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Queen Charlotte, their Royal Highneffes George Prince of Wales, the Princess Dowager of Wales, and all the Royal Family; We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

19 That it may please thee to illuminate all Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, with true knowledge and understanding of thy Word, and that both by their preaching and living they may fet it forth, and fhew it accordingly;

We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

20 That it may please thee to endue the Lords of the Council, and all the Nobility, with grace, wifdom, and understanding; We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

21. That it may please thee to bless and keep the Magistrates, giving them grace to execute juftice, and to maintain truth; We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

22 That it may please thee to bless and keep all thy people; We befeech thee to hear us, good Lord.

23 That it may please thee to give to all nations, unity, peace, and concord;

We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

24 That it may please thee to give us an heart to love and dread thee, and diligently to live after thy commandments ; We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

25 That it may please thee to give to all thy people increase

Paraphrafe on the Litany.

19 Grant O Lord, we beseech thee, all orders of the Clergy a right understanding of thy Word; and give them Grace to prove the perfection of their knowledge by the excellency of their Doctrines, and the purity of their Lives.

20 Endue the Lords of the King's Privy Council, and all the Nobility of this Realm, with judgement to difcern the true interefts of their Country; with Wisdom to form fuch measures as are moú for its advantage; and with religion and integrity, fteadily to pursue them.

and faithfully to fupport the caufe of Truth and Virtue.

21 We beseech thee good Lord, to afford thy bleffing and protection to all who are put in truft for the execution of the Laws of this Kingdom, and give them Grace to adminifter Juftice impartially to all Men; O fave my Country, Heaven!

22 O fave our Country, gracious God!

23 Let peace, harmony, and unity prevail through the World.

24 Create in us, O Lord, fuch an ardent Love, and filial Fear of thee as will excite us to keep thy Commandments diligently.

25 Give all Chriftians Grace, we beseech thee, O God, to pay an humble and steady attention to thy Word, to embrace its inftructions with fincere affection, and to fhew forth its influence upon their Hearts by producing the Fruits of the Spirit, viz. Love, Joy, Peace, Long-fuffering, Gentleness, Goodnefs, Faith, Meekness, Temperance, Gal. v. 22. 23. fhall be thy laft.


of grace, to hear meekly thy Word, and to receive it with pure affection, and to bring forth the fruits of the Spirit ; We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

26 That it may please thee to bring into the way of truth all fuch as have erred, and are deceived;

We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

27 That it may please thee to ftrengthen fuch as do stand, and to comfort and help the weak-hearted, and to raife up them that fall, and finally beat down Satan under our feet; We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

28 That it may please thee to fuccour, help, and comfort-all that are in danger neceffity, and tribulation;

We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

29 That it may please thee to preferve all that travel by and or by water, all women labouring or child, all fick perfons and young children, and to fhew thy pity upon all prisoners and captives;

We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

30 That it may please thee to defend and provide for the fatherless children and widows, and all that are defolate and oppreffed;

We beseech thee to ear us, good Lord.

31 That it may please thee to have mercy upon all men; We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

Paraphrafe on the Litany.

26 Grant the light of thy Truth to all fuch, as being deceived by falfe Doctrines, have erred from the Faith. 27 Confirm, O Lord, all Chriftians in their holy profeffion, comfort and affift all fuch as labour under religious doubts and defpondencies, reftore the Sinner, and finally make Virtue triumphant over all its Enemies.

28 Gracious God, deliver, affift, and relieve all that are in peril, want, or affliction.

29 Let thy good Providence watch over and fupport

all Travellers, all Women in Child-birth; all that are in the helpless condition of Sickness or Infancy; and comfort all fuch as are deprived of liberty through War or any other Calamity.

30 Be thou, O Lord, a Father to the Fatherless, and defend the caufe of the Widow; be a friend to the deftitute, and an helper of the oppreffed.

31 All bounteous God, extend thy mercy and good. nefs towards all Mankind,

32 That it may please thee to forgive our enemies, perfecutors, and flanderers, and to turn their hearts; pri

We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord...

33 That it may please thee to give and preferve to our use the kindly fruits of the earth, fo as in due time we may enjoy them;

We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

34 That it may please thee to give us true repentance, to forgive us all our fins, negligences, and ignorances, and to endue us with the grace of thy Holy Spirit, to amend our lives according to thy holy Word;

We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.
Son of God: we beseech thee to hear us.
Son of God: we beseech thee to hear us.


O Lamb of God: the takeft away the fins of the world;
Grant us thy peace.

O Lamb of God: that takest away the fins of the world;
Have mercy upon us.

O Chrift, hear us.

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32. As we fincerely forgive (according to Chrift Jefus' Commandment and Example) all that have injured, or wished us evil, either with refpect to our Perfons, Fortunes, or Reputation; fo we humbly befeech thee, O Lord, to pardon and forgive them alfo. 33 O giver of all good gifts fend down thy Bleffing upon the Fruits of the Earth, that they may grow up to perfection; and that we may receive them in due feafon to our nourishment, and thy glory.

34 Inspire us O Lord,with fuch a godly forrow for Sin, as will work in us a Repentance not to be repented of; pardon and forgive all our paft Tranfgreffions of thy Law, whether owing to perverfenefs, inconfideration, or want of inftruction; afford us fuch help by thy Holy Spirit, as will enable us to reform our lives after the rule of thy Commandments.

Jefus, Son of God intercede for us that our Prayers may be accepted.

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Then fhall the Prieft, and the People with him, fay the Lords Prayer. UR Father, which art in Heaven; Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trefpaffes, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; But deliver us from evil. Amen.


in heaven.

Prieft. O Lord, deal not with us after our fins.
Anfw. Neither reward us after our iniquities.

Let us Pray.



God merciful Father, that despisest not the fighing of a con→ trite heart, nor the defire of fuch as be forrowful; mercifully affift our prayers that we make before thee in all our troubles and adversities, whenfoever they opprefs us; and graciously hear us, that thofe evils, which the craft and fubtilty of the devil or man worketh against us, be brought to nought, and by the providence of thy goodness they may be difperfed, that we thy fervants, being hurt by no perfecutions, may evermore give thanks unto thee in thy holy Church, through Jefus Chrift our Lord, O Lord, arife, help us, and deliver us for thy Names fake.


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God, we have heard with our ears, and our fathers have declared unto us the noble works that thou didst in their days, and in the old time before them.


O Lord, arife, help, and deliver us for thine Honour.
Glory be to the Father, &c.

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Anfw. As it was in the beginning, &c.
From our enemies defend us, O Chrift.
Graciously look upon our afflictions.
Pitifully behold the forrows of our hearts.
Mercifully forgive the fins of thy people.
Favourably with mercy hear our prayers.
O Son of David, have mercy upon us.

Both now and ever vouchfafe to hear us, O Chrift.

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Graciously hear us, O Chrift graciously bear us, O Lord Chrift.
Prieft. O Lord, let thy mercy be fhewed upon us,
Anfw. As we do put our truft in thee.

Paraphrafe on the Litany.

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Let us Pray.`


E humbly befeech thee, O Father, mercifully to look upon our infirmities; and for the glory of thy Name, turn from us all thofe evils that we moft righteously have deserved; and grant, that in all our troubles we may put our whole truft and confidence in thy mercy, and evermore ferve thee in holiness and pureness of

Our Forefathers have informed us, O God, of the Miracles which thou wroughteft in their favour as well as in antient Times long before them.

Raife up, therefore, thy ftrength, we beseech thee, and come and help us for the fake of thy glory.All glory and praife, &c.

O Saviour of the World protect us from our Enemies.

Hear us, O Chrift, both now and in all our neceffities.

O Christ, the Lord of Life, mercifully hear our Prayers.

Lord grant us thy protection--for thou art our only hope and dependence.

Let us pray.

Relieve our diftreffes.

O merciful Father, we meekly befeech thee to have pity upon our Infirmities; and for the fake of that glory which is fo juftly thy due, fave us from that pu

Pity our complaints.

Pardon the Tranfgreffions of those who turn to thee nifhment which our Sins have deserved; and teach us, penitently. under all our Afflictions, to rely firmly on thy goodnefs, and to dedicate our lives to thy fervice in all

Lend a gracious Ear to our petitions.

We addrefs thee in the language of blind Bartimeus godliness, to the praife of thy Name, through the interSon of David have mercy upon us. ceffion of Jefus Christ our Lord.

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