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MARCH, 1846.




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By payment of $10 and upwards, from Jan. 16 to Feb. 16.
Clintonville.—Dea. Joseph B. Parker, sup't, by the Sabbath school in Rev.
Mr. Eaton's socieiy,

10 00 Cambridge.--Zelotes Hosmer, sup't, by his former Bible class in the Shepard church Sabbath school,

10 00 Dummerston, V1.-Rev. N. Barbour, by the ladies of his society,

- 10 CO Millbury.-Dea. Thomas H. Witherby, by the Sabbath school in Rev. Mr.

10 00 North Brookfield —Hiram Knight, sup't, by ladies in the Sabbath school in Rev. Dr. Snell's society,

- 10 00 Sandwich.-Hon. J. B. Dillingham, by the Sabbath school in Rev. Mr. Pease's society,

· 10 00 Thetford, Vl.-Judge S. Short, superintendent, by the Sabbath school in Rey. E. G. Babcock's society, (in full.).

2 00 Southampton – Mrs. P. R. White, contributed at a pastoral visit to Rev. E. White's family,

12 00



From Jan. 16, to Feb. 16.
Andover.- From the Sabbath school in Old South Church, per Timothy

15 00 Abington.-From the Sabbath school in. Rev. Mr. Ward's society, per

15 00 Braintree.-Independence and New Year's offering, in Rev. Dr. Storrs? society, per S. D. Hayden, Esq.,

11 22 Boston.- From Pine street' Infant School, and Juvenile Missionary So. ciety, per Miss Lamson,

9 50 From a friend for Illinois,

. 2 00 Brentwood, N. H.-From the Sabbath school in Rev. Mr. Boutwell's soc, 3 00 Foxboro'.-From the Sabbath school Concert in Rev. Mr. Poor's society, per Daniel L. Hewins,

12 00 Granby.-From the Sabbath school in Rev. Mr. Bates' society,

. 10 00 Hampton Falls and Seabrook, N. H.-From the Sabbath school in Rev. Mr. Abbott's society,

1 00 Ipswich. From the Sab. school in First Parish, per Geo. W. Heard, Esq. 17 64 Milbury.-From the Sabbath school in Rev. Mr. Buckingham's society, 14 00 North Reading.-Independence Offering," from the Sabbath school in Rev. Mr. Allen's society, per A. T. Hewes, sup't,

3 00 South Hadley Falls. From the Sab. school in Rev. Mr. Thompson's soc., 13 00 St. Johnsbury, Vt. From the Sabbath school in First Congregational so. ciety, per Rev. J. P. Stone,

10 00 Saxonville. - From Mrs. M. G. Soden,

5 00 Taunton. From the Sabbath school in Rev. Mr. Maltby's society, per A. Butler, sup't,

6 77 From Emily A. & Joseph Henry Butler-being money paid them by their father, for abstaining from the use of tea and coffee for six months,

2 00 Worthington.-From Ruth Adams, per Stoddard & Lathrop,

50 West Hampton.-From the Sabbath school, per Stoddard & Lathrop, 11 Co West Andover.-Little Boys' Offering. Westford.–From Middlesex North and Vicinity Charitable Society, per



Dea. S. S. Adams, Treas. Yarmouth.-From the Sabbath school in Rev. Mr. Cogswell's society, 3 26 West Boylston.-From Miss Loanza Goulding, and her district school, 5 00

DONATIONS TO THE SOCIETY. East Randolph.–From Rev. W. A. Peabody's congregation,

10 00

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NO. 3.... MARCH, 1846..... VOL. III.



[“He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubt

less come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.” This passage is beautifully illustrated in the following experience of a teacher. We have, in the experience of this teacher, as we had in an article in our last, the elements of success,” and the success also.]

AMONG the various causes of benevolence to which the Christian has pledged support, none have more deeply interested my own feelings, than the Sabbath school. Though humble in its pretensions, it nevertheless has proved "mighty through God to the pulling down of many strong holds” of the prince of darkness.

That teacher, who, with untiring diligence, “goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.” A young lady in the same school with myself had a class of little girls. She loved them much, and they clung to her with all the warmth and ardor of childhood's love, for children always reciprocate affection, if properly manifested. This teacher left her home, and parted with that little



class, and a sad parting it was. In the female seminary of which she became a member, the charge of several young ladies was assigned to her. She entered upon

her new du ties with great fear and trembling. Having a pious roommate, her prayers were enlisted that her humble efforts for their conversion might not be unavailing. They resolved to make one individual the subject of prayer and effort for two successive weeks, until each had been chosen. They prayed in their closets and unitedly, until their faith was greatly strengthened and a love for souls kindled in their hearts, such as they had never known before. They felt like Jacob of old, that they could not be denied the blessing. But Miss

did not leave her pupils with the closet. They were a constant burden upon her spirits. She embraced every opportunity for personal conversation upon the importance of immediate attention to the salvation of their souls. When conversation was impracticable, she addressed them a note of tender and earnest expostulation. Her humble exertions were seen in heaven. The Lord listened and heard the groanings of her spirit. One expressed a trembling hope that her name was written in the “ Lamb's book of life.” Her prayers were then requested for her impenitent companions. One after another was rejoicing in the hope of pardoned sin, until at the close of a six months' term, all but one returned to their homes with joy, that they had found the "pearl of great price.” That one has since enrolled her name with the people of God.

Miss — was at length called to the responsibilities of a wife and mother, but her love for the Sabbath school abated not. Scarcely was she settled in her new home, before she was found within its sacred enclosure. Her husband was appointed superintendent, and this to her was a new incentive to effort. She invited the female teachers to meet at her house for a weekly prayer-meeting in behalf of their respective classes. Her husband was a man of uncommon

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Sabbath School Concert.


piety, whose closet as well as the family altar, bore daily witness to his earnest pleadings that the Lord would appear clothed with salvation for the Sabbath school. It was soon found that “praying breath is never spent in vain.”

” An unusual solemnity pervaded the whole school. Here was seen the tear of penitence fast flowing from the eye of a little girl. There, a lad, whose utterance was choked with sobs, asking, “How shall I get a new heart ?” And the deep sigh and anxious expression of older pupils told that they too felt that their eternal all was at stake. The little prayer meeting of perhaps eight or ten, was increased to overflowing. In eternity it may be seen that the prayers which ascended from that circle of teachers, was intimately connected with the salvation of many of those pupils.

But “passing away” is written upon every thing earthly. A sad change came over the bright and joyous home of this teacher. He with whom she loved to associate in the delightful duties of the Sabbath school, closed his earthly labors and went to his home in heaven. She became a widow and her children fatherless. For a time

“ Her soul was like a broken lyre,

Whose fondest, sweetest chord is gone." But the “healer” was there. He gave her “beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.” She removed to her early home and again entered the Sabbath school. She looked for her class of little girls. Several were yet there, and though they had ripened into womanhood, no change had come over their spirits, save that the love of Jesus glowed in the hearts of all but one. They sought her again as their teacher, and who shall tell the emotions with which she stood before her first class of little girls, grown to maturity, mingling their tears with hers, and pouring balm of tender sympathy into her torn and bleeding bosom.

The class of which she now took charge, including these

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