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One of the documents from the speak of the continued distress of War Department, states, that the the unemployed manufacturers, and “ annual expense to the U. S. for of combinations of these sufferers to Indian Schools, was $18,778, that I prevent the execution of the laws; the number of schools was 40, and hunger, as the proverb says, will the pupils 1194. The expense of break through stone walls...... Lord removing 15,000 of the Delawares, | Cochrane has purchased a small and other tribes of Indians, to the | frigate at Marseilles, and was · West of the Missouri line, is esti- waiting the arrival of the Greek frimated at $98,700,

gate, from New York, to embark for The bill for the payment of pen- | Greece...... The London Petition for sions, now due, has passed the the repeal of the Corn-Laws, had House.

obtained 10,000 signatures....... The The documents presented to Con Greek pirates in the Levant contingress, relative to the trade of the l ued their depredations against all British West Indies, are interesting, li nations...... A severe baitle has been particularly that part of them which fought in Africa, between the Brit. embraces the letters of Mr. Secreta- | ish and Ashantees, in which the loss ry Canning and Mr. Secretary Clay. 1 of the latter in their defeat, was It may be easily seen, from this cor- | 5000 men ; the former had 800 killrespondence, that we have lost of ed, and 2000 wounded..... The affairs this trade what we formerly enjoy- of Colombia are in a bad train, and ed ; and it is, perhaps, of little con- seem to be approximating not to a sequence now to complain or find | solid, federative system of governfault with our government, in not || ment, but to a dynasty, less free keeping a better look out concern- | than the French or English; and ing this branch of commerce. what is worse, that Bolivar now ap

pears to have been the contriver of THE MILITIA.

this revolution, and with his agent, The Secretary of War, in his Re Paez, to have brought about matters, port transmitted to Congress, re- | so as to effect the consummation of marks, that “ from our happy posi their ambitious plans. What will tion in regard to Europe, and from the Congress at Mexico say to all the no less fortunate relations main- this?.......The Duke of York was tained with our neighbours, and their | given over by his physicians, and not actual condition, it would appear that thought able to survive over Christkeeping up a system of the militia so || mas. extensive as the present, and burthen- ||

DOMESTIC SVIMARY. some, without any advantage, to a The legislature of Georgia have large class of our cilizens, was alto- || voted $30,000 for internal improve. gether unnecessary. A different or

or- li ments......A company is forming in ganization, therefore, by which at least | New-York, for the purpose of cona million and a half of our most useful structing a Canal between the city citizens would be relieved from the un

of Schenectady and Lake Ontario, profitable pageantry of military pa

at Oswego......Several extensive and rade, for five or six days in the year,

destructive fires have recently taken , constituting so injurious a draft on

place in the city of New York and their industry, must be one which can

on Long Island ; at the latter place, not fail to be well received by the Ame

an extensive distillery was burnt, in rican people.

which were 300 hogsheads of whisFOREIGN SUMMARY.

key ; the proprietor, judging its fiery

quality, had the precaution to have The latest accounts from Europe, || it insured, to the amount of $17,000 are to the middle of Nov. They h ...... The Ú. S. armed vessels, on the

Pacific station, are in future to visit | follow his advice, but to place him the Sandwich Islands occasionally. || on the throne. This is not copying ...... The legislature of S. Carolina the example of Washington ! have a bill before them, for abolishing imprisonment for debt..... Messrs. MILITARY IMPROVEMENTS. Gales and Seaton employ twelve A board of officers has been in presses constantly, in executing the session at Washington for more than printing of Congress.... .Our affairs two months, closely occupied in prewitb England, respecting the Boun paring uniform systems of cavalry, dary Line, and certain commercial || artillery and infantry exercise, for restrictions, begin to wear, say some || the use of the militia; and in reof the Southern papers, a squally porting a plan of organization, more appearance...... Within a short time, l! efficient than the old one, and less more than 60 cases of small pox | oppressive to the people. Their lahave occurred on Staten Island ; li bours must, we think, be productive and of these 20 have proved fatal ; ll of some good, as almost any other considering the blessings of vaccina system would operate beneficially, tion, we may almost term this suffer when put against the present existing, voluntary....... Gen. Steel, Col- || ing one, in Massachusetts. lector of the Customs, has resigned his office....., Mr. John P. Cleave- |

AMERICAN HISTORY. land has been invited to become the

Professor Rafinesque says, in his Pastor of the Tabernacle Church || advertisement announcing his new and Society in Salem......Mr. King, || historical work on this country, late Secretary of Legation, at Lon 1 “No general history of this condon, has arrived at New-York, and tinent having ever been attempted, is the bearer of despatches for our ! it has been considered highly desirgovernment ; in the same vessel, came a King's messenger, with im at last filled up, and a beginning, if portant despatches to the British no more, made towards furnishing Minister, resident at Washington ; our literature and schools with a they both departed, immediately on general account of the events, transtheir arrival, for the seat of govern

actions and revolutions that have ment.

happened in this Continent from the

earliest records to our times. I IMPORTANT.

have therefore made this attempt, Intelligence has been received |

|| and after many years of researches, from Colombia, advising, that the

studies and enquiries, after consultrepublic was in a state of disorgan:

ing about 1000 Writers on America, zation,—that Venezuela and Apure

surveying our ancient monuments had declared themselves independ

and comparing all the local chroent; and that Paez, as the Civil and

nologies and languages, I have sucMilitary Chief, was supporting the

ceeded in completing the frame of

the History of North and South measure by force. It appears also, il from these accounts, that six of the

America, the West Indies, &c. from remaining provinces had declared the earliest time to this day.” their adherence to the general gov- | The Hon. Mr. Randolph has taernment, and to the supreme autho- || ken his seat in the Senate of the U. rity of Bolivar. These events seem States. It may be well for the peace to corroborate the former reports of l and comfort of his Senatorial comBolivar's recommending the Code,

panions, should the political lapidaBolivian, (hereditary monarchy) tories of Europe have rubbed him the Colombians; and we now tind, down a little, and brought him to a that they are not only disposed to l smooth, if not a sining surface.

For the Boston News-Letter. have originated in this city. Mr. Mr. Editor.--Your North-End

Hill has marked out a wise course; correspondent who furnished the

-his talents are competent, and if splendid Caucus-List, given in your

he is not liberally patronized, the Record of the 15th ult. would grati

public will not do the editor the jusfy the public still further, by giving

tice he will merit. a history, or such fragments of it,

Obediently Yours, K. Lås he might be enabled to pick up, from the old folks of our city, rela

CASTING TYPES. tive to the annual and popular dis

A letter to the Editor of the Frankplay of Popes. The practice was in 1 lin Journal mentions that Messrs. some degree connected with the

Cameron and Sons, of Edinburgh, politicks of that day, although not

have an improved machine for manof so orderly a character as the pro

ufacturing paper. A single machine ceedings of the whig patriots, both

will produce in 12 hours, 15 reams in Caucus, and at Town-meetings.

of large size news, 30 reams of deSome anecdotes, at least of the

my or crown and 60 of foolscap or North-End Exhibition, which was of pot paper, of uniform thickness, free a gigantic nature, would be amusing

from air bubbles, water drops or and highly acceptable to many, be

|| hemming ; exactly square, with sides your humble servant,

smooth edges. The same letter

CURIOSO. states that Messrs. Didot, Degrand [The “History of Boston,” pub

and Co. of Paris, have an improved lished during the last year, by Mr.||

machine for casting types, by which Abel Bowen, (see pp. 263,) con

they cast from 100 to 160 at a time. tains some account of these exhibi

Two workmen of ordinary address, tions, and particularly the last one,

will fill the mould three hundred when the opposing parties, (South

times a day, and can consequently End and North-End) united in ami

cast from 30 to 40,000 letters, or ty, and agreed t, abolish the prac

40,000 on an average. This is said tice. This was eifected, in good

to be equal to the work of from 12 humour, by making a common bon

to 15 men, upon the old plan. fire, on Coups-Hill, ofthe two images, with all their stage trappings.]-1

ose | The legislature of Pennsylvania Ed.

I have elected Gen. Isaac D. Barnard

U. S. Senator, for six years, from

the 3d of March next. Mr. Editor. -Having noticed Bir. Hill's prospectus of the Lyceum, I have been reflecting upon the

WEST-INDIA TRADE. propriety of uniting the subscription l Agreeably to an act of the governlist of Col. Knapp's Magazine, by | ment of England, their West-India making an arrangement with the ports 'were closed against our compublishers. This would be an ad.

merce, on the 1st inst. Some acvantageous addition of respectable counts from Antigua, say, that such names; and beside there is scarce

American vessels, as were then in ly a person who subscribed for these ports, would not be permitted the Magazine, who I believe, would | to bring home return cargoes, but not gladly patronize the contempla must depart in ballast. This is ted periodical. While upon the

vexatious, but we cannot help it.subject of periodical literature, I || Great Britain has a right to manage cannot conceal the feeling--that it | these things as she pleases; so has is shameful that Bostonians have ll a man the right of starving himsell not contributed more towards the |to death, if he pleases; or to bite his welfare of periodical works, which own nose off, if he can get at it.


From the annexed statements, it will ap- ll of the murderer's revenge, is horrid, pear, that notwithstanding the restric

cruel, and beyond description. tions heretofore laid on our commerce with the British West Indies, it was still

A correct report of the trial is a profitable trade ; but of which, we

promised, and we expect it will be fear, the present policy of England will accompanied, with a memoir of their wholly deprive us.

lives,--merely to illustrate their Imports ir. W. I. I lauds, 1624, $2,758,067 past characters. Marchant, whose do 1925, * 2,437,122

true name is White, is a native of Experts to B. W. I. Islands, 1824, 1,750,703 do. do. 1825. 1,635,574

Dover, England ; and Curtis, we Adding to the above the value of Im

understand, was born in the State ports from Nova-Scotia and Canada, the

of Maine. average amount in 1824, was, $3463,998, of which $1,125,042 were in gold and Letters from Malaga state, that a silver coin. In 1825, $3,047,910, of which $344,002 were in specie.

strong Algerine squadron was in sight

off that port. Other letters state, LUMBER TRADE.

that the Algerines had landed in the It appears by the Treasury state

vicinity of Montrill, Andalusia, and ments of 1824 and 1825, that the

carried off 290 persons, of both sexvalue of our shipments of Lumber, || during these two years, to the Brit

es, as slaves. . . ish West-Indies, and their provinces

The Mexican Government, it is in North America, amoupted, agreeably to the Custom House returns, said, have imposed a duty of 250 per to the sum of

cent. on American manufactured $1,033,158!

Cotton Goods. [Doubtful.] From this trade, it is feared, we shall be cut ofl, unless our government practice a little more adroit Mr Seldon Braynard bas been ness in mercantile knowledge, than convicted of selling Lottery Tickets, they have done for some years back.

and fined 200 dollars, under the

new law. He has appealed to the THE MUTINEERS. The trials of Marchant and Cur- || Supreme Court. tis have been closed, and they now | stand convicted of the awful crime | Rev. Francis Wayland has been of Murder. The ingenuity of their elected President of Brown Univercouncil was exerted in vain against | sity, by an unanimous vote of the such a weight of testimony. Mr.

Corporation. Much is expected Blake, the attorney on the part of the United States, made an able

from this appointment; and the and interesting speech, in which he | friends of sound literature and liberclearly pointed out the facts and the al theology, hail it with great satisatrocity of the crime of which the faction. prisoners stood charged. Thus, two men, in the morning of exist- ||

Benjamin Wiggin, Esq. of this ence, are to suffer for their wickedness by an ignominious death upon i city, has given 1000 dollars towards a gallows. The crime of murder, erecting a new Episcopalian Church rinder any circumstances is revolt in Hopkinton, his native village. ing to every feeling of the human 'heart, but the shedding of innocent blood upon the ocean, where no

Colson, one of the mutineers of hope of escape is presented to the

| the schooner Fairy, has been found unhappy being, who is the object || guilty.

For the City Record. ll soon become the substantial recomBOSTON ARTISTS.

pense of such order and systematic MR. Evitor. In the Evening

industry. Gazette, of last Saturday, I noticed

Our Mechanics, of Boston, are the names of some of the principal

ll half a century in advance of the artists. The writer neglected to

fine arts, in relation to regularity, mention several gentlemen of great

or, in other words, organization.respectability, whose claim upon

| Whenever a few of the masters, in

Wheneve the public, is equal to those who

either of those elegant departments, were mentioned in the paper allud

make an effort, to this effect, it will ed to,-but who are too modest to

I have a wonderful influence on the wish, or even desire to be placed so

general prosperity of the whole., eonspicuously.

A PAINTER, It is a proud era in the history of Boston; the arts flourish, and men

SALUTARY ADVICE. of talents, do not think it beneath

| A Mother to her Daughter on Marriage. their dignity to employ their hands

You are now my beloved child, in useful labour. —Perhaps, Mr.

about to leave those arms which Editor, the art of engraving holds

have hitherto cherished you, and the most conspicuous rank; and this

directed your every step, and at is altogether the result of patient

length conducted you to a safe, hapindustry. There are many painters,

py and honourable protection, in but there is not more than one good

the very bosom of love and honour. engraver, to half a dozen of the pen

You must now be no longer the cil.–Painters are not well encour

| flighty, inconsiderate, haughty, pasaged here, and hence, there are

sionate girl, but ever, with reverence several fine geniuses' actually

and delight, have the merit of your cramped into the garret, for want of

husband in view.-Reflect how vast a little patronage.

the sum of your obligation to the With engravers, the case is al

man who confers upon you indetogether different: whether a work

pendence, distinction, and, above man or not, he is pretty sure of

all, felicity. Moderate, then, my employment. Every man can do

beloved child, your private expenwithout his portrait, but every child

ses, and proportion your general requires a picture to illustrate and

expenditure to the standard of his enforce an idea.

fortune or rather his wishes. I fear I have long since thought, as ar

| not that, with your education and tists have increased to such a res

principles, you can ever forget the pectable number, that the painters

more sacred duties, so soon to be and engravers, particularly, ought

your sphere of action. Remember to be associated in a regular socie

the solemnity of your vows, the digty. Prizes should be instituted,

nity of your character, the sanctity premiums offered and a fund creat

of your condition. You are annened for the unfortunate of their pro- lah

10- || able to society for your example, to fession. In connection with this,

your husband for his honor and hapthey should have a regular exhibi-|

piness, and to heaven itself for those tion, once a year, of their produc

rich talents intrusted to your care tions, which would yield a handsome

and your improvement; and though, sum of money, and then dispose of

in the maze of pleasure, or the whirl the whole at public sale. Both

of passion, the duties of the heart paintings and engravings would be

cinay be forgotten, remember my more extensively patronized. Good

darling child, there is a record which taste would encourage each individual, connected with such societies, lidence against us for our least omis

will one day appear in terrible eviand the coffers of the rich would Ilsion

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