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"Our Sabbath school,”-says a superintendent,-“unlike many others, has never been adopted by the church as her foster child. The church, as a church, feels no responsibility in sustaining it, and as a consequence, the labor and the care are shared by the few, who, regarding the Sabbath school as an important auxiliary to the ministry, make it a matter of conscience and duty to yield it their cordial support. It will readily be seen, that a school conducted on this plan, depending for its very existence on the exercise of the religious principle, will flourish only so far as the church contains within itself a large number whose piety is marked by a glowing zeal, regulated and attempered by a just discrimination, and a high degree of intelligence. Our school has, for much of the time during the past year, labored for the want of teachers of this stamp, and this, with other things, has essentially aided to give an unpromising aspect to the school when compared with former years. These things, which have had a tendency to depress us, are now in a measure obviated, and our prospects for the ensuing year are more than usually promising.”

HUMBLE BUT USEFUL. "It is true of the Sabbath school, as of all other departments of moral and religious effort, that each laborer must be content “to dig his small allotment in the great field of usefulness, to contribute his little item to the cause of truth and righteousness, and to look for the sum total as the product of innumerable contributions, each of them as meritorious, and many of them, perhaps, far more important and splendid than his own;' but the allotment belonging to us, whether great or small, must not be neglectedthe item, whatever its value, must be faithfully contributed."


The Mass. S. S. Society has just published the following original Books : SIMPLE SKETCHES AND PLAIN REFLECTIONS. 180

Pp. 18mo.


This is a charming book. The sketches are drawn with great delicacy and truth, and the reflections are natural and appropriate. The style is simple, but at the same time sufficiently elevated for the subjects. The book, we think, must be a great favorite. THE SUCCESSFUL MOTHER; or, I TAUGHT THEM TO

BIBLE. 58 pp. 18mo.

The author of this little book, whose name is upon the title page, is the daughter of a very respectable clergyman, now deceased, and of an eminently pious mother, who, we believe, is still alive to witness the fruit of her instructions, in the lives of her children. She here developes the system which was adopted in her own family—a system which, if adopted by all mothers, would make our sons and daughters corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace. CONSIDERATION; OR, THE GOLDEN RULE. 126 pp 18mo.

This book consists of a number of narratives illustrative of the practical bearing of the precept which forms a part of its title. The stories are not fictions, but all substantially true, and most of the events occurred under the observation of the writer. It is well written, and will be a very useful book.

DONATIONS TO THE SOCIETY. The donations to the Mass. S. Society, during the five months ending the last of October, amounted to $2,325.79. Of this $ 320 was for Life-Members ; $2,005.79 for establishing and encouraging Sabbath schools in destitute parts of our country and in Canada, and $ 700.60 were “ Independence Offerings."

NOTICE.—The Publications of the American Sunday School Union will be furnished, when wished for, at the Depository of the Mass. S. S. Society, on the same terms at which they can be obtained at any of the Depositories of the Union.

IT NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS.-All who wish to take the CongreGATIONAL Visiter, or Tue Well-SPRING, for the coming year, should give notice of it the present month.

17 Subscribers for the Visiter, or WELL-SPRING, who wish to obtain numbers of either work, to complete their files, can obtain them at the Depository.

Is published monthly at No. 13 Cornhill, Boston. Terms, fifty cents per annum, in advance. When ordered from the Depository, to one address, every ninth copy gratis.

THE WELL-SPRING Is published weekly, at No. 13 Cornhill, Boston. Terms at the Depository.--Single copy, 35 cents ; three copies to one address, $1; ten to one address, $3 ; twenty, or upwards, to one address, 25 cents a copy. From these terms there is no variation,-payable in all cases in advance.

Agents must make their payments within six months, for both works, or they will be discontinued at the discretion of the publisher. Payments to be made to C. C. Dean, Treasurer.



Concord, Rufus Merrill.
Amherst, Sereno E. Bishop. Dover, E. J. Lane.
Amesbury, Eli B. Howard. Keene, Abijah Kingsbury,
Andover, David Garland.

Manchester, Asa 0. Colby. Ashby, Jonas Patch.

Nashua, J. Buffum.
Auleborough, C. Carpenter. Portsmouth, W. B. Lowd.
Braintree, Wm. Thayer.

Dedham, S. Parish, C. E. Morse.
Dorchester Village, J. V. Marshall.

Brattleborough, A. E. Dwinell. Fitchburg, Dea. A. Thurston.

St. Johnsbury, A. G. Chadwick. Framingham, Boynton & Marshall. Windsor, Bishop & Tracy. Greenfield, Wm. Elliot. Groton, Dea. C. Lawrence. Newport, Ephraim Sheldon. Lowell, Samuel B. Simonds, Providence, I. Wilcox & Co., Milton Bonney.

J. G. Rawson. Manchester, John Price.

S. S. Depos., 124 Westminster st. Methuen, Wm. Thaxter. New Bedford, C. Davenport.

Newburyport, C. Whipple,

Hartford, Charles Hosmer.
J. G. Tilton.

New Haven, Wm. Stebbins.
Northampton, Stoddard & Lathrop.

Norwich, Safford & Park. Pittsfield, Little & Werden,

NEW YORK. Plymouth, W. S. Bartlett.

Albany, E. H. Pease. Salem, Henry Whipple.

New York City, M. W. Dodd. Springfield, G. & C. Merriam.

Troy, Young & Hartt.
Taunton, P. W. Dean.

Townsend, Dea. Joel Adams.
West field, A. G. Chadwick. Philadelphia, Wm. H..Flint.
Williamstown, E. Kellogg.

Worcester, S. A. Howland.

Lynchburg, Peleg Seabury.

ILLINOIS. Bangor, W. Lewis & Co.

Lower Alton, J. A. Willard. Bath, Henry Hyde.

Portland, Hyde, Lord & Duren.

Cincinnati, George L. Weed.
Amherst, John Prince.

St. Louis, T. H. Knox.



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