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Thus to exercise grace, To bear such full cup without spilling, argues not only the truth, but also the strength of grace; and is the way to make the Soul profper, as fast as the Eftaté.!!!!!! 6:13',::inline;

2 In all our çivil conversei with Men, principles of godliness must be exercised, with righteoutaels, and sobriety, Tit. 2. 12, Tea with all cóurresie, and kindness.23 Epift. of Jobu, v. 6. Gaius is exhorted, in his kindness to the Brethren, that travelled up and down, about the affairs of the Gospel when he brought them onwards on their journey, to do it after a godly, fort. That which the Apople presseth on aged Women is the duty of all, both ołd; and young, Tit: 2.2, That thei aged women be fober, grave, temperate. Zech. 14.20, 21, In that day foáll be written upon the Bells of the horses, Holiness to the Lord: And every Pot in Jerusalem shall be the Lord. This was written

upon the High-Priests Mitre, as he was a type of the great High-Priest, the Lord Jesus, who was holy, and undefiled. That-which Men are thereby taught is this, That the meanest things of common use, should be holily used : In all we do, we should act as persons consecrated to God ; that are not our own, and therefore we ought to glorifie God, with our Bodies, and with our Spirits, which are God's, I Cor. 6. 20. Even in our


natural actions, Whether we eat, or drink, or whatever we do, we should do all to the glory of God, 1 Cor. 10. 31. Now I have told

you already (and I told you the truth) that God is not glorified (it will appear fo one day) but when the principles of godliness are exercifed. Neglect hereof, even in these riatural actions, is charged upon Men, as their fin. Jude, ver. 12. That they did feed with out fear:

3. In all companys: So as where ever we are, we always keep our hearts under the awe of God, Eph. 4. 29, Let no corrupt Cormunication proceed out of your mouth. Col. 4. 6, Let your Speech be always with grace, feafoned with Salt. But of this, more under another head, in the next use of this Poigt.




Come' now to the third Particular ; The reasons why these principles of godliness ought to be ftirred up: So

as to be set about, and kept close to their proper work; that they may bring forth their proper, and peculiar fruit, in due season, and that in order to Soul-prosperi

1. This is that which specially falls under the authority of Command. Observe it, and you will find, that when the Scripture Speaks to profesling Christians, the principles are fuppofed to be infused; and the exercise is specially required, as Eph. 4. 24, Put on the new Man, faith the Apostle. Not by Conversion, that is supposed; for he owns them as faithful Brethren in Chrift, Ch, 1. verf. 1. But put them on, for operation, for exercise. The new Creature, the first day of its birth, is a new Man: It is born at once, though it grows up by degrees ; and every particular principle of godliness is a member of this new Man. Put them on lo, aš ye may have them ready, and nothing may



also, Eph. 6. 10, Put Lukoand your lights put on the 12:35. Thus

be wanting, when Providence calls for their exercise ; lo that Your loins be girded about,

whole armour of God. Be ready furnished to break through whatever snares, and temptations ye may meet withal, in running that race, which God hath set before you. Several instances were given, wherein this is required of us, in the third exercise ироп.

this subject. 2. They are given for this very end, Ezek 36.27, I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you tawalk in my statutes. Therefore that inference is rational, Gal. 5.25, If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. These spiritual principles are that ftock, which

God hath given us, to drive

qur spiritual trade withal, for converse with which cannot be attained, unless they be exercised. As unless principles of Realon be exercised, which are for making human fociety useful, there can be no dealing, nor profitable converse between Man, and Man, 1 Sam. 21.14. What shall I do with a Mad-man, faid Achish, for so David feigned himself to be ; and therefore he drave him away. This should be serioully considered, of, for these two things we find.

(1) Tliat for neglect of this, in not answering God's end herein, that those that


on our

e with God, w

have lived most highly in the favour of God, have met with many a brush from the hand of God, Luk. 1. 20, Thou shalt be dumb, and not able to speak--because thou believest not my words, which shall be fulfilled in their season. Num. 20. 12, Because ye believed not me, to sanctifie me in the eyes of the children of Israel : therefore ye shall not bring this congregation into the Land, which I have given them. It was not for want of faith, either in the one, or in the other, that the hand of God was so heavý úpon them, but for want of the exercise of faith.

(22) This we find, That, though it be true, God will reward every good Man, for every good work; And he hath a Book of Remebrance, for that purpofe, Mal. 3. 16. Yet this is true," That how good soever, a Mans actions be, in their own nature, and for the kind of them, there is no reward to be expected from God, farther then grace is exercised in them. “Alms-giving, Prayer, and Fastings are good works, and commanded of God, but if these principles of gode liness be not well exercised in them, see what becomes of them, Matth. 6. 2, 5. And on the contrary, Whofoever shall give to drink, unto one of these little ones, a cup of cold water only, in the name of a Disciple; Ves rily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose bei rewards Matth. 1o. 42. This should have


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