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her freedom and her fame. If, therefore, we confine our speculations to the selfish policy of personal emolument only, we are not entitled to the appellation of liberal and patriotic merchants. That honourable same must be founded on our usefulness to society, by contributing to individual buppiness and promoting the public weal. Our instrumentality in such a cause, accompanied with the grateful consciousness of having done our duty, will make in after life, the retrospect of the past pregnant with the most delightful recollections. And how can such an object be better effected than by the exertion of our talents and our influence in diffusing a taste for pursuits which rectify the heart ; inspire the soul with elevated sentiments, and by enlarging the faculties of our minds, augment our means of usefulness, and multiply the sources of our enjoyments 1 pursuits which, in every stage of our existence, recommend themselves to our attention; in the private circles of friendship and of home, by giving to our social intercourse the charm of intelligence, and in the active duties of public life, by imparting a character of integrity to all our transactions. By order of the Board,

B. J. SEWARD, President.

A. P. Ufford, Secretary. .Yew-York, Sept. 1825.

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"llios. H. Smith, J

F. W. Steinbrenner,

Lord k Lees,

Hillyer b Robbins,

Richards b Steele,

R. Olmsted,

Randolph & Withers,

David Austin,

Rufus L. Lord,

H. Booraem b Co.

J. & P. Hone b Co.

J. S. Shotwell,

Boggs, Thompson b Co.

Thos. Dixon,

Chas. Henry Hall,

P. Remsen,

Brothers Melly,

J. W. &, R. Leavitt,

Kevins b Townsend,

Philip Hone,

R. b N. Dart,

Halsted b Haines,

John Stewart, jr.

Saml. Marsh,

J. b A. Charters,

Shelters b King,

Hull b Bonn,

John Crumby,

Folger b Lamb,

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Arts and Sciences, Natural Philosophy, and Mathematics.


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by Thomas Turner, 18mo. 193. Modern Book-keeping, by Charles Gerisher. . 8vo. Presented by the Author.

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139. Bennett's Practical Book-keeping, 8vo. Presented by the Author.

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228. Endless Amusements, a collection of nearly

;305. 400 entertaining experiments in various branches of science, 18mo. 2 copies.

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inS3. Elements of Chymistry, translated from the French of M. I. A. Chaptal, 3 vols. in 1. 8vo. Presented by JV. Paulding.

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