, by the author of Waverly, 2 vols. 12mo. 466. The Adventures of Roderick Random, in 2 vols. 12mo. Presented by J. C. Dmnies,jr.

3* v 1757. The Adventures of Roderick Random, 2 vols.

12rno. Presented by Win. Halsey. 1910. Do. do do. 18mo. Presented by B. Houe. 1775. Decision, a Tale by Mrs. Holland, 18mo. 1773. The Pastor's Fireside, by Miss Jane Porter, in 2 vols. 18mo.

479. The Percy Anecdotes, original and select, by Shelto and Keuben Percy, 13 vols. 18mo.

294. The Travellers, by the author of Redwood, 2 copies.

296. The Abbot, by the author of Waverly, 2 vols. i2mo.

298. Guy Mannering, or the Astrologer, by the author of Waverly, 3 vols. in 2, l2mo.

269. Do. do. do. 3 vols. in 2.

300. Children of the Abbey, by Regina Maria Roche, 3 vols. 12mo. Presented by A. C. Lee. 1772. Rasselas, by Dr. Johnson, 32rno.

472. Waverly, by the author of Guy Mannering, &c. 24mo.

260. An Antidote to the Miseries of Human Life, in the History of Widow Placid and her daughter. Presented by John Thompson, 18mo. 1921. Thaddeus of Warsaw, by Miss Jane Porter, 4 vols. in 2, 18mo.

267. The Scottish Chiefs, a Romance, by Miss Jane Porter, 5 vols. in 2.

271. The Arabian Nights, in 4 vols. l8mo. translated by Edward Foster, M. A. Presented by A. C. Lee. 1918. Salmagundi, or the Whim Whams and Opinions of LauncelotLangstaff, Esq. and others, in 2 vols. 18mo.

293. Ivanboe, a romance, by the author of Waverly, &c. 2 vols. 12mo.

1912. Cceleba, in search of a Wife, in 2 vols. Presented by Mr. Schoonmaker.

279. , hranowna, or the Maid of Moscow, a novel, by the author of the Clergyman's Widow, &c.

1923. The Man of Feeling, by Mr. McKenzie, author of the Man of the World, J8mo. Presented by John Thompson. 287. Travels before the Flood, translated from the

Arabic, 2 vols. in I. 1 8mo. %

447. Winter Evenings, or Lucubrations on Life and ,* Letters, by Vicissimus Knox, DD. in 2 vols. 18 mo. Presented by H. White. 1741. Rothelan, a romance of the English Histories,

by the author of Annals of the Parish, 12mo. 801. Gulistan, or Rose Garden, by Musle Hudden Shaik, Sady of Sheeraz, translated from the original by Francis Gladwin, Ovo. Presented by Allen Robbins. 326. The Scottish Orphans, by Mrs. Blackford, 18mo.

328. The Vicar of Wakefield, a tale, by Oliver Goldsmith, DD. 24mo. Presented by J. Olmsteadj

329. Castle Rackrent, an Hibernian Tale, taken from facts, by Maria Edgeworth, 18mo. Presented by A. C. Lee.

331. Evelina, or a young lady's Entrance into the

World, 2 volumes, 18mo. I^k 335. Paul and Virginia, translated from the French

of St. Pierre, to which is added Elizabeth, from

the French of Madame Cotton, 24mo. 1866 Ivanhoe, a Romance by the author of Waver

lj, 2 vols. 18mo. 345. L'Historie de Gil Bias de Santillane, par Le

Sage, 4 vols. 18mo. 351. The Blank Book of a small Cottages, 18mo, 357. Integrity, a tale, by Mrs. Hofland, authoress of

Tales of the Priory, 18mo.

361. The Itinerary of a Traveller in the Wilderness, by Mrs. Taylor, authoress of Maternal Solicitude, 18mo.

362. The Spanish Daughter, by the Rev. George Butt, revised and corrected by his daughter, Mrs. Sherwood, 2 vols. 18mo.

1261. A Few Days in Athens, by Frances Wr 12mo.

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