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A comparative statement of the food produced from arable and, grasslands and the returns arising from each, by Heslop. 4to. 2s. Reynolds. Analytical hints relative to the process of Ackerman's Manufactory for water-proos cloths and wearing apparel. 1s. Hurst. 8. The Case of the Farmers. 1s. 8. Bodcock. The 3. part of obss. and advices for the improvement of the muscovado sugar and rum; with a descr. of a new kilk for drying Coffee by B. Higgius. M. D. 8. 9s. Cadell. Synoptic tables of Chemistry by Fourcroy, translated by Nicholson. fol. 11. 1 s. Cadell. Fonr Essays on practical Mechanics, for the use of the civil Engineer or millwright by T. Fenwick 8.3s. Mawman. T young Midshipman's instructor by D. Morrice. 8. 3*. 6d. Egerton. Öbservatious on the establishment of a Royal military college. 8. 1*. Egerton.

The eighteen manoeuvres as practised by His Maj. Infantry. 2d. ed. 8. 5s. Chapple. A new medical dictionary by G. Motherby, revised by S. Wallis. fol. L. 3. 3s. Cadell. The amiable tutoress, a tale for young persous. 18.2s. Hnrst. The Village maid, or Dame Burton's stories for the instruction and amusement of Youth. 18. 2s. Vernor. The Friends a tale designed for the improvement of Youth by Elisabeth Griffin. 18. 1s. 6d. Crosby. An Essay on the education of Youth by j Evans. 18. 1s. Symonds. History of the Irish Rebellion in the year 1798 by J. Gordon. 8. 8s. Hurst. A practical treatise, or compendium of the law of marine insurances by J. Burn. 12.5s. Boosey. Addenda to the 4to. ed. of the Bankrupt Laws by W. Cooke. 8.5s. Brooke. Tabula Iudicum, a complete register of the judges of the superior courts, with the attornies, and solicitors general, for the eighteenth century; including the subsequent alteratious to the 5th of June 1801. with biographical references. 3s. 6d. Ogilvy. The works of John Locke. 1o vols. royal 8vo. L. 4. 1os. fine paper L. 6. new edition with a portrait. Johnson. The flower of persian literature; containing extracts from the most celebrated authors in Prose and Verse with a translation into English ; being a companion to Sir W. Jones's Persian Grammar. To which is prefixed an essay on the language and literature of Persia. By S. Rousseau, teacher of the Persian language. 4. 18s. Sewell. An appendix to Stackhouse's essay on punctuation. By the author of the essay. 12. 1s. Wess. An address to the British Volunteers and my countrymen respecting the threatened invasion of England by French boasters. 8. 1s. Hatchard. Village dialogues between farmer Littleworth and T. Newman , Rev. Mr. Lovegood, Parson Dolittle and others. By R. Hill. 12. 1s. Williams. Miscellanies in Verse and Prose by Elizabeth Gerrard of Bath. 8. 4s. Robinsons. Considerations on the Right of the Clerby of England to a seat in Parliament, by a member of Lincoln's Inn. 8. 1s. 6d. Cadell. The new Eart India Calendar for 18o1. 12. 4s. Debrett. Beccarias Essay on Crimes with the Commentary by Voltaire. 5th edit. 8. 6s. Bone. The prophecy of Thomas a Becket, Archbish. of Cant. in the reign of Henry II. concerning the wars betwixtEngland, France, Holland etc. found in an ancient Manuscript and sent to the University of Oxford; with the interpretation and judgment of divers of the learned Masters, presidents and principals of colleges. 4. 1s. Brown. An Ä Key to Xenophon's Memorabilia of Socrates. 8. 55. athers. The Sports and pastimes of the people of England, including rural and domestic recreations and pompous spectacles, etc. from tke earliest period to the present time, illustrated by engravings from ancient paintings by Joseph Strutt. 4. pates coloured L. 5. 5. plain L-3. 3. White. An English Alphabet for the use of foreigners wherein the promunciation of the Vowels is explained. abridged from a Ä Work for the use of Omai by G. Sharp. 1s. 6d. 8. White. A new Introduction to the Latin tongue on the plan of the grammar used of Eton. 3s. Rivingtons. Historical sketch of the invasions of the British Isles, from the time of William the Conqueror, translated and continued from the French, with a coloured Chart of Great Britain and Ireland on which each descent is delineated. 4. 2s. 6d. Stoek. The medical Assistant, or Jamaica practice of physic, designed chiefy for the use of families and plantations by Th. Dancer M. D. 4. L. 1. 1. Murray. Observations on the Cancerous Breast; consisting chiefly of Original Correspondence between the author and Dr. Baillie, Mr. Cline, Dr. Babington, Mr. Abernethy and Dr. Stokes; with an introductory letter to Dr. Pitcairn, by Jos. Adams. M. D. 8. 3s. 6d. Longman. New Introduction for playing Billiards, with an historical account of the game and some account of distinguished players. 1s. 6d. Hurst. The knight and mason. a novcl. 12.4 vols. Crosby. The Confession, a Novel by Agnes Musgrave. 5 vols. 12. 2os. Cawthorn. An investigation of Mr. Morgan's comparative view of the public finances, by Dan. Wakefield. An address to the public relative to the wonderful extension and flourishing Condition of the Commercial and Shipping interests of Great Britain, founded upon the complete and authentic materials in Lloyd's Monthly Shipping lists; to which are added a variety of comparative tables proving, that we are not yet ruined, by a Mierchant. 1s. 6d. West. Cambrian Itinerary by T. Evans. 8. 1os. 6d. Hurst. The first Number of the Veterinary transactions, containing observations on the Effect and treatment of Wounds of Joints etc. to which are added the rules and regulations of the Veterinary College. 3s. 6d. Debrett. The little sea torch etc. (s, vorher.)

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