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of peace on earth and good-will to tion is as follows :-" 6th. That it is men."

desirable that every person appointed I shall now conclude, with inviting on the Committee should hold prinyou to co-operate with us, and lend ciples on the subject of war, in strict your talents towards promoting among accordance with those on which the men the benevolent and peaceful London Society is founded ;" -and in principles of Christianity.-I am, compliance with this resolution, a Dear Sir,

treasurer, secretary, and three other Your obedient Servant, persons, were appointed to form a

Thos. Bell, Secretary. committee; four out of which five, Formation of an Auxiliary Peace Society with the Society. The principles of

hold principles in exact accordance at Nailsworth in Gloucestershire; as


who forms the exception reported to the Parent Institution.

do not go quite to the same length, It had, for a considerable time

but we are in hopes that he will past, been apprehended by a few follow the example of some others friends of Peace in this neighbour- amongst us, (among whom may be hood, that an Auxiliary Peace So- mentioned one of our committee) ciety might be established here with who acknowledge that they have advantage to the general cause; a long harboured an awful delusion in variety of opposing circumstances, their bosoms on the subject of War, however, intervened, to delay its which a candid perusal of the Peace formation, until about a month since; tracts has led them to discover, and it was at length determined to cali which the power of the Most High a public meeting, for the purpose of has enabled them to cast off for ever. forming such a society, which meet- We have fixed the sum which coning was held on the 12th inst. (Sept.] stitutes a member at 5s. per annum, when a society was formed, officers and 11. donation, from an apprehenappointed, and the plan and objects sion that we should thereby excite of the Parent Society met with very a more general interest than if the cordial and general support.

amount was larger ; and that what The resolutions adopted were those we should lose in amount of indivirecommended by the London Society, dual subscriptions, would be amply page 16, Fourth Report :-with the compensated in numbers ; which exexception of the 6th, which was a pectations have been fully realized. little modified, to meet the views of We have since the meeting been a a few, who opposed its adoption in good deal engaged in going round its original form: we hope, and in- among the poor, and we find a very deed apprehend, that the spirit of the general and lively interest awakened original resolution is, notwithstand in their minds on this subject, and ing, in a good degree preserved, as they'very freely contributed accordthe sentiments of those principally ing to their means to its support ; concerned in the establishment of some ]s. others 6d. this infant institution are decidedly Our collections at this time amount in unison with those of the Parent to about 121. and we hope to be able Society; but the alteration was sub- to accomplish considerable more yet. mitted to, in order to leave the door Great ignorance was found to prea little open to some (of whom there vail, as might be reasonably exare very many in this neighbour- pected, in many instances, as to the hood) who go nearly, but not quite object in view ; but in almost all the whole length of the Society, as cases, strong sentiments of approit respects war under every possible bation, and hope as to ultimate succircumstance. The adopted resolu- cess were expressed, so that we have


abundant reason to be afresh ani- features of religion, as to the present mated, to prosecute the divine cause state of society, have been overlooked; with renewed, and, I trust, with or that, feeling the powerful inabiding and persevering, ardour.- fluence of Divine truth, they have Darkness has long covered the minds been treated as of minor importance ; of the people, on this subject, in this from the indulged hope, that if its populous district; but we earnestly momentous realities with regard to hope that a brighter day is beginning futurity were once admitted into the to dawn upon them, in which they heart, its regulations as to this life will clearly see their duty to their would inevitably follow. God, who is a God of peace, and In perusing the sacred writings it faithfully serve that peaceful Saviour, seems impossible to avoid the conof whom it is written, Of the increase viction, that the result of the triumph of his government, and peace, there of Christianity must be the estashall be no end.

blishment of universal peace. The Enclosed is a Ten Pound Note.- predictions of its spread are accomWe wish that Tracts to half the panied with the most delightful examount may be sent as early as pos- hibitions of the happy change which sible, equal numbers of each, with society should in this respect undergo, the last Report ; and if you have till, the destined object fully gained, them, a few of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd the nations should learn war no more; Reports some wish to trace and that in the full conviction of its the progress of the Society from its annihilation, they should convert the formation.

instruments of warfare into impleWe will send further particulars of ments of husbandry. names, &c. in the next communi- For 1800 years has the benign cation. I remain, &c. &c.

religion of Jesus been preached in A. R. Fewster, Secretary.

the world; for a long portion of

which, it has been acknowledged as With the foregoing communication the adopted system of the nations was received the following Address of Europe, and has constituted the to the Inhabitants of Nailsworth, professed basis of their jurisprudence being an invitation to attend the and the principles of their governMeeting adverted to in it :

ment. Yet during a considerable part To the Inhabitants of Nailsworth and of this time wars have been as freits Vicinity.

quent and calamitous amongst them Ar a time when the infinite im- as in any known period of their exportance of Christianity is so gene- istence; so that there is reason to rally acknowledged, the exertions of apprehend their councils have not all denominations of Christians called been duly influenced by the sentiforth for its diffusion in the world, ment, That war is not only an antiand prayers are every where ascend- christian practice, but subversive of ing to the Father of mercies to crown

the best interests of society. these endeavours with success, it is Under these circumstances it must desirable that the great features of be admitted, either that Christianity this religion should be thoroughly is not true, or that men have overknown, and its aspect on the present looked its tendencies, and lost sight welfare of mankind, as well as its of its design in one of its most imfuture benefits, clearly exhibited. portant objects. A conviction that it

In the anxious solicitude of the is the latter of these alone, which has friends of Christianity for the eternal produced such painful results, has welfare of their fellow men, it will led some friends of humanity to the not be matter for wonder, should it consideration of the best means of appear that some of the interesting bringing the peaceful features of the

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religion of Jesus Christ more promi- laid for obedience to the righteous nently into view.

laws of a nation, than in cherishing Aware of the importance of en- and in endeavouring to diffuse those lightening the public mind, and de- pacific principles which the Gospel termined to act in the spirit of a inculcates, and thus securing the religion which breathes nothing but chief object for which governments peace and good-will to men, certain profess to be established, namely, to individuals in England and America preserve good order through every formed themselves into societies, branch of society, and thereby to having for their object to circulate

ensure the enjoyment of social haptemperate and judicious tracts, shew- piness and tranquillity to all geneing the incompatibility of War with rations, when, in the delightful lanChristianity, and thus to bear a pub- goage of ancient Prophecy, every lic testimony against both its principle man may sit under his own vine, and and its practice, and to do all in their under his own fig-tree, -where none power to promote universal peace. shall make him afraid.

The commencement was, as might With the objects here avowed, you be expected, small, but the cause has are invited to attend a Meeting, to be attracted growing attention and ob- held on Wednesday the 12th instant, tained increasing support; nor is there at the Independent Room at Nails. any reason to doubt of ultiinate suc

worth, at half-past six o'clock in the cess, since their object is in perfect evening, for the purpose of forming unison with the final establishment such a Society, framing its reguof Megsiah's Kingdom.

lations, &c. &c. A desire of co-operating with these friends of humanity has induced a The following communication has few individuals in this neighbour- been also received from Guernsey, hood to attempt the formation of by the Committee of the London an Auxiliary Society at Nailsworth,

Peace Society : in aid of this design ; in doing which

Proposed Auxiliary Peace Society. they conceive that they shall best

To the Inhabitants of Guernsey. promote the objects in view, by waiving all discussions on which


The disposition to promote the diversity of sentiment might arise cause of permanent and universal among the friends of peace, and con- Peace is happily prevailing amongst fine themselves to the effort of en- the several denominations, and may lightening the public mind on the be considered, under divine favour, evils of war, and the total irrecon- as the precursor of every good word cilableness of its practice with the and work; indeed, what general genius of Christianity.

service can be successfully proseIn thus standing forward as the cuted without its benign auspices ? advocates of universal peace, they “For every battle of the warrior is feel that they are only discharging with confused noise, and garments the duty of good members of so- rolled in blood.” To become a memciety, and supporting the legitimate ber of this Association no comproends of all lawful governments. For mise of religious principle is requicertainly no better foundation can be site: its motto is, · On earth peace,

good will to men,' apart from poli*. Auxiliary Societies have been esta

tical considerations : on this basis blished at Swansea and Neath, Bath, Bristol, Glasgow, Tavistock, Edinburgh, we may all me of every nation, Dundee, Darlington, Stockton, Southamp- availingly to promote the object of ton, Plymouth, Newcastle upon Tyne, that peaceful prayer so often reite. Worcester, Gloucester, Hertford, Frome rated, . Thy kingdom come, thy will and Leamington; the London Society has also active Correspondents in many other

be done on earth, as it is in heaven,' parts of the kingdom.




“O shame to men-Devil with devil damn'd

The harmonizing effect of this spirit which conveys to the mind the idea is now more and more conspicuous of such an assemblage of evils, such in England, France, and America, a complication of horrors, as the by the formation of Peace Societies term War. War is a system which in those countries, with the prospect

embodies almost all the vices, exof other nations embracing the same

cludes almost all the sympathies, principle. The Parent Society in

and inflicts almost all the miseries London has issued the subsequent which are to be found in the world. Circular; and the Paris Peace So- Yet, dazzled by its martial array, or ciety has adopted the same measure, intoxicated by its misnamed glory, addressed to respectable individuals, or interested in its unhallowed gains, benevolent and philosophical Socie- or deluded by its encomiasts in histies, throughout Europe.

tory or in poetry, what multitudes The influence of this peculiar prin- are there, even in a Christian counciple has already done more in France try, who discern not its horrid than


other effort of benevolent features, and who shudder not at institutions, however excellent. Even the thought of man shedding the members of the Church of Rome, blood of man !-Yet is not this for of title and influence, have bowed to man to act a part which even demons this divine principle, and unite with act not towards each other?Protestants in the formation of a Peace Society, and under the patronage Firm concord holds; men only disagree of the Government of France ! The

Of creatures rational, though under hope friends of peace, who are Protestants, Of heavenly grace ; and God proclaiming peace,

Yet live in hatred, enmity and strife are therefore now more loudly called

Among themselves, and levy cruel wars, upon to unite in this honourable

Wasting the earth each other to destroy; measure, whether ecclesiastical, civil As if (which might induce us to accord,) or military ; for, even what mili- Man had not hellish foes enow besides,

That day and night for his destruction wait.” tary character can decline to unite with his peaceable neighbours and friends in promoting the happiness

How cheering then is the thought of man ; can he, by his refusal, ap- suggested and authorized by the lanpear to countenance the renewal of guage of inspiration, that the period the calamities of war? To be con

shall arrive after which the history vinced that War is unnecessary, the

of the world shall record no more perusal of that invaluable work, war; when the nations of the earth

shall learn war no more'-when - The Herald of Peace,” and the Tracts of the Society, are respect

the science of military tactics, and gunnery

and fortifications, and the fully recommended.

art of manufacturing warlike weaN. B. For the Circular above ad

han verted to, see the Number of this pons, shall be discarded, as worse

useless — as insupportably revolting Work, for Sept. p. 278.

to the mind; when in the beautiful Reflections on War, illustrative of the language of the prophet,— Violence

Prediction contuined in Isaiah ch.lx. shall no more be heard in thy land, ver. 18, 19.

wasting nor destruction within thy [An Extract of a Sermon, by the Rev. borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Henry Forster Burder.]

Salvation, and thy gates Praise.' At particular request we have been fa- The walls and gates of great and voured with the following testimony against fortified cities, whilst

aniong War, which we had the pleasure of hearing proudest monuments of national delivered from the pulpit :

greatness, have been also among the No single word is there, in the most striking evidences of human whole compass of human language, depravity. What was it which gave

Paradise Lost.


occasion to the stupendous wall of from God and frona goodness. Thereancient Babylon, or to the hundred fore it is that our great and perfect gates of ancient Thebes, or to the lawgiver has directed his keenest censtill more astonishing wall of China ? sures against it, and has required What is it which still preserves in from his disciples a measure of forrepair the fortified walls of so many giveness unbounded in its nature, cities on the continent of Europe, and unlimited in its duration ;-and and still places watchful sentinels at therefore it is that his servants are their gates ? What is it but the fear bound continually to bear their puband jealousy and suspicion still in- lic testimony against it. spired by the spirit of war and ambi- We have already presented our tion and aggression ? What is it but readers with the two first divisions of the same spirit, alive and activeamong Mr. Clayton's sermon upon this imthe nations, which gives, or seems portant subject. The Third consists to give, occasion for those floating of the grounds upon which our Sabulwarks to which Britain has so viour's injunctions to forgive injuries long looked for protection and for proceed. glory? What is it but this which has 1. These are principles in strict given to some of these “ wooden conformity with the character of the walls," names at the very mention of blessed God. " His tender mercies which Christianity recoils, and hu- are over all his works.' He'is kind manity itself might blush! Oh for and good unto all. He opens the the arrival of the happy period, when hand of unsparing liberality to his the population of every city which friends, and to his foes. He bears has walls and gates, shall inscribe with the provocations of an ungodly upon its 'walls, Salvation, and upon world, and lengthens out the forits gates, Praise.'

feited lives of his revolted subjects,

even while they hurl the shafts of an Review of a Sermon, on the Doctrine impious rebellion at his throne ! How

and Spirit of Christianity, preached exemplary his patience, how unweaat York Street Chapel, Wulworth,

ried his long suffering ! But I say 21 Jan. 1821, by the Rev. George unto you, love your enemies, that ye CLAYTON.

may be the children of your Father

who is in heaven; for he maketh his (Continued from p. 283.)

sun to rise on the evil and on the good, Tre spirit of retaliation seems to con- and sendeth rain on the just and on stitute one of the most powerful mo- the unjust. Be ye therefore perfect, tives of action in every human breast, even as your Father who is in heaven which has not fully imbibed the mind is perfect.' of the Saviour : And even in those “ 2. The command and the exwho have adopted the faith of the ample of Jesus Christ powerfully reGospel, and avow themselves as the

commend this spirit. He has most followers of Jesus, it will often make explicitly enjoined this great duty, its hated appearance. No period of as the text and many other passages life is exempt from its secret move- of similar import evince, and his ments, or open operations.--The ten- whole example from the manger to der age of infancy does not escape the grave illustrated and enforced from its venomous attack; nor is his preceptive requirements. the callousness and indifference of 3. It is a spirit pre-eminently age proof to its virulence. Yet the characteristic of 'true religion. To spirit of retaliation, whether it be return love for love, kindness for viewed in its nature or consequences, kindness, service for service, is nois of infernal birth, and will

, if in- thing more than reason and nature dulged, completely estrange the mind will dictate and approve. But as for

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