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Constable limited, 1910

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Page 64 - Yes, trust them not: for there is an upstart crow beautified with our feathers, that with his tiger's heart, wrapt in a player's hide, supposes he is as well able to bombast out a blank verse as the best of you; and being an absolute Johannes factotum, is in his own conceit the only Shake-scene in a country.
Page 60 - The Whole Contention betweene the two Famous Houses, Lancaster and Yorke. With the Tragicall ends of the good Duke Humfrey, Richard Duke of Yorke, and King Henrie the sixt. Diuided into two Parts : And newly corrected and enlarged. Written by William Shakespeare, Gent. Printed at London, for TP" A small quarto, containing 64 leaves, A to Q in fours.
Page 99 - On this unworthy scaffold to bring forth So great an object: can this cockpit hold The vasty fields of France? or may we cram Within this wooden O the very casques That did affright the air at Agincourt?
Page 150 - Gowry,' with all the action and actors, hath been twice represented by the King's Players, with exceeding concourse of all sorts of people ; but whether the matter or manner be not well handled, or that it be thought unfit that Princes should be played on the stage in their lifetime, I hear that some great Councellors are much displeased with it, and so 'tis thought shall be forbidden.
Page 99 - O, pardon! since a crooked figure may Attest in little place a million; And let us, ciphers to this great accompt, On your imaginary forces work.
Page 60 - The true Tragedie of Richard Duke of Yorke, and the death of good King Henrie the Sixt, with the whole contention betweene the two Houses Lancaster and Yorke, as it was sundrie times acted by the Right Honourable the Earle of Pembrooke his seruants.
Page 99 - Like to the senators of the antique Rome, With the plebeians swarming at their heels, Go forth and fetch their conquering Caesar in : As, by a lower but loving likelihood, Were now the general of our gracious empress, As in good time he may, from Ireland coming, Bringing rebellion broached on his sword, How many would the peaceful city quit, To welcome him I much more, and much more cause, Did they this Harry.
Page 171 - ... em loose again. Afterwards, in Oliver's time, they used to act privately, three or four miles or more out of town, now here, now there; sometimes in noblemen's houses, in particular Holland House at Kensington, where the nobility and gentry who met (but in no great numbers) used to make a sum for them, each giving a broad piece, or the like.
Page 96 - Drusus, or Roscio? Now I have him, that nere of ought did speake But when of playes or Plaiers he did treate. H'ath made a common-place booke out of plaies, And speakes in print, at least what ere he sayes Is warranted by Curtaine plaudeties...
Page 356 - when, however, they saw that the whole court had left town, they persisted in acting it ; nay, they brought upon the stage the Queen of France and Mile, de Verneuil. The former having first accosted the latter with very hard words, gave her a box on the ear. At my suit three of them were arrested ; but the principal person, the author, escaped.

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