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976. Narrative of the expedition to Dongola and

Sennaar, under the command of Ismael Pasha,

by order of Mehemmed Ali Pasha, Viceroy of

Egypt, by George Bethune, English, 8vo.

084. Macnevin's rambles through Switzerland, in

1802, 6vo. Presented by J. Morrison.

(OSS. Voyages and travels in various parts of the world, during the years 1803-4-5-6 and 7. by G. H. Von Langsdorff, 8vo.

1049. Darby's tour from New-York to Detroit, 8vo. Presented by L. Sr F. Lockwood.

1051. Journal of a cruise made to the Pacific Ocean by capt. David Porter, in the United States' frigate Essex, in the years 1812-13-14, embellished with engravings, 2 vols. 8vo. Presented by Charles Wiley.

1154. Do. dn. do. Presented by J, C.

Dinnies, jr.

1055. History of the expedition under captains Lewis and Clark to the sources of the Missouri, thence across the rocky mountains, and down th^-iver Columbia to the Pacific, prepared for the press by Paul Allen, 2 vols. 8vo. 222. Journal of a voyage in the missionary ship Duff, to the Pacific Ocean, in 1796, 12mo. . Presented by B. L. Webb.

1262. A voyage round the world, from 1806 to 1812, in which Japan, Kamschatka, the Aleutian Islands, and the Sandwich islands were visited, including a narrative of the author's shipwreck on the island of Sannack, and his subsequent wreck in the ship's long-boat, by Archibald Campbell, illustrated by a chart, 12mo. Presented by M. Clarkson, jun.

1260, Voyages to Portugal, Spam, Sicily, Malta, Asia Minor, Egypt, &c, by Francis Collins, l2mo. Presented by W. Wlritlock.

A Northern Summer, or travels round the Baltic, through Denmark, Sweden, Russia, &c. 1804, by John Carr, 12mo. Presented by i. Watkinton.

1265. A survey of the Spanish West Indies, being a journal of 3300 miles on the continent of America, by Thomas Gage, 12 mo. Presented by S. Canning, British Ambassador.

1266. Park's travels in the interior districts of Africa, in the years 1795-96-97, 12mo.

1005. A Voyage to Cochin China, by John White, lieutenant in the United States' navy, 8vo.

1238. Voyage of his majesty's ship Alceste to China, Corea, and the island of Lewchew, by John McLeod, 8vo.

1138. Anacharsis' travels in Greece, during the middle of the fourth century, 8vo. Presented by T. C. Doremus. 344. New travels in the United States of America, performed in 1788, by J. P. Brissot de Warville, 18mo. Presented by M. Schoonmaker. 535. Travels in England, France, Spain, and the Barbary States, in the years 1813-14-15, by Mordecai M. Noah, 8vo. Presented by Wm. R* Wood. 612. Voyage to South America, performed by order of the American government, in the years 1817 and 18, in the frigate Congress, by H. Brackenridge, Esq. 2vols. 8vo.

1275. An account of the Empire of Morocco, and the district of Suse, by James G. Jackson, illustrated with maps, 12mo. Presented by Wm. Watkinson.

1277. The tour of James Monroe, late President of the United States, through the northern and eastern states, in 1817, his tour in 1818, together with a sketch of his life, by S. Putnam Waldo, 12mo. Presented by W. M. Smith. 617. Journal of a tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, LL. D. by James Boswell, Esq. 8vo.

1521. Germany, by the Baroness Stael Holstein, translated from the French, 3 vols. in 2, 12mcc.

1534. France, by Lady Morgan, 2 vols. 12mo.

2099. Nauwkeurige voyagie, door Italien, Switzerland, &c. Behelsende veele Aanmerkenswaardige, Curieuse, en tot noch toe ongehoorde saken, welke in geen Reys-beschrijringen aangetekend zijn. In't Engelsch beschreven door Den Heer Burnet. Tot Utrecht. By Johannes Ribbius, AXSTtO 1687. Inquisitive Travels through Italy, Switzerland, &c, containing many worthy-of notice, curious and hitherto unheard of things : which are not noticed in any description of travels, published at Utrecht in the year 1687. Presented by J. C. Dinnies,jr.


2171. Columbian Accountant, or a complete system of practical arithmetic, particularly adapted to the commerce of the United States of America, with a short sketch of mensuration, 3d edition, by E. Shepherd, writing-master, teacher of mathematics, 8vo. 6 copies. Presented by the author. Arrowsmith's map of the world, six feet by sis feet

six inches. Presented by John Anthon, Eta.' Map of America, by A. Arrowsmith, four feet by

four feet nine inches. Map of Europe, drawn from all the best surveys, and rectified by astronomical observations, by A. Arrowsmith. Map of Africa, by A. Arrowsmith, four feet by four

feet nine inches. Map of Asia, four feet by four feet nine inches.

A new, elegant, and highly approved Chart of the Atlantic Ocean, exhibiting every rock, shoal, and danger, known, or supposed to exist, from the latitude .of 61 degrees north to the equator, by John Purdy, New-York, 1819; fire feet two inches by four feet. Presented by R. Patten.

A new and highly approved Chart of the South Atlantic Ocean, from the sixty-first degree of south latitude to the equator, exhibiting the coasts of South America and Africa, by Richard Patten; four feet five inches by three feet, New-York, 1819. Presented by R. Patten.

A Map of the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, with the adjacent parts of the United States of America, by Joseph Bouchctte, four feet by two feet six inches.

A new plan of the city of London and Westminster, with all the new improvements, published in 1819.

A Plan of Liverpool, England, surrounded by upwards of sixty engravings of the principal edifices and views of Liverpool.

A plan of the City and Suburbs of NMjferleans, from an actual survey, made in 181S;Tswl Tanesse, city surveyor, surrounded by engravings of eleven of the principal edifices.

Hooker's Plan of the city of New-York, published in 1824. Presented by the author. . .^

A View of the Flags that are to be found at sea, in all parts of the world.

A Collection of Shells and Marine Bodies, Petrifications, Fossils, Minerals, Ores, Cornelian Stones, and Antique Coins, forming a cabinet richly entitled to notice. Presented by different gentlemen.

An elegant Model of a Ship of the Line, formed entirely of ivory.

A very handsome Brig, under way, with all sails spread, completely rigged; every part of it made of paper.

Among the late donations, are a number of bows and poisonous arrows, used by the South American Indians in their warfare. Presented by Philip Robin'<y*, Esq., of Curacoa.


The Quarterly Review,

The Edinburgh Review,

The North American Review,

The Westminster Review,

The New-York Review and Atheneum Magazine,

Blackwood's Magazine,

The New-York Monthly Magazine,

The Mirror,

The Museum, (Philadelphia,)

The New-York Literary Gazette, and Phi Beta

Kappa Repository,
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