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PAGE. Congregational Visitor,

265 Don't give up the Sabbath School, 20 Sabbath School Concert, 267 Want of Punctuality,

21 Mode of Conducting Public Exercises in Choice Thoughts for the Afflicted, 2N3 Sabbath Schools,

272 A Word to Ministers, Responsibility of Parents, 274 Epistles of Christ,

295 Deacon's Fireside, No. III.

275 Want of Co-operation from the Church, 239 " Ask, and it shall be given," 279 Humble but Useful,



LIFE-MEMBERS, By payment of $ 10 and upwards, from October 14 to November 14. Bedford. -Moses Josiah Fitch-athank offering by his mother, Mrs. Susan Fitch, $10 00 Dedham.--Friend Tilden, by his class of young ladies in Mill Village S. S.,

10 00 North Danters.-Mrs. E. P. Kettelle, by the S. S. in Rev. Mr. Braman's Soc., 10 00 Wrentham.-- Dea. Calvin Blake, by the Centre S. S.,

10 00 West Spring field.--Dea. Boardman Hubbard, sup't, by the S. S.,

10 00 Do. Ireland Parish.-Philo W. Street, by Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Smith, 10.00



From October 14 to November 14.

Attleboro'.-From Mrs. H. N. Babcock-money left by 4 deceased child,

$1 00 Auburn.- Collected by a lilile girl six years old,

2 00 Albany, N. Y.-From the Missionary Society in the S. S. of Fourth Presbyterian Church, per H. D. Crane, treas'r,

20 00 Brattleboro', V.--From the S. S. in Rev. A. H. Clapp's Soc., per Edward Kirkland, sup't,

10 00 Boston.-From a Friend, for Illinois,

4 00 Cabotrille.- From Rev. S. G Clapp's Soc., per George Merriam, Esq.,

5 00 Chester.-" Independence Offering from the S. S., per George Merriam, Esq., 1 15 East St. Johnsbury, Vi.-From the S. S. in Rev. Mr. Case's Soc.,

2 50 East Hartford, Cl.-From the S. S. in First Cong. Soc., per Mr. Pitkin,

10 00 East Windsor, Çi.-From the S. S., per Rev. Mr. Bartlett,

200 Franklin.-" Independence Offering' from the S. S. in Rev Mr. Southworth's Soc., 2 00 Hamilton.-" Independence Offering" from the S. S, per D. Wallis, treas’r,

5 65 Also a box second hand books. Hopkinton –From the S. S., per Dea. Samuel Morse,

10 00 Leicester.-From a Friend, per Rev. Mr. Partridge,

10 00 Lynn-From three children--iwo brothers and a sister,

1 25 North Danrers --- From the Juvenile Missionary Circle, per Miss Lydia A. Tapley, 12 35 Newton.---From the Eliot S. S., per Otis Trowbridge, sup't,

9 34 Also a parcel of second hand books. Nashua, N. H.-From Seth Williams, Jr., .

20 00 North Wilbraham.-" Independence Offering" from the S. s. in Rev. Mr. Bowers' Soc.,

2 75 Do. collection in same, per George Merriam, Esq.,

7 25 Rouley.-From Miss Sarah Hale's S. S. class,

1 94 Stoneham.-From the Juvenile Sewing Circle in Rev. Mr. Haven's Soc.,

819 Sluterstille, R. 1.-From Rev. F. A. Taylor, 100 copies of " Zion," valued at $20.

From A. D. Lockwood's S. S. class, 50 copies of Zion," valued

at $10. South Dennis.--Froin Mrs. Collins and her children, per Rev. Mr. Pettingill,


5 00 Urbridge. - Independence Offering" from the s. s., per Dea. W. C. Capion, 10 00 Windham, 17.-From the S. S. in Rev. S. R. Arms' Soc.,

12 10 West field.--From children of the Maternal Association, per Rev. E. Davis, Wenham. --From two S. S. scholars in Rev. Mr. Mansfield's Soc.,

1 25 Winchendon.--From the S. S., per E. Butler, sup't,


$183 27

1 25

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NO. 12.... DECEMBER, 1846.... VOL. III.


With this number the third volume of the CONGREGATIONAL Visiter closes; and the Committee avail themselves of this opportunity, to commend this work anew to the patronage of the churches and Sabbath schools for whose benefit it was established.

If it has been the means of promoting, in any degree, the Sabbath school cause, or of exerting a good influence upon the minds of its readers, let God be praised. If it has, for any reason, or in any measure, failed to realize the expectations of its patrons, the failure will be a subject of deep regret, and a stimulus to increased effort in future to remove all defects, and to make it, what from the outset it was designed to be, a valuable auxiliary to those who are directly engaged in Sabbath school instruction, and a profitable visiter to the firesides of all classes in our religious community.

It is obvious that the Visiter has to share the patronage of the public with many religious periodicals; and some persons may regard the times as demanding a reduction of the number. But the Committee feel an increasing conviction VOL. III.


that this humble and unpretending publication is needed, and should be sustained. There is none that can occupy its place, or accomplish its great end. It is needed by the Society as an organ of frequent communication with the churches which it represents, and whose interests it is laboring to promote; and on account of the greater prominence and publicity which is thus given to its operations. It is needed by the community, on account of the good influence which it is obviously adapted to exert upon the Sabbath school cause among the churches of our denomination.

Under this impression, the Committee are disposed to continue the Visiter; and they earnestly invite Pastors, Superintendents, and Teachers of Sabbath schools, and members of the Congregational churches generally, to cooperate with them in sustaining this work, and in rendering it more extensively useful than it has heretofore been. The Visiter will be under the same editorial management as during the present year; and no pains will be spared, either by the Editors or the Committee, to meet the wishes, and realize the expectations of the friends of the Society.

While it will continue to be, as it has been, a prominent object to render as much assistance as possible to Pastors, Superintendents, and Teachers, in the work of Sabbath school instruction, the wants of others will not be neglected. Well written articles upon important practical subjects will here find a place; and while the faith once delivered to the saints will be zealously maintained, the ORDER delivered to us by our fathers, will be occasionally exhibited and defended. In a word, while this work is not designed to be controversial, it will be a CONGREGATIONAL Visiter, which may be safely and profitably circulated among all who desire to perpetuate the institutions of the Puritans.

The cover, a matter of little consequence comparatively, but of sufficient importance to deserve a single remark, will


Sabbath School Concert.


be rendered much more valuable both to the Society and to the subscribers. By a change which will sufficiently explain itself when it is seen, several pages can be added without increasing the expense. These additional pages will be filled with descriptive notices of the Society's Publications, and such other matter as the Editors may deem of interest to the subscribers.

With these remarks the Visiter is commended to the patrons of the Society, in the confident hope that they will welcome it as a necessary auxiliary, and use their exertions and their influence to give it a wide and a permanent circulation.





MY BELOVED SEVEN :-I feel it to be a peculiar privilege that I have just that number committed to my trust—that it was God's favorite number, who can doubt, that reads his Bible with attention-and I look upon my little flock every Sabbath, with a deeper feeling of love—a sense of the honor of being a teacher of souls, and a solemnity of the trust, enhanced by the thought--they are seven! And shall I be so blest above, as to gaze upon those dear faces radiant with angelic beauty, which are now turned to me with affection and confidence, for instruction in heavenly things?

I thank God, he has listened to the prayer of parental love, which was strengthened by those of many others who felt a deep interest in your salvation, and has set his divine seal of acceptance on five of my little band—that we welcome from among you, new members to the church of Christ, at our next sacramental season.

Let us all fervently pray that our dear Marion and

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