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Natural Philosophy And Mathematics. 17

138. Mair's Book-keeping, 870. 137. Shey's Book-keeping, 8vo. Presented by Collins 4* Co. 1054. Elements of Chymistry, translated from the French of M. Lavoisier, by Robert Kerr, 2 vols. 8vo. Presented by JV. Paulding. 1514. Henry's Chymistry, 8vo. 136. Elements of Mineralogy, by Richard Kirwan.

8vo. Presented by Lucius Bull. 936. A General History of Birds and Quadrupeds. with 128 engravings, by Thomas Bewick, 8vo. 1207. Thompson's Chymistry, with notes by Professor Cooper, of the University of Pennsylvania.

4 vols. 8vo.

* 1998. Origin and Progress of Writing, Hieroglyphic and Elementary, with engravings, 2nd London edition, with additions, by Thomas Adle, 4to.

*2112. The American Penman, comprising the art of writing, by Eleazer Huntington. Presented by E. Bliss 4rE. White.

*2021. Natural Philosophy, Theoretical and Practical, by William Enfield, 4to. Presented by J. Goodhue.

*2031. Jones's English System of Book-keeping, 4to. Presented by Thomas Bloodgood.

1016. Elements of Natural History and of Chymistry, by M. de Fourcroy, translated from the French,

5 vols. 8vo. Presented by John E. Hyde. 1288. Hammond's Algebra, l2mo. Presented by J.


1038. Vince's Elements of Astronomy, 8vo. Presented by Prior 4" Dunning.

1934. Dialogues on Chymistry, intended for the instruction and entertainment of young people, by the Rev. J. Joyce, 18mo. 477. Art's Masterpiece, or Cabinet of useful and ingenious Secrets, l8mo. 733. Botanist, being the Botanical part of a course of lectures on Natural History, with a discourse


on the principles of vitality, by Benjamin Waterhouse, MD. 8vo. Presented by I. A. Storm. 1765. Circle of the Sciences, 6 vols. l8mo. Presented by S. S. Steele. 1572. Keith on the Globe, or a Philosophical View

of the Earth and Heavens, 8vo. . 1120. The Elements of Natural or Experimental Philosophy, by Tiberius Cavallo, 2 vols. 8vo. Presented by I. C. Dinnies,jr. 1145. Daboll's Practical Navigator, being a system of navigation for the daily use of seamen, 8vo. Presented by Stephen Peck. 1135. Finlay's Arithmetical Magazine, or Mercantile Accountant, adapted to the commerce of the United States of America, 8vo. Presented by Prior 4* Dunning. 334. The Catechism of Health, selected from the

German of Dr. Faust, 18mo 171. Universal Accountant and complete Merchant, by William Gordon, 2 vols. 8vo. Presented by Saml. Stevens. 1253. Outlines of Natural Philosophy, being the heads of a course of lectures delivered in Columbia college, New-York, by James Renwick, AM. Professor of natural and experimental Philosophy and Chymistry, in Columbia college, 2 vols. 8vo. 8S1. Elementary Introduction to the knowledge of Mineralogy, by William Phillips, member of the Geological Society, with notes and additions on American articles, by Saml. L. Mitchill, LL. D. 571. Essays on Physiognomy, with numerous engravings, translated from the German of John H Caspar Lavater, by Thomas Holcroft, 4 vols.

tvo. 660. A History of the Earth and Animated Nature,

by Oliver Goldsmith, MB. 5 vols. 8vo. 178. Lectures on Natural and Experimental Philosophy, by George Adams, 5 vols. 8vo.


2168. A practical Treatise on Rail Roads and Carriages, showing the principles of estimating their strength, proportions, expense, and annual produce, and the conditions which render them effective, economical, and durable ; with the theory, effect, and expense of steam carriages, stationary engines and gas machines—rillustrated by engravings, &c. by Thomas Tredgold, Civil Engineer.

1485. Mayo's complete Natural History of the most remarkable Quadrupeds, birds, fishes, reptiles, and insects, in the known world, illustrated by 57 copper-plate engravings, 1 vol. 8vo. Presented by B. J. Seward.

1382. The Naval Pocket Gunner, compiled from the most correct documents, by Messrs. Atkinson and ClaFke, of the office of Ordnance, 12mo.

1969. Compendium of Physiological and Systematic Botany, with plates, by George Sumner, MD. 1 'imp.

1498. Conversations on Chymistry, by which the science is explained and illustrated by experiments and plates, with the late discoveries on the fixed alkalies, and an account of the artificial mineral waters of the United States, 12mo.

1496. Accum's Chymical Amusements, with additions by T. Cooper; comprising a series of experiments easily performed, and without danger, illustrated by plates, 12mo.

1182. The American Journal of Arts and Sciences, conducted by Benj. Sillknan, 8vo. Presented by Lucius Bull.

2112. The Emporium of Arts and Sciences—a periodical, conducted by John Redman Coxe, Professor of Chymistry in the University of Pennsylvania, with engravings, 2 vols. 8vo.—with a continuation, by Thomas Cooper, Professor of chymistry, mineralogy, &c. in Dickinson college, Carlisle, Pa. with engravings, 3 vols. 8vo.

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1321. The Life of the late Gen. William Eaton, 8vo. Presented by Henry White.

1706. Ljves of the Novelists, by Sir Walter Scott, 2 vols. l2mo.

1143. Life and writings of William Robertson, late Principal of the University of Edinburgh, 8vo. Presented by E. Dvyckinck.

1135. Memoirs of the Life and Campaigns of the Hon. Nathaniel Greene, major general in the army of the United States, by Charles Caldwell, 8vo.

1263. Biography of the principal American Military and Naval Heroes, comprehending details of their achievements-during the revolutionary and late wars, interspersed-with authentic .anecdotes not found in any other work, and embellished with portraits, by Thomas Wilson, of Philadelphia, 12mo.

1269. The Life and character of Stephen Decatur, late commodore' in the U. S. navy, by I. Putnam Waldo, 12mo.

1278. The Life of 0. H. Perry, by John M. Niles, 12mo. Presented by C. J. Hubbs.

1512. Memoirs of the Rev. Henry Martyn, by John Sargent,jr. l2mo.

1970. Do. 12mo. Presented by John Sayre.

1285. Ramsay's Life of Washington, 12mo. Presented by Win. Watkinson. 619. The Life of George Washington, by John Marshall, 5 vols. 8vo. Presented by R. L. Lord. 625. Do. do. 5 vols. 8vo. with an atlas.

653. The Memoirs of the Duke of Sully, prime minister to Henry the Great, with additional notes and letters, and a brief Historical Introduction, 5 vols. Svo.

1473. Life of Martin Luther, translated from the German, by John Kotz, 12mo.

1122. Memoirs of Sir Joshua Reynolds, late President of the Royal Academy, comprising original anecdotes of many distinguished persons, his contemporaries, and a brief analysis of his discourses. To which are added varieties on art, by James Northcote, Esq. R. A. 8vo. jjK'?- 1502. Manuscript transmitted from St. Helena by an unknown channel, 8vo. Presented by F. Olmstead.

1503. Napoleon in Exile, or a Voice from St. Helena, by B. E. O'Meara, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo.

1505. Memoirs of the Military and Political life of Napoleon Bonaparte, from his birth to his death at St. Helena, by B. E. O'Meara, 8vo.

1511. Ramsay's Life of Washington, embellished with engravings.

1500. Las Casas' Journal of the private life and conversations of the Emperor Napoleon at St. Helena, 2 vols. 8vo.

1523. Memoirs of the private and public life of Wm. Penn, by T. Clarkson, M. A. 2 vols. 8vo. Presented by Oliver Hull.

1525. Life and character of the Rev. Jonathan Edwards, president of the college of New-Jersey, with sermons on various subjects, 8vo. Presented by Burr Wakeman.

1239. Memoirs and anecdotes of Philip Thicknesse. 8vo. Presented by Henry White.

2093. The life of James Otis, of Massachusetts, con-
taining also notices of some contemporary cha-
racters and events from the year 1760 to 1775,
by Wm. Tudor, 8vo

1497. Life of Gen. Putnam, by S. Swett, 12mo.
281. Viri Romae, by James Hardie, 18mo. Present-
ed by Lucius Bull.
723. Biography of the Signers of the Declaration
of American Independence, (to which is prefixed
a View of the British Colonies of N. A. from
their origin to their independence) with a por-

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