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He, who DESIRES THAT THE TABLE of his life MAY BE FAIR, will BE cAReful to propose to himself the Best ExAMPles; AND will Never BE content, till he EQUALs or Excels theM.

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Members of Nobody's Club deceased, mention of, 166, 171. Scotch EPIscopAL CHURCH.—Short Account and Present State of, 131 to 151—Relieved from Penal Statutes, 137– Bishop Horne's (143) and Bishop Horsley's (139) Sentiments concerning that Church—Fund set on foot towards making an Addition to the Incomes of the Bishops and Clergy (149) and for the Relief of their Widows and Orphans, 141—Committee in London for co-operating with the Managers of the Funds in Scotland, 151—Mr. Stevens's Contributions in Aid of those Funds, 141, 151.

BEREAN SocIETY.—An Ideal Institution, so called, some mention of, 43, 47, 49.

Society for Reformation of PRINCIPLEs.-Formed by Mr. Stevens and his Friends, 155.

Moore, Dr. late Archbishop of Canterbury.—Amiable Trait of his Character, 158.

HoRNE, late Bishop of Norwich.-His Sermon on “the “Beloved Disciple,” (51) and his other Writings (127) recommended.

Hutchinson, John.-Some Account of the Writings of that Extraordinary Man, 22 to 27.

The Reader is requested to correct the following Errata, viz. –

Page 78, line 14, for party quarrel read party quarré. 101, .... 1, for Mr. Calverby read Mr. Calverley. 135, .... 12, for four read three, and dele comma after Abernethy. 136, , . . .20, for four read three.

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