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powre--the spirit of grace, and supplication, and they shall look on him, whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him.--Luk. 7.47,-Her fins, which are many, are forgia ven, for the loved much. 2 Cor. 5. 14, 15, For the love of Christ constrainetb us, &c.

Therefore, as ever we desire that our Souls hould prosper, let us be much in the meditation of the Materials whereof the

garment of this Righteousness is made, that we may distinctly understand it; and let every humbled Sinner, wrestling against the workings of his unbelief, and making out after an interest in Christ, adventure to apply it, and to receive it, as that which is freely offered unto him, Rev. 22. 17, And the Spirit, and the Bride say, Come: and let him that beareth, say, Come. And let him that is athirst, Come; and whosoever will, let him take the Water of life freely. And so


it on, though by a weak and trembling faith ; and continue still to do it, that so in due time, when the only-wise God sees it best for us, we may know we have it. This is the way to find rest to our Souls.

For consider but these two things.

(1.) That as the imputation of Adam's sin, was the original of all ungodliness, and the undoing of all our Souls; fo the imputation of this Righteousness to the Soul, and the clothing of the Soul with it, is the ori




and greater

ginal of all the principles of godliness, which are the life, and prosperity of the Soul; for by the merit of his death, Christ purchased them all; and by his intercession, and pleading this, he applyeth them all.

(2.) Consider this : That it is as great, yea

fatisfaction to Christ him. - self, to see an humbled, conflicting Soul : receive it, put it on, apply it, and plead it, for what grace and mercy foever it stands. in need of ; I say it is a greater fatisfaction to Christ himfelf to see such a Soul do it, then it is to the Soul it felf, that doth it; though he know he hath done it, so as is accepted, Ifa. 53. 11, He shall see of the travail of his Soul,

his Soul, and be satisfied. He accounts all the travails of his Soul, all his sufferings, all his obedience to the Law satisfied for, in this.

And thus much of that Garment of Righteousness which is wrought for the Soul, by Christ himself.

2. The Soul that profpers must be clothed with the Garment of Righteousness, wrought in the Soul, by the Spirit of Christ. The righteousness wrought in the Soul, is the same with that which is called Saving grace, and true holiness. It is called Righteousness, because it is the impression of God's Righteousness upon

the. Soul, in the exer-cise whereof, the Soul works unto God, as



the chiefest good, and utmost end, bý a righe rule set in the Word : and therefore often expressed by v prightness, and Sincerity. Every Soul that is clothed with the outward garment, the Garment of Righteoufnefs wrought for him; is also clothed with the inward Garment of Righteousness wrought in him ; though all are not so well clothed with it, as some are ; but in some measure All are. For these two garments though they are distinguished, yet they are always worn together, and never divided. Where Christ is Righteousness to the Soul, he hạth wrought this Righteousness in the Soul. He that puts on Christ, puts on The New Man, which after God, is created in righteousness, and true holiness, Eph. 4. 24. Hence it is, that when those, whose Souis did prosper, are said to be righteous Persons, as Noah, Gen. 7. Ii Abel, Matth. 23: 35. Abraham, Isa. 41. 2. Zachary and Elizabeth, Luk. 1. 6. And Lot, 2 Pet. 2. 8. his Soul is said to be a righteous Soul. And when it is said, That the righteous shall shine as the Sun in the firmament, Matth. 13. 43. And enter into Eternal Life, Matth. 25.46. We must understand its that they were clothed with both these Garments, both that of Righteousness wrought for them, and that of Righteousness wrought in them. And whereas it is faid, 1. Cor. 6. 9, That no una



righteous person can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. We must understand it of those, who have not the double clothing of Righteousness: He that hath not both, hath neither : And he that hath the one, hath the other. And so far as a Man knows, that he is clothed with the One, so far he knows that he is clothed with the Other : and he that questions either, will question both. He that is in doubt that he hath not the One, is in doubt that he hath not the other.

In the prosecuting of this point, something had need to be said to each of the four Particulars.

1. I shall Thèw what the garment of Righteousness wrought in us, is ; The materials whereof it is made. 2. I shall Thew, that without this

garment, whatever profession is made of interest in that other Garment of Righteousness, which is wrought for us, the Soul cannot prosper.

3. That the better the Soul is clothed with this. garment, the more it doth, and the better it will prosper.

4. Some Directions in reference to the clothing our felves with, and well using of this Garment.

(1.) What this Garment of Righteouf ness wrought in us is, or the Materials whereof it is made.. Ye may take this brief defcription of it.


It is that Heaven-born Principle of spiritual life, which contains in it, the whole feed of God, the universal principle of god. liness, enclining the heart seriously to ena deavour, that every known truth may be heartily submitted unto ; every gracious principle exercised, every corruption mortified, every duty performed, every infirmity bewailed, the conversation in all things rightly ordered, every Providence improved, and all as in the fight of God.

Ye see this garment is made up of fe. veral pieces, I can do no less, and I shall do more then speak a little to each of them.

(1.) It is that Heaven-born principle of spiritual life, which contains in it the universal principle of godliness. As Original fin is a universal principle of Corruption, levening throughout the whole lump of Man's nature: So this principle of Righteousness wrought in the Soul, graciously renews the whole Man, though not wholly, The new Creature is born at once, though it grows by steps and degrees : Therefore every one that thinks, or desires to be clothed with it, must put on the whole Armour of God, Eph. 6. 10. 2 Pet. 1.5,6,7, Giving all diligence, your faith, vertue, &c. Col.

3. 12, 13, Put on as the elect of God, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meek


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