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Mr. T. Richardson
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Rev. William Wait
Rev. Samuel Lowell
Rev. Thomas Roberts
Rev. Michael Maurice
Rev. Josiah Hill
Mr. Richard Ash
Mr. John Lewis

Mr. John Hare

for the ensuing year, with power to Gospel has declared, we are debtors add to their number :

both to the Greek, to the wise and to Mr. John Irving

the unwise ; it becomes then every

disciple of Jesus to promote, as far Mr. L. Schimmelpenning as he can, the designs of Providence. Mr. H H. Budgett Union gives increase to power. By

Mr. John Cambridge means of this, exertion is concen(Signed) J. E. Stock, Chairman. trated, and a right direction given to

The Chairman having left the chair, benevolent feelings. Nor is it of Resolved, That the Thanks of this small importance to convince the Meeting be given to the Chairman, timid that united efforts will often for his able conduct in the chair.

effect what separate labours would never, or with great difficulty, ac

complish. Of this a most remarkable REPORT.

proof is furnished in the British and The Committee of the Bristol Foreign Bible Society. Who does Auxiliary Peace Society present to not see the kindness of our Heavenly the Subscribers and to the Public Father in permitting human agents the first Report of their proceedings. to be the instruments in promoting They have no striking proof to ad- good? Who will not pray that the vance of the utility of the Institution; knowledge of the Lord may soon yet, if its infancy be recollected, and cover the whole earth? The printhe state of our country during the ciples of peace ought to accompany past year be compared with the num the diffusion of that religion which ber of supporters the Society has teaches that we are all brethren in received, there will appear sufficient Christ. It has been said, the present evidence that the principles on which is not a favourable period for estathe Peace Society is founded, are blishing Peace Societies: the Conwidely extending. Its members are tinent is too much agitated to give not confined to any particular sect opportunity for deliberate enquiry or party ;-—their bond of union is into their principles. But are the peace on earth and good will to principles true in themselves ? Are man ;--their wish is to follow the they gathered, not by inference, but example of the primitive Christians, from the positive command of our and to preserve the unity of the spirit Saviour? Is it his command to bless, in the bond of peace.

It was not and curse not? The Peace Society surprising that, at the formation of is formed not to create dissension, the Society, its object was mistaken but to promote love ; not to excite by some, and misrepresented by animosity, but to induce us to lay others; but candid discussion, and aside all bitterness and wrath. Unless an explicit avowal that neither po- it be wrong to circulate the Scriplitical nor sectarian purposes were tures themselves, it cannot be wrong intended, have secured friends more to avow those truths which the Scripnumerous that the first promoters of tures inculcate. Nor would it be the plan expected. Its progress may deemed wise in common life, because be slow, but it will be sécure. It is a storm might be gathering, not to built on the sure word of prophecy. seek a retreat for safety; nor ought The time will come when there shall we, because evil may abound, to be nothing that shall hurt or destroy; withhold publishing what is the good wars will cease to the ends of the and acceptable will of God. Our earth, when the swords will be own shores have not, through the beaten into ploughshares, and the blessing of the Almighty, been the spears into pruning hooks. The seat of War. But because we have

only heard of the calamities that friends who are possessed of Tracts, have befallen cities that have been not to suffer them to remain on their burnt towns that have been plun shelves. It is by their circulation, dered—and plains that have been by awakening enquiry, and by apcovered with slain, are we therefore peals to the still voice of conscience, not to consider the reality of the suf and to the Word of God, that Peace ferings that have been endured; or Societies must grow and flourish. to doubt our obligation to lessen, by In this labour of love, every friend every means in our power, the re to humanity may actively engage. currence of these evils. Let the For want of becoming zeal in its adsincere Christian ask, what prepa- vocates, the remark has been maderation a field of battle can furnish to They have a naine to live. an immortal spirit, that is to appear Before another Anniversary, your before the Judge of all the earth ? Committee hope that every present

The powerful are to recollect from Member will have at least added one i whom all power cometh, as well as new name to the supporters of the

the lowly to remember their duty to Bristol Peace Society. It is by this serve each other in love. For these plan, sympathy will be shewn with reasons, your Committee deem the our brethren; and whilst we pray present a period peculiarly fitted for that Peace may be within our cities, spreading the principles of the Peace and prosperity within our palaces, Society They congratulate the for our brethren and companions sake, Parent Society on the information we will add-Peace be to the world! received respecting the spread of Then, instead of the thorn shall come their cause, both in Europe and up the fir-tree, and instead of the America. In America, the fullest brier shall come up the myrtle-tree; evidence is given of its continued pro- and it shall be to the Lord for a name, gress. With that country, England for an everlasting sign that shall not has the common ties of origin, lan- be cut off. (Isaiah lv.) guage, and commercial intercourse. With America, then, let England run the race of Christian duty and bro

Third Report of the New York therly affection. May every nation

Peace Society. imitate their example; and the only The Committee have to report, contest in the East and in the West, that their operations during the past in the North and in the South, be, year have been very much restricted who shall most excel in love and for want of pecuniary means.

The good works.

demands against the Society have, Your Committee have, during the however, been nearly extinguished, past year, distributed to the Sub- and its resources will hereafter be scribers the following Tracts of the employed in active operations. Since Parent Society :-No. 1. A solemn the last anniversary the number of Review of the Custom of War: No. 2. subscribers to the Society has been War inconsistent with the Doctrine considerably increased, and its prosand Example of Jesus Christ : No. 3. pects are encouraging: The Doctrine and Practice of the Of the various books and tracts on early Christians, as they relate to War: hand at the date of the last Report, No. 4. Extracts from Erasmus : No.5. the greater part has been distributed. Horrors of War: No. 6. Extracts The last Report also, and one hunfrom Dr. Bogue's Sermon on Uni- dred copies of the current numbers versal Peace. The total number of of The Friend of Peace," taken on Tracts delivered is 3,996.

behalf of the Society, have been put Your Committee cannot close their in circulation. Report without warmly urging those Among the distributions to indivi,

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duals living at a distance, the Com- that an exposition of the evils and mittee think it proper to mention antichristian nature of war cannot that a copy of the several publications fail to produce a considerable effect was conveyed to the Rev. Mr. Ward, on the minds of reflecting men; and of Serampore, before he embarked on they are persuaded that the more it is his return to the mission in Bengal. investigated in its various charac

Your Committee are free to say, teristics, the more atrocious will it that every successive year since the appear, and the more apparent will formation of the Society, has added be the false colouring under which to their regard for the object, and the deformity of its features is disincreased their confidence of its final guised, and its enormities palliated. success. The peace and good-will' To effect any material change in the inculcated in the Christian revela- public mind, must be the work of tion, are indeed unknown to the time and unceasing exertion, for it world at large, and disrelished by would be unreasonable to anticipate many who possess that revelation. the speedy accomplishment of an Many also who embrace the Chris. object which aims at the destruction tian faith, are slow to relax the grasp of some of the most deeply rooted by which they held the implements passions and prejudices of the human of war.

But it surely is not too mind. By a system of persevering much to hope, that all those whose exertion, a barrier may, however, be hearts are brought into subjection to raised against this tremendous evil, the Gospel, will, when their atten- and those obstacles which are option is called to the subject, cherish posed to the abolition of war may and exemplify the pacific spirit of prove to be less formidable than is Christianity. The charity and catho- generally supposed. However vi licism which has brought Christians sionary the idea may be deemed, the of different denominations together testimony of many great and powerful in the enterprises of benevolence, men may be adduced to sanction the may, without extravagance, be ex- opinion of its practicability, conpected to advance, until the spirit of sidered merely as a political measure. good-will and peace shall pervade If, then, the prevention of general their hearts and lives. The followers war be considered attainable by the of Christ, in this age, like those of politician), surely the Christian, rethe first centuries, will, it may be lying on the fulfilment of the Divine hoped, discover that they cannot fight, prophecies, need not despair of the because they are Christians. Along possibility! Let him rather use every with their exertions for the salvation lawful moral means to effect it; and of the world, and their confidence in let those meaus be commensurate to those promises which anticipate uni- that light, which, powerfully aided versal peace, with the universal by the Societies for extending the spread of the Gospel, they may yet benefit of Education and the diffushow to the world, by subduing those sion of the Holy Scriptures, is perlusts and passions from which wars vading every quarter of the globe." and fightings proceed, that their The numerous Peace Societies in religion is of a nature to produce the this country, now in operation, as effects which they teach the world to well as those in Europe, are all pur

suing their object with an unobtruThe Committee, in the language sive but steady zeal, and with encouof the last Report of the London raging prospects. Peace Society, while they do not The Massachusetts Society has calculate on any very great effects fifteen Auxiliaries, and has distriimmediately to result from their la- buted near twenty thousand tracts,

are more and more convinced and other publications. In the

expect from it.


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course of the last year, that Society been emphatically ages of barbarism
sent to foreign countries upwards of and war. If a more benign period is
five hundred copies of the excellent dawning on the world, it cannot fail
periodical work under its patronage, to insure the abrogation of savage
* The Friend of Peace."

and inhuman customs, and the re-
The Rhode Island Peace Society nunciation of false maxims, and false
last year caused eight thousand notions of honour. No substantial
copies of the “ Address of the Glas- evidence can be given of the ap-
gow Peace Society," to be printed proach of a better period, until the
and circulated with the Rhode Island practice of human butchery, and the
Almanac. This mode of diffusing spirit of revenge and war, begin to
information on the subject of war has be laid aside. The reign of the Prince
been found highly eligible.

of Peace cannot co-exist with the
Among the Peace Societies formed rage of carnal warfare. He will as-
in the course of the last year, is one suredly cause the temple of Janus to
in Stanstead, Lower Canada, which be shut; will restrain and compose
also embraces the plan of a Reading the warring passions of mankind, in

token of his approach to establish his
The last intelligence from the So- kingdom in their hearts.
ciety in London is highly encouraging. The object of Peace Societies is to
That Society, since its formation, has turn the attention of the reflecting
published more than 150,000 Tracts, and the good, to the inconsistency
Reports, &c. The report of last year of wars and fightings, with the Chris-
states, “that an edition of 5000 copies tian religion; to promote inquiry and
of the Solemn Review of the custom research; to show that war is a
of War, had been printed at Pyrmont, barbarous custom, sustained by popu-
in Germany; and had been circulated lar delusion, by evil passions, and
through the hands of the booksellers, unhallowed purposes ; that it is un-
in the principal towns in Germany necessary for human nature, even in
and Switzerland, from the Grand Fair its present state ; that it is a work
at Leipzig." Near three hundred of darkness, by which mankind, under
subscribers were added to the Society the deceivings of that enemy, who
in the course of the year, besides was a murderer from the beginning,
several new Auxiliaries in England scourge and destroy themselves. No
and Scotland. An edition of 5000 object, surely, can be more humane
copies of one of their Tracts has or more Christian than this. It is
been published in the Dutch lan- worthy to be pursued in the face of
guage ; and the Society has granted every discouragement. It involves
one hundred pounds sterling to pro- the highest hopes of the human
mote its objects in France.

family. It claims, and merits the
The Society in Glasgow has circu- support of every real friend to the
lated many thousands of Tracts, and species.
other publications, and is advancing

The Committee indulge the hope,
with energy in its operations. that by pursuing with diligence and

Whoever regards the combined humility the measures contemplated exertions of the Christian world, to by the Society, they may, by the instruct and benefit the human race, divine blessing, and in connexion as one of the most remarkable signs with their brethren of similar instiof the times, will not esteem it an tutions, and those denominations of unimportant circumstance, that nu Christians who are friends and fol. merous individuals, in different coun- lowers of peace, be instrumental in tries, have united their endeavours to promoting pacific dispositions, and promote the pacific spirit of Chris- finally of discouraging and abolishing tianity. The ages of darkness have war. After the experience of nearly VOL. III.

9 N

six years, they feel constrained to say In the midst of one of the most that the encouragements to perse- splendid entertainments of the time, verance are constantly multiplying, a whisper ran through the balland that they find nothing to repress room, that the enemy were untheir efforts but the want of more expectedly advancing, and that there adequate pecuniary contributions.

was no time to lose. The Duke of

Wellington, who was present, had From Anston Park, a Tale by James left the room, and all appeared inEdmeston, Author of Sacred Lyrics.

stant confusion and dismay. The

alarm drum beat in the streets, the [Scene, Brussels. Time, before, and after

lines were instantly formed, and the battle of Waterloo.]

inany an officer went to his death at Tue city was gay, but no gaiety the head of his division, dressed in lit a sympathising beam in the eye of the habiliments of pleasure, in which Şelina; there was much to charm he had passed the evening. and to enchant, but she turned an Division after division passed the averted

eye from it all, and shunned gates : each cheered as they passed, its stir and its society, for the lone- and by morning light the city apliness of her own closet, and the peared still, and solitary, and dereflection of her own bosom. It was serted ;-an hour, contrasted with then that the desolator of the con the splendid bustle for which it had tinent burst from his captivity at been exchanged, like death after life ; Elba, and war once more called the all was silence and expectation: a husbandman from the field. In the sensation somewhat resembling a number of military which filled the sound was felt; it was the distant town, Lady Warren saw fresh hope cannonade.-The veteran warriors, of increasing gaiety and diversion, who knew the sign so well, turned but Selina was proof against all their and regarded each other with a serious showy manners and graceful figures ; smile, then enthusiastically gave a nor could Lady Warren ever lead her long and continued cheer, as if pantto one of those splendid balls, which ing for the sulphureous atmosphere, comprised, each, so much of the rank, in which they had so often breathed. the beauty, and the bravery, of Eu Whoever are sufferers by war, it is rope. All the town was in one conti- not so much the immediate agents ; nued bustle; from every window lolled they are all fire and impulse, and out careless and laughing figures, every action, with them, has splendour most or all of them military; made, and brilliancy to enlighten it. “Look apparently, only

for romantic gaiety at the gallant 37th,” said a young and pleasure. Selina felt no sym- officer ; “ there they are, in the very pathy in their continual revelry; her midst of the fire, enjoying it all to eye looked forward, with pity, to the themselves ;-when will it come to slaughter which awaited them, when, us ?-there will be a fine stir in the probably in a few weeks only, many papers about them, but not a word of those young men, who had been about us.”—“Never fear," said a vewept over and blest by their mo teran, who stood by him, “ the Duke thers at parting, whose blessings spares no one, we shall soon have our and whose tears they had forgotten turn.” Then was rent asunder many amidst the thoughtless dissipation, a band of love, and many an assowere to be rent and torn by the hands ciation of friendship; then the long of ruffians, and to die, mangled and volley covered the field with its lines shattered by wounds, the least of of wounded ;-then the cannon tore which would have covered the eyes limb from limb;-then were

mingled of those who loved them with mist the horse and his rider, the noble and faintness,

and the mean ;---then the hurricane of

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