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IV. God Dispos. and Govern. p. 16-c,&C. .V. God
Creat. p. 11, Prel. p. 13. Lord and Govern. p. is, bc.

sv. Stáre of Man by Red. p. 109, c. dv. Un-
chaogeable, p. 25 V. God Creat. p. 12.c, d, e, f, g.

» Tue
IV. p. 72 d. 86 a, b. 112. C. 113 b. br. p. 3 c.
V. Knowledge, p. 109, C. CV. p. 3c. dt. Fall
of Man, p. 576. V. p. 82 a. 83 d 84 h. V. Fa-
ther, Son and Holy Ghost are one God, p. 108, c.

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