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tendents and teachers; they are co-workers with the ministers of the everlasting gospel, and even “laborers together with God.”

NO CONVERSIONS! It is deeply painful to learn,—as we do from the Annual Report of the Barnstable Co. S. S. Society,just received, that no reference is made, in any of the returns from the schools, to conversions. Not a case is reported as having occurred the past year! This has not before been true, in that county, for any year during the past ten. We fear that the reports on this subject from most, if not all, of the auxiliaries of the Society, will be of the same painful character. When will the Lord turn again our captivity ?


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In visiting a Sabbath school recently, our attention was early directed to a class of eleven or twelve young ladies. No one could cast an eye over the school without noticing that class. All the members appeared absorbed and deeply interested in the exercise in which they were engaged. On inquiry, we learned that this was their usual appearance; and that some of the members exhibit no small concern in reference to the subject of their personal salvation.

A single incident in regard to the teacher, will reveal the secret of his success, in securing this interested attention of his class. He is accustomed to rise at four o'clock Sabbath morning,—an hour earlier than other mornings,—that he may have time to prepare his lesson and to commend his class to God in prayer! With God's blessing, might we not expect in all cases, under similar circumstances, like results ? Every teacher, by personal experiment, may obtain a satisfactory answer to this question.

Notices of the Society's Publications.

From the Christian Alliance and Family Visiler." The World's SALVATION. By Enoch Pond, Professor in the Theo

logical Seminary at Bangor.

“From an examination of the contents of this work, and a cursory perusal of its pages, we judge it one of the most important which has of late issued from the press. Our limits will not allow of an extended notice. Its title, its author, and the press from which it has issued, demand for it an extensive circulation. It contains 414 pages.” No FellowSHIP WITH ROMANISM. By Enoch Pond.

“ This is a beantiful volume of 250 pages, neatly bound in cloth, interspersed with plates. It shows, what its title indicates, the moral impropriety, if not impossibility, of Christian fellowship with the errors, the superstitions and cruelties of Romanism. It is written in the Professor's usually felicitous style, and should be in the library of every Christian family.” FOOTPRINTS OF Popery: or Places where Martyrs have suffered.

“ The author of this little volume has tracked the agents of the papal church through many towns in England, by the blood of holy men. Let those who would know that persecuting church, study her history in the bloody footprints here described." Popery AN ENEMY TO THE Gospel.

“A neat little volume of 36 pages, by Edward Dalton, Esq., Secretary of the Protestant Association. A valuable addition to Sabbath school libraries."

ANNUAL REPORT FOR 1846. Will not the gecretaries and superintendents of the various societies and schools con. nected with the Mass. Sabbath School Society, make an immediate effort to furnish full returns for the coming Annual Report? Every Report should be in the hands of the subscriber, as early as inay be in April. Those who have received circulars are requested to give as definite an answer as possible to the several questions proposed, and promptjy return them according to the directions. If any whose duty it may be to make the

report, have not received a circular, they are requested to send (freo of expense, if possible) answers to the following questions to

Asa BULLARD, Cor. Sec. Mass. S. S. Society. 1. How many teachers, including superintendent, in your school or schools ?

2. What is the whole number of scholars, including the number of such Bible and Infant Classes as are connected with the Sabbath school 2

3. What is the average attendance of teachers ? 4. What is the averaye attendance of scholars ? 5. How many scholars over eighteen years of age ? 6. How many scholars have become hopefully pious during the year ? 7. How miný scholars who have become pious during the year, were baptized in infancy? 8. How many volumes in the library? 9. How many from your school have commenced preparing for the ministry, during the year? 10. Is your school continued through the winter ? 11. Do you hold leachers' meetings for the study of the lessons ? 12. D) you take up collections in your school for benevolent objects ? 13. Do you observe the Sabbath School Concert? 14. How many Juvenile Benevolent Associations in the parish ? 15. How many Juvenile Temperance Societies in the parish 3 16. How many Maternal Associations in the parish ? 17. What Question Book is used in your school?

N. B.-Please mention definitely, the number of schools you report,—the toron or parish where the school is located, and the superintendent. Any interesting facts connected with your school, -any account of labors among the children, or for the general improvement of the school, -any hints or suggestions in relation to the subject of Sabbath school instruction.-or any information respecting the beneficial influence of the Society's publications, will be thankfully received.

We would suggest that every report, after the superintendent or secretary has completed what he has to say, be subinitied to the pastor, for his inspection, and that he may add any hints or remarks he may have to make. Some of the richest, fullest reports that have ever been made, have embodied the suggestions and remarks of both the superintendent and pastor.

Boston, March, 1846.

Is published monthly at No. 13 CORNHILL, Boston. Terms, fifty cents per annum, in advance. When ordered from the Depository, to one address, every ninth copy gratis.

THE WELL-SPRING Is published weekly, at No. 13 Cornhill, Boston. Terms at the Depository.--Single copy, 35 cents; three copies to one address, $1; ten to one address, $3; twenty, or upwards, to one address, 25 cents a copy. From these terms there is no variation,-payable in all cases in advance.

Agents must make their payments within six months, for both works, or they will be discontinued at the discretion of the Publisher. Payments to be made to C, C. Dean, Treasurer.



Concord, Rufus Merrill,
Amherst, Sereno E. Bishop, Dover, E. J. Lane,
Amesbury, Eli B. Howard, Keene, Abijah Kingsbury,
Andover, David Garland.

Manchester, Asa O. Colby, Ashby, Jonas Patch,

Nashua, J. Buffum,
Attleborough, C. Carpenter, Portsmouth, W. B. Lowd.
Braintree, Wm. Thayer,

Dedham, S. Parish, C. E. Morse,
Dorchester Village, J. W. Marshall

, St. Johnsbury, A. G. Chadwick,

Brattleborough, A. E. Dwinell,
Framingham, Boynton & Marshall, Windsor, Bishop & Tracy.
Greenfield, Wm. Elliot,
Groton, Dea. C. Lawrence, Newport, Ephraim Sheldon,
Lowell, Samuel B. Simonds.

Providence, I. Wilcox & Co.,
J. J. Judkins,

J. G. Rawson,
Milton Bonney,

S. $. Depos. 12} Westminster St.
Manchester, John Price,
Methuen, Wm. Thaxter,

CONNECTICUT. New Bedford, C. Davenport,

Hartford, Charles Hosmer, Newburyport, c. Whipple,

New Haven, Wm. Stebbins, J. G. Tilton, Norwich, Safford & Park. Vorthampton, Stoddard & Lathrop,

NEW YORK. Pittsfield, Little & Werden,

Albany, E. H. Pease,
Plymouth, W. S. Bartlett.

N. York city, M. W. Dodd,
Salem, Henry Whipple,
Springfield, G. & C. Merriam,

Troy. Young & Hartt.
Taunton, P. W. Dean,

Townsend, Dea. Joel Adams, Philadelphia, Wm. H. Flin.
Westfield, A. G. Chadwick,

Williamstown, E. Kellogg,
Worcester, Benjamin P. Rice. Lynchburg, Peleg Seabury.


Lower Alton, J. A. Willard.
Bangor, W. Lewis & Co.,
Bath, Henry Hyde,

Portland, Hyde, Lord & Duren.

Cincinnati, George L. Weed.

Amherst, John Prince,

St. Louis, T. H. Knox.

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APRIL, 1846.




PAGR. Sabbath school concert, 73 | We live not to ourselves,

92 The old ladies' class, 77 Instructive incident,

92 A short Sermon to faithful teachers, 80 Erie Co., N. Y. S. S. Association, 93 Religion a matter of calculation, 82 Want of qualified teachers,

94 " Try again,"

85 Thoughts, suggested by the return of The teacher's relation to his country, 87 the annual fast,

96 The deacon's fireside.-No. 2. 88

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By payment of $10 and upwards, from Feb. 16 to March 14.
Cornish, N. H.-Joshua W. Wellman, by members of his school in East
Randolph, Mass.

10 00 Lincoln.-Calvin Weston, by the Sabbath school in Rev. Mr. Newhall's soc. 10 00 Montpelier, Vt.-Joseph W. Howes, Sup't, by the Sabbath school in 1st Congregational Society,

10 00 Methuen. - Albert Smith, by members of his Sabbath school class in 1st Congregational Society,

10 00 South Brookfield.-Dea. Calvin Jennings, by the Sabbath school in Rev. Mr. Whiting's Society,

10 00 North Bridgwater. --Josiah W. Kingman, Sup't

, by a Teacher in the Sabbath school in South Parish,

10 00



From Feb. 16 to March 14. Boston.-From a friend, for Illinois,

200 Barre.-From a class of Misses in the Sabbath school, in Rev. Mr. Bullard's Soc., per Miss M. Jenkins,

7 00 Concord, N. H.-From the Sabbath school in 1st Congregational Society, per Samuel Morrill, Sup't,

11 00 Chelsea.–From the Winnissimmet Sabbath school, per M. F. Wood, Sup't, 15 00 Fall River.-From Mrs. Shaw's class, in S. S. in 1st Cong’l Society, 1,66 Hadley. From the Sabbath school in Ist Religious Society, per G. D. Allen, Treasurer,

11 00 Hartford, Ct.-From the Sabbath school in Centre Church, per Thomas Smith, Treasurer,

25 00 Middlebury, V-From "Addison Consociation," per Rev. Thomas A. Merrill, D.D.,

50 00 North Plympton.-From a Friend,

15 00 Reading.–From the Sabbath school in Rev. Aaron Pickett's Society, per E. Emerson,

10 00 South Amherst—From the S. S. per B. E. Smith, Sup't,

10 00 South Abington.-From Rev. D. Powers' Soc., per S, Blake, Sup't, 10 00

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From children of the Maternal Association in same Soc., per Mrs. D. Powers,

3 75 West Newbury. From Mrs. E. J.S. Noyes' class of little girls, in the Sabbath school, in Rev. Mr. Edgell's Society,

200 Walpole.-From the Sabbath school, in Rev. Mr. Bigelow's Society, per Jeremiah Allen, Sup't,

20 00 West Needham.--From L. W. R. N. W. and W. S. W., savings of the year,

1 50


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