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8. 29,-—I do always those things that please bim. 'i This is the first Particular. The Materials whereof this garment of Righteousness is made; with which, if the Soul be not clothed, it cannot prosper, as .we shall see by and by.

2. The Soul that is not clothed with this Righteousness, cannot, while it remains fo, possibly ever be in a capacity of prospering. For fin hath made such a dreadful breach between God and Sinners, that he stands upon this: That though he will have mercy upon whom he will have mercy ; the motive is only from the good pleasure of his own Will. Eternal Life, with all that is antecedent to it, and preparative for it, is his own gift : Yet, I say, God is absolutely resolved upon this, that he will have his Justice fatisfied for all the wrong that fin hath done him. He hath also magnified his Law, and made it honourable, IJa. 42. 21. Therefore he will have all the demands of the Law fully answered ; and obedience thereunto perfectly fulfilled else no fpiritual good shall be given forth to any Soul, fo as to make it live, much less to prosper, Isa. 59. 2, Tour iniquities have separated between you, and your God. Jer. 5. 25,- your fins have with-bolden good things from you. Now this is done, by Christ's Righteousness alone.



upon at

Therefore, it is of absolute necessity that it be put on, else the Soul cannot prosper.

3. The Garment of Righteousness is put on, only by a believing Soul, Rom. 3. 22; Even the righteousness of God, which is by faith of Jesus Christ, unto all, and them that believe.

(1.) Upon every believing Soul, that be ing acquainted with the way of God, in bring. ing Sinners into a state of grace, and mercy and knowing that God is just, and Righteous, as well as Merciful; knows that he cant not find acceptance with God, but he must be righteous, Hab. 1. 13, Thou art of purer eyes then to behold evil.

(2.) Upon every Soul that knows, that every righteousness will not serve the turn, but it must be such, as the

pure eyes

of the glorious Majesty of God can fee no defect in, Gal. 3. 11, That no man is justified by the Law, in the light of God, it is evident.

(3.) Upon every Soul that knows and be. wails the imperfection of his own righte on hefs ; and knows he hath reason to do fo; though he were sure he had as much of all the graces that accompany Salvation, as ever Abraham, or Ifaac, or Jacob had. If this were all, this Soul knows, it would not avail him to stand before the Righteous God. No, his infinite Wrath would come upon him, for all that, and consume him, Job 15.

14, What is Man, that he should be clean, or be that is born of a Woman, that he should be righteous : 1 Sam. 6.20, Who is able to stand before this holy Lord God?

(4.) A Soul that knows all this in fome measure, and that the Righteousness is such a Righteousness as God will accept of, and fo adventures his Eternal state upon the merits thereof; resolving, however Christ deal with him, in his strength, to keep falt his hold there, and to live and dye adhering unto, and depending upon him. This Righteousness is upon every such a believing Souls This Faith (though it may be more then a believing Soul knows ) hath put on this righteoulness, therefore it is called, The righteousness of faith, Phil. 3.9. The sins of a Believer are put upon Ghrift's accounts and Christ's righteousness upon his, 2 Cor. 5. 21. Faith being the only grace that receives it, as being peculiarly fitted for it ; for no Man was ever accepted as righteous before God for that, which he did himself ; but by receiving that which Christ did for han And Faith is the only receiving grace. Love lays out, but Faith receives, fob. 1. 12, To as many as received him, &c.

4. The clothing of the Soul with this Righteousness, hath a great influence into Soul prosperity. For consider, t. This is that Righteousness alone, that


anfwers all doubts, and fears, for "want of such a rightedusness, as might give accep tance with God, as to Eternal Life, so as to that, how vile foever they have judged themfelves, yet being clothed with it, they ftand without blame before God, Coli 1.22, In the Body of bis ftesh through death, to present you hóly, and umblameable; and unreprova able in bis highiş--This alone fatisfies Con science ; and well it may, for it satisfies God himself. In this, all the Scripture-Saints, in all Ages, have rested, being clothed with it. Abraham before the Law, Rom. 4. Dia vid, under the Law, Pfal.32 lsand Paul under the Gospel, Phil:3.9.3 badgisw lluned 1:12. This is that garment alohejiniwhich there may be access with boldness into the presence of God, even at the last day, 1 Fob. -2. 28, And now little Children, abide in bitining

that when he shall appear, we may have con "Fidexce, and nor berathamedbefore him, at bis acoming. Therefore much more in this day, Eph. 3. 12, In whom we bhavel boldness, and access with confidence, by Werfaith of bim. For this is a Righteousness wherewith (we may warrantably say so) God is more high ly pleased, and which of the two) finds more acceptance in Heaven, then the rightela oufness of the blessed Angels, that never finned. For ther's is but the righteoufness of Creature. This is the Righteousness of



God, fer. 23:6,This is bis Name where by be shall be called, The Lord our Righteoulmess.

3. This is Everlasting righteousness, Dan. 9. 24. In this, Christ ever hath appeared, and ever will appear in Heaven, in behalf of all those, that come to God by him ; and remains still of the fame Eternal efficacy, for the applying, and forth-giving of all the price of his Blood, all that thereby is pur chased, for the health, well-fare, perfect and Eternal prosperity of the Soulji Joh.2.2. And he is the propitiation for our hins, &c.

Now lay all these together, and let them be well weighed, and it will be granted, because it will be found, that when once the Soul comes to have any degree of good hope, through grace, of its interest in it, and that it is clothed with it, that Soul will experimentally find; that this, above all things elle, hath a powerful influence into its spiritual well-fare, nand prosperity. For this keeps life in faith, and heart in hope ; and enables the Soul to live in the exercise of them both, and in the exercise of Reperitance, and keeps the heart warm with love to Christ. In the exercise of which graces (as hath been thewed ) Soil-prosperity doth confift, and is much promoted, i fohoz: 3, And every one that båth this hope, purifeth himself, as he is pure. Zech. 12. 10, I will



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