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Evangelical Slagazine.)

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Profils arising from the sale of this Alaga

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Stated Contributors to the Work.f rustees for the

proper distribution of the e Money)

Elçin Scora

Rev.Jos. Jei

Rev. R. Bayne M.A. Elgin Scorá

- Thomas Beck. London....... - James Boden,Sheffield......

David Bogue A.M.Gosport
S. Bottomley. Scarborough.
J.Brewer, Birmingham .......
Thomas Bryson, London...
George Burder , Coventry...
J.Cockin, Halifax.............
A. Duncanson, Airdrie Scot?
John Eyre A.M.Hackney.

Andrew Fuller, Kettering.... - S. Greatheed. Newport Pagn?

T.Haweis L.L.B. Aldwinkle

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Rev.Jos. Jefferson ,Basingstoke...

_ W. Kingsbury. A.M. Southam- George Lambert, Hull..... _Herbert Mends, Plymouth... _Edward Parsons , Leeds.......... - Samuel Pearce, Birmingham. - W.Roby, Manchester .... - John Ryland. D. D. Bristol....

Rob. Simpson. A.M. Hoxton. - John Smart, Stirling Scoti..

John Townsend, London..... - Alex.Waugh.A.M.London... - Matthew Wilks, London.... - E.Williams. D. D. Rotherham.



Ourselves your Servants for Jesus sake. 2 Cor. N.o.

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CLONDON. Printed by and for J. (hapman N.3151FleetBabes


THE important intelligence, which the Evangelical

1 Magazine has communicated to the Public in the course of the last year, has, we doubt not, excited in our readers much thankfulness, and animated them with prospects, which must gladden the mind of every one, who sincerely rejoices in the prosperity of Zion.

Our future information, we trust, will be still more extensive, and not less interesting, as we shall not only continue to detail the very important tranfactions of the Missionary Society, who have made our Pamphlet the medium of communication to the Public ; but an enlarged scene of foreign intelligence is opening to us, by means of a correspondence which we, as well as they, are endeavouring to establish in various parts of the globe.

The experience we have had of the zeal and affection of our friends at home, induces us confidently to hope they will still kindly interest themselves to render this department of our work as complete as possible, by transmitting to us every remarkable and pleasing incident respecting the ordination and settlement of Ministers, the increase of the Gospel, the erecting or opening places of Worship, or any singular marks of the Divine favour and grace to individuals, whether in life or death, Vol. V.


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