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Sect. LXXVI. The reign of Joash, or Jehoash, king

of Judah. Jehoiada dies. Zechariah the son of

Jehoiada ‘slain. Hazael king of Syria wars

agaipst Judah. Joash dies.....


Sect. LXXVII. The wicked reign of Jehoahaz king

of Israel. The kingdom of Israel reduced.

Jehoahaz dies....


Sect. LXXVIII. The reign of Jeboash, or Joash, king

of Israel. He visits Elisha in his sickness. Elisha

dies. The Syrians defeated. Jehoash dies..., 364

Sects LXXIX, The reign of Amnaziah king of Judah.



He numbers his people. War with the Edon-
ites. War with Israel. Amaziah taken prisoner

by Joash. His death...


Sect. LXXX. The reign of Jeroboam II. king of Is-

sael. Israel delivered by his hand....... 374

Sect. LXXXI. Part of the prophecy of Amos, con-

cerning a famine and an earthquake. The peo-

ple of Israel called upon to repent...


Sect. LXXXII. The reign of Uzziah, or 'Azariah, king

of Judah. His great prosperity. He burns in-

cense, and is struck with leprosy. His death .. 380,

Sect. LXXXIII. Part of the prophecy of Isaiah.

The people of Israel and Judah called upon to

forsake their sins, and turn unto the Lord .... 383

Sect. LXXXIV. The reigns of Zachariah and Shal-

lum, kings of Israel. Their death ............

. i 385

Seet. LXXXV. The history of the propliet Jonah.

· The Lord commands him to go to Nineveh. He

disobeys and is swallowed up by a fisks. The

Lord delivers him.....


Sect. LXXXVI. Jonah again sent to Nineveh. The

people repent at his preaching, and are pardoned.

C. Jonah displeased. He is made sensible of his

error, ...


Sect. LXXXVII. The reigns of Menahem, Pekaiah,

and Pekah, kings of Israel. Hoshea succeeds

to the throne ..


Sect. LXXXVIII. Part of the prophecy of Hosea.

The prophet foretels the downfall of the king.

dom of Israel. He calls upon the people to repent 396

Seet. LXXXIX. The reigns of Jotham and Ahaz,

kings of Judah. Jotham's great prosperity. The
Ammonites become tributary to him. Syria and
and I.phraim confederate against Judah. Isaiah

- encourages Ahaz.' The iniraculous birth of

Emanuel predicted. The defeat of the Assy,

rians foretold, &c. ...ini

Sect. XC. The wickedness of Ahaz. Numbers of the



people of Judah carried into captivity by the Sy-



Sect. XCI. The impiety of Ahaz. He sends part of

the treasure of the Lord's house to the king of

Assyria. He setteth up an altar to idols, burns

incense thereon, and commits abominations.

His death


Sect. XCII The beginning of the reign of Hezekiah

king of Judah. He cleanses the temple, and

reforms public worship. A covenant made with

great solemnity.....


Sect. XCIII. Part of the prophecy of Isaiah. The

prophet denounces woes against the people of

Israel. He invites them to turn unto the Lord 415

Sect. XCIV. The reign of Hoshea king of Israel. He

becomes tributary to Shalmaneser king of Assy-

ria. Conspires against him. Samaria taken.

Hoshea taken prisoner. The Israelites carried

into captivity


Sect. XCV. Continuation of the reign of Hezekiah

king of Judah. His piety. He subdues the Phi-

listines. He becomes tributary to Sennacherib

king of Assyria .....

... 419

Sect. XCVI. Part of the prophecy of Isaiah against



Sect. XCVII. Sennacherib bęsieges the cities of Ju-

dab. Hezekiah is seized with sickness. Isaiah

the prophet is sent to warn him to prepare for

death. He prays to the Lord, and his life is

lengthened. His reflections


Sect. XCVIII. Hezekiah's confidence in the Lord 430

Sect. XCIX. Sennacherib sends a great host against

Jerusalem. Rab-shakeh's arrogant speech......432

Sect. C. Hezekiah's humiliation. Isaiah's message to

him. Rab-shakeb's letter. Hezekiah's prayer.. 435

Sect. CI. God's message to Hezekiah...


Sect. CII. The Assyrian smitten by an angel. Sen-

Aacherib killed by his sons


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From 2 Samuel, Chap. iii.

And unto David were born in Hebron six sons, Amnon, Chileab, Absalom, Adonijah, Shephatial, and Ithream.

And it came to pass while there was war between the house of Saul and the house of David, that Abner made himself strong for the house of Saul,

But Abner was verywroth, for the words of Ish-bosheth had provoked him, and he said, Am I a dog's head, which against Judah do shew kindness this day unto the house of Saul thy father, to his brethren, and to his friends, and have not delivered thee into the hands of David ?

So do God to Abner, and more also, except as the Lord hath sworn to David, even so I do to him: to translate the kingdom from the house of Saul, and to

the throne of David over Israel and over Judah, from Dan even to Beer-sheba.

And Ish-bosheth could not answer Abner a word again, because he feared him.

Abner sent messengers to David on his behalf, saying, Whose is the land? saying also, Make thy league with me, and behold, my hand shall be with thee, to bring about all Israel unto thee.

And David said, Well, I will make a league with thee: but one thing I require of thee, that is, Thou shalt not see my face, except thou first bring Michal, Saul's daughter, when thou conest to see my face. VOL. III. B


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